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March 28, 1997: The Bubblegum / Noise Dichotomy

You Know Where To Find Me Portastatic The Nature Of Sap
Gesprach Mit Der Erde Pyrolator Wunderland
Classic Comes Out Giovanni Venosta LP Of Unknown Title
A Fragment Haco Haco
Contact Pizzicato Five Combinaison Spaciale EP
Contact Brigitte Bardot Initiales B.B.
If I Were A Rich Man Lord Sitar Lord Sitar
A No No Danielson Tell Another Joke At The Old Chopping Block
(Mostly Water) Yukio Yung (Mostly Water EP)
Love Grows Where My Rosemary Grows Edison Lighthouse 7"
Took A Left Steve Stain The Brain Feels No Pain
UFO Made Me Do It MC Hellshit / DJ Carhouse Live!! *
Human Tornado Omoide Hatoba Kinsei *
March Anthony Braxton Creative Orchestra Music 1976
Peabodies Improbable History Original Artist Toon Tunes
Dream Step Three Cool Struttin' (This Is Acid Jazz Vol.1)
Desculpe Babe Os Mutantes A Divina Comedia Ando Meio Desligado
On A Lazy Day Nudge Squidfish Nashville in Nashville
Sweet Mountain Spring Spring
Sax Circus Milodojka Youneed LP of Unknown Title
Twine & Paper Clips Sanndreymi Sanndreymi *
Junkie Alexander Hacke Filmarbeiten
Theme For The Ghost Mountains Omoide Hatoba Kinsei *
Just A Glass of Wine Kletka Red Hijacking
excerpt from "Streetcar" Marge & Co. Songs In The Key Of Springfield
Spin the Bottle Jimmy 7 Inch
Here She Crashes Cleaners from Venus 7 inch
Alameda Elliot Smith Either / Or
Seminole Wind Sally Timms Cowboy Sally
Paralysed Cal Veale God Less America
Dream Machine Venice Beach Protein Mix Sukia
Prudence RSVP Wayne Horvitz & Zony Mash Cold Spell

"*" indicates something new I liked a whole lot

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