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May 30, 1997: "Renaldo & Clara was a milestone of American cinema."

Wichitai-To Jim Pepper Pepper's Pow Wow
Simply What I Want To Do Workshop Welcome Back The Workshop *
Color Me True Sly and The Family Stone Dance To The Music
Free Your Mind and Your Ass Will Follow Funkadelic Free Your Mind and Your Ass Will Follow
Storm The Reality Asylum Rip Rig & Panic 12 Inch
Athens By Night JC Hopkins Athens By Night *
California Jad Fair & Kramer Roll Out The Barrel
No Growing (Exegesis) Olivia Tremor Control Dusk At Cubist Castle
I've Been Waiting For You Neil Young Neil Young
The Nile Song Pink Floyd More
Guess I'm Falling In Love Velvet Underground Another View
El Son Del Dolor Cuca & Youth Brigade Silencio = Muerte (Red Hot & Latin)
Daisy Buffalo Daughter Shaggy Head Dressers
Surfin' On Moog Havanna Exotica Sushi 3003
Alien Visitors Attack L. Ron Hubbard Space Jazz
Duell FM Einheit [sen'seifn deo] *
Pnoom - Moon Up Mix Can remixed by Brian Eno Sacrilege
Track # 1 Home Home
She Devils of the Deep Future Bible Heroes Memories of Love
Body Music Donald Knaack Junk Music
Men va Fanken Philemon Arthur & The Dung Philemon Arthur & The Dung
Irngutapiga Qiayuapeomat Tumasi Quisa Better Times
Baba Aga Jablkon Cassette
Oo'ee Anna Homler, Geert Waefmann, Pavel Fajt Corne de Vache
Good Timing Kyu Sakamoto Sukiyaki
Idiot Wind Bob Dylan Blood On The Tracks
The Birth of Christ Walter Brennan Songs of God and Presidents
Bulldog Skin Guided By Voices 7 Inch
Theme De Yo Yo Irving Klaw Trio Utek Pahtoo Mogol
Hold Me Right ESG ESG
Moose The Mooche Charlie Parker The Very Best of Bird
Teenies Blues Oliver Nelson Blues & The Abstract Truth
Sweet and Sour Johnny Hawksworth Bettie Page - Danger Girl
Danger Man Edwin Astley The Thriller Memorandum
Aint Nothing But A Texas Boogie on a Harpsichord Memphis Slim South Side Reunion
Runnin' Wild Medley James P Johnson Runnin' Wild
Don't Let The Devil Ride Sonny Treadway Sacred Steel *
Boot Heel Drag Herbie Remington Steel Guitar Holiday

"*" indicates something new I liked a whole lot

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