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April 4, 1997: Flesh Thang

So Many Years Invaders Of The Heart Without Judgement
Message From Our Sponsor Invaders Of The Heart Without Judgement
Welcome Back Land Of The Loops Refried Treats
Theme For the Ghost Mountains Omoide Hatoba Kinsei *
Piano (one) Peter Jefferies / Jono Lonie At Swim 2 Birds
A Side WinsSloanOne Chord To Another
Gong GongSportsguitarSportsguitar
Beep Beep Love Gruppo Sportivo Mistakes
John You Went Too Far This Time Sissy Spacek Hollywood Hi Fi *
The Warmth of the Sun Beach Boys Surfer Girl
On A Lazy Day Nudge Squidfish Nashville in Nashville
Bulb Thug Electric Wooly Mammoth
Flesh Thang Danielson Tell Another Joke At The Old Choppin' Block
The Argument The Sea And Cake The Fawn
Queen of the Rocket Woman Rocketship X-M Mi Caballito Chulo
Ride of the Valkyries Curd Duca Minimalist Mood Music
Curly's Trauma Special Ed Dangling Ganglion
Overcome Tricky City of Industry *
Baby Grace and The Indians Banyan Cyberoctave
Tum Bin Jiya Bally Sagoo (Strobe's One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest remix)Tum Bin Jiya EP
Instant Nirvana101 StringsAstro Sounds From Beyond the Year 2000
Good Samoan Attorney Remix Pizzicatto Five Combinaison Spaciale EP
Blues in the Night Alvino Rey Yet Another Lounge Compilation
Bump and Grind David Rose Strip Tease Classics
Big Millie from Phillie Sonny Lester Strip Tease Classics
Soul on FireLaVern BakerSirens of Song
A FragmentHacoHaco
HymnAfrican Head ChargeSongs of Praise
GeekBettie ServeertDust Bunnies
Noel, Jonah & MeThe SpinanesManos
Outasite OutamindWilcoBeing There
Enter SandmanApocalypticaApocalyptica Plays Metallica By Four Cellos *
RobotsBalanescu QuartetPossessed

"*" indicates something new I liked a whole lot

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