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May 23, 1997: DJ Deep Blue

Whiskey Lime Polycarp The Magnetic Moment
Pepe and Irene Los Lobos & Money Mark Silencio = Muerte (Red Hot & Latin)
Cubano Saucer Irving Klaw Trio Utek Pahtoo Mogol
Political Song For Michael Jackson to Sing Minutemen Double Nickels on the Dime
Jeffrey I Hear You The Girls The Girls
Southern Pacific Neil Young Reactor
Ipurbegia Negu Gorriak Ideia Zabaldu
Side 6, Cut 2 The Vitamin B-12 Big Old Box Of Rekkids
The Switch FM Einheit Sen'seifn de0
Screwy Squirrel David Shea A Sub Rosa Lexicon
One Note Samba / Surfboard Herbie Mann / Stereolab Red Hot & Rio
Greatest Taste Around / Taste in Mind Negativland Truth in Advertising 7 "
Lesson 6 - The Lecture Cut Chemist Deep Concentration
Who ComesTo Boogie Little Bennie & The Masters 12 Inch
Practice Condom Sex Jade Let's Sing Again
My Song Mekons & Kathy Acker Pussy, Queen of the Pirates
Alameda Elliott Smith Either/Or
I Took My Strength From You Eyvind Kang Great Jewish Music: Burt Bacharach
Trio For Boys IPeter Vermeersch Immer Das Selbe Gelogen
Oo'ee Anna Homler et al Corne de Vache
Comme a la Radio Brigitte Fontaine Comme a la Radio
Rossana Armando Travajoli 7 Uomini D'Oro
The Only Song Peter Blegvad / John Greaves The Man of Sorrows - A Sub Rosa Lexicon
Two Volcanoes Peter Vermeersch Immer Das Selbe Gelogen
Phare-Est L'Ensemble RayeCassette
Fur Immer Neu Neu 2
Bulldog Skin Guided By Voices 7 Inch *
No Growing (Exegesis) Olivia Tremor Control Dusk at Cubist Castle
Stripper Stock, Hausen and Walkman 7 Inch Single *
Sin WorldCurd Duca Easy Listening
Vermillion Kisses Barry Adamson Oedipus Schmoedipus
DuellFM Einheit Sen'seifn deo *
Kitchen Music Donald Knaack Junk Music *
Gocard Mouse on Mars Future Music CD
Makes Me Wanna Die Tricky vs. The Stereo MCs 12 Inch
The Look of Love Yuka Honda & Sean Lennon Great Jewish Music: Burt Bacharach

"*" indicates something new I liked a whole lot

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