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December 13, 1996: Carmina Elmo

Jerk Beat Mario Molino The Psycho Beat: Easy Tempo Vol. 2
Gli Angeli Del 2000 Mario Molino The Psycho Beat: Easy Tempo Vol. 2
Cannabis Cornelius Sushi 3003
Downtown Chim Kothari Sound of Sitar
Sea of Monsters George Martin / Beatles Yellow Submarine
The Gate of Life Forrest Mcoullough Flight F.I.N.A.L.
Three Throat Song Games A Buncha Inuits Les Voix du Monde
Each Man Kills the Thing He Loves Jeanne Moreau Music from the Films of Fassbinder
The More You Sell Studio LaRoux In House Announcer Happy Listeners Guide to Mind Control Cassette
Tribute to Cheb Mami FM Einheit Fruehlingserwachen
A Bientot A Certain Frank No End
Signal Phew Phew
Siberia Love of Life OrchestraMusic From Antarctica
Jew in JerusalemKletka RedHijacking *
I Can't Stand MyselfThe ContortionsNo New York
JunkieAlexander HackeFilmarbeiten
Rattlesname Round UpKaiser / KuriokhinPopular Science
Work A Day WorldJohn ZornFilmworks VI *
International CruiseRene Lussier / Jean Derome / Chris Cutler with Tom Cora Three Suite Piece
Carmina Elmo Carl Orff & Tickle Me ElmoLive Mix
The Barkless Dog General Strike Danger In Paradise
Colliding Circles R. Stevie Moore Glad Music
Split T Part 1 Ray Bryant Combo The Madison Time With a Hollywood Beat
Karate Boo-ga-Loo Jerryo The Boogaloo Years
The Pinnochio Theory Bootsy Some Rhino Comp
After All Is Said and Done Gap Band Magician's Holiday
The Message Georgina Dobson & Cupboard Simon Misfits
I Dig Rock & Roll Music 5th Garden Sushi 3003
Moi Je Joue Brigitte Bardot Best of BB
Don't Touch Me Tomato Marie Bryant Calypsos Too Hot to Handle
Goin' Down to Tijuana Andre WIlliams Jail Bait
Groove n' Grind The Diaboliks Danger: The Diaboliks
Rolling Sushi The El Caminos Knock 'em Out
Just A Glass of Wine Kletka Red Hijacking
Glass Onion (Alternate Take) Beatles Anthology 3
Track 13 (Hey Bulldog) Big City Orchestra Beatlerape
Sweetheart Dagmar Krause / Kevin Coyne Babble
Winged Death from "The Deadly Mantis" Dick Jacobs & His Orchestra Themes from Horror Movies
The Concourse of Death Forest Mcullough Flight F.I.N.A.L.
Albanian Funeral Song Les Voix Du Monde *
? Der PlanDie Letzte Rache
Vermillion Kisses Barry Adamson Oedipus Schmoedipus
Yes Sir I Can BoogieBaccara7 Inch
Junca De SolAndromeda SoulJunk 1953
Curley's TraumaSpecial EdMonsters from the Id

"*" indicates something new I liked a whole lot

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