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January 17, 1997: Show Out of Balance

Mogadischu FM Einheit Stein
Chylandyk Huun Huur Tu If I'd Been Born an Eagle
Hans und Gabi Der Plan Geri Regi
Junkie Alexandar Hacke Filmarbeiten
Virtual Insanity Jamiroquai Travelling Without Moving
Why Cant We Live Together? Timmy Thomas Rhino's All The World's Music Ever Recorded Boxed Set
The Black Pope KTRM Air Check Cassette
Bambie Boo The Pugs Bite The Red Knee *
Haley Apples In Stereo Science Faire
Pathfinder Giant Sand Center of the Universe
Rant Unidentified Friday DJ Cassette
Exercise II Pierre Bastien Eggs Air Sister Steel *
X (R6)Pierre BastienEggs AIr Sister Steel
#1 Juke Pieces
The Moon of Manakoora Fred Lowery Walking Along Kicking The Leaves
Chylandyk Huun Huur Tu If I'd Been Born an Eagle
Theme For A DJ Jerry Byrd Admirable Byrd
Coo-Coo Creek Hop Herb Remington Steel Guitar Holiday
Dancing Fairy Eric Montbel Cassette
Telling the Truth About K Minor Hans Reichel Lower Lurum
Opening Theme / Music In A Bar Jay Bolotin Cassette
More Rants Unidentified DJCassette
Umamm Liliput Liliput
Spin the Bottle Jimmy 7 Inch *
Message from Larry Larry Cassette
PopCorn Pugs Bite The Red Knee
Cold Wet Steel Dave Soldier The Kropotkins
Panhandle Rag Leon McAuliff Mister Western Swing
Bee Byrd Bounce Billy Byrd Cassette
Excerpt from Alka Dror Feiler & The Too Much Too Soon Orchestra What is the Point of Paris?
Cusp John Zorn Tears of Ecstasy
Flump Skull Macro Dub Infection
Yes Sir I Can Boogie Baccara7 Inch
Get Yourself An Ugly ManUnknown Sexercise
Dil Cheez Bally Sagoo Rising From The East *
Nostalgia of Island Tatsura YamashitaCD
Kissy Ling Jerry Byrd Admirable Byrd
Aguas de Marco Cibo Matto Super Relax
Randy Described Eternity Built to Spill Perfect From Now On *
Les Aigues Errent Pierre Bastien Eggs Air Sister Steel
Hearing Without A Break While Not Hearing A BreaK Killing Time Skip
The Meanest Man Who Ever Lived Jack Palance Palance
#8 Bid3iliba CD *
(Excerpt from) Ten Packed Minutes Vito Acconci Cassette
Excerpt Joe FrankWork In Progress: Performer
It Came from Outer Space Dick Jacobs and His Orchestra Horror Themes

"*" indicates something new I liked a whole lot

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