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February 10, 1997: Clootch Hunt

Wrapped Up Bugs 7 Inch
You Are Heaven Sent Nicolette Rebirth of the Cool, Vol. 4
18 Nuns Harvey Matusow's Jews Harp Band Clootch Hunt
The Good Old Days Eddie Lawrence The Old Philosopher
Hic Dangling Ganglion Monsters from the Id
Sixty Sixty FaustYou Know Faust
Kismet A Certain Frank No End
Speed TrialsElliot Smith 7 Inch
SupermarketYummy Fur7 Inch
Does Your Hometown Care?SuperchunkSuburbia Soundtrack
Peter Gunn Theme Pedro Pistolas Rare Mexican Cuts From The 60's
Yes and NoDes ChampThe Thriller Memorandum
Search for VulcanLeroy HolmesThe Crime Scene
Song of Unknown TitleO Rang FangWho the Hell Knows...
SarahGordon ThomasLP of Dames' Names
Thing of The RecordIrwin Chusid Cassette
Grease and Flowers Orthotnics Wake Up You Must Remember
I Get A Little Taste of You Z-Rock Hawaii Z -Rock Hawaii *
Bird List Song Michael Nyman Michael Nyman
Les Noces Pokrovsky Ensemble The Wedding and Russian Village Wedding Songs
Trouble With The Feds Melba Jackson / Brother Russell Brother Russell's Radio Jihad
KarusellmusickLars Hollmer 80-88
Songs of Unknown Title Klimperei Tout Seul Sur La Plage En Hiver
Insensitive Antonio Carlos Jobim The Composer Plays
E Preciso PerdoarCaetano Veloso & Ryuichi SakamotoRed Hot & Rio
DadaCaetano Veloso & Gilberto GilTropicalia 2
Aguas De MarcoCibo MattoSuper Relax
Gli Angeli Del 2000Mario MolinoEasy Tempo Vol. 2 The Psycho Beat
The Twilight Zone Marty Manning & His Orchestra The Twilight Zone
Last Thought Johnny Gunn / Don RalkeIntrospections IV
Sunrise Serenade Fred Lowery Walking Along Kicking The Leaves
Passat Dream Pavement Brighten The Corners
Majesty The Need ?
Going Potty Collage Ed Special Cassette
This Island Earth Dick Jacobs & His Orchestra Themes from Horror Movies
Til I Die David Garland I Guess I Just Wasn't Made For These Times
DaisyBuffalo Daughter Shaggy Head Dressers
FlamingPink FloydPiper At The Gates of Dawn
Somewhere My LoveBalsara & His Singing SitarCassette
Tallow Cross Philosophy Tallow CrossCassette
LikelihoodJohn ZornFilmworks: Tears of Ecstasy

"*" indicates something new I liked a whole lot

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