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December 20, 1996: Baking Paper

Chainsaw Therapy Bad Livers Horses in the Mines
Play Meccano Play Pierre Bastien Boite No. 3
Un Square Au Printemps L'Ensemble Raye Meme en Hiver
One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest Waltz Jack Nietszhe One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest
SpoonCibo MattoSuper Relax *
Daisy Buffalo Daughter Shaggy Head Dressers
A Future Guilt Audio Artists Cult of 555
Space Golf - Balloon Mix Tipsy Nude on the Moon 12 Inch *
Inner Bein' The Ill Street Subterranean Hitz
ChristianSands Tricky Pre Millenium Tension
Meandering Orbit Strange Nursery Strange Nursery
La Ragazza Con La Pistola Nino De Luca Easy Tempo Vol. 2: The Psycho Beat
The Love We Got Ain't Worth Two Dead FliesSwamp Dogg and Esther Phillips Im Not Selling Out Im Buying In
The Man With The Golden Arm Jimmy McGriff Topkapi
Bear Rug Tony Rodelle Larson Swing For A Crime
Beware Don't Listen to this Song Conjure Cab Calloway Stands InFor The Moon
Houdini John Zorn Filmworks 1996
Raymond Scott's Feet Honk, Wail and Moan Mailbox Above
Seaside Kletka Red Hijacking *
Russian Dance Yximalloo Worst of 1984
Beethoven on Speed The Great Kat Beethoven on Speed
The Montagues & The Capulets Prokofiev Romeo & Juliet
Sabre Dance The Boston Pops! A Night on Bald Mountain
Sabre Dance The UK Subs Sabre Dance
Flight of the Bumblebee The Great Kat Beethoven on Speed
Holiday for Plywood Tuxeedomoon Desire
Aguas De Marco Cibo Matto Super Relax
Corcovado Everything But The Girl Red Hot & Rio
Surfin on MOOG Havanna Exotica Sushi 3003
Indigo Blue The Clean Unknown Country
L'Accord Parfait Autour De Lucie Autour De Lucie
He's Large Harry Nilsson Popeye Soundtrack

"*" indicates something new I liked a whole lot

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