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January 10, 1997: Emulsified Nosedrops

How to Bowl Unknown How to Bowl
Senn Sud Mouse on Mars Macro Dub Infection
Not Nearest By Faust Story So Far
Goldfinger Ulterior Motive Orchestra S.P.Y.T.I.M.E.
Goldfinger Peter Stampfel They Came They Played They Blocked The Driveway
Harvest ESP Family 7 Inch
God Be With You Till We Meet Again Yen Artists Yen Memorial Album
Cannabis Cornelius Sushi 3003
If I Were A Rich Man Lord Sitar Sitar Playin' Fool
The Dream Machine Sukia Contacto Especial con El Tercer Sexo
Pinball Stereolab Fluoresences
Haunted Heart Peter Stampfel You Must Remember This
Teenage Fair Rosko You Are What You Eat
Black Sand Brainticket Brainticket
You Used to Think Erica Pomerance Boots 'N' Roots
Red Green & You Blue Kevin Ayers Shooting At The Moon
The Paranoid Acoustic Seduction Machine Momus The Philosophy of Momus
Low Place Like Home Sneaker Pimps Becoming X *
Sour Times Portishead Dummy
Shun II Out of Place Artifacts Ooparts
Budub Puzzle Punks Budub
Trisectrix of MacLauren John Zorn Tears of Ecstasy *
Haley Apples In Stereo Science Faire *
Cheer Up Charlie Doodle Dandies Come to BlackJack Country
For All the Walters of the World Tall Dwarfs 3 EPs
Talking to The Universe Yoko Ono Rising
Track #1 Bid3iliba Who the Hell Knows? *
Jamais Brigitte Fontaine Album of Unknown Title
Cup of Dreams Thinking Fellers Strangers from the Universe
La Chute Des Couchons Un Department Ipoig
Our Day Will Come Willem Breuker Kollektiev Live Tape
Our Day Will Come Ruby & The Romantics Our Day Will Come
The Psycho Mambo Ruth Wallis The Spice is Right
The Shameless Shake Pierre Raymonde Erotic Aerobics
I Am A Record Unknown Kiddy Record
Take Your Clothes Off When You Dance Zappa Tape
Stripping Really Isnt Sexy, Is It? Burt Bacharach Soundtracks With A Twist
March Of The Beggars Ennio Morricone A Fistful Of Film Music
Bring Down The Birds Herbie Hancock Soundtracks With A Twist
Dream Step Three Cool Struttin' Vol. 1 (This Is Acid Jazz)

"*" indicates something new I liked a whole lot

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