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July 25, 1997: Going to School Naked

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Rattler Friends of Dean Martinez Retrograde
Casillero del Diablo Bodeco Bone Hair and Hide
Queen of the Rocket Women Roketship X-M Mi Caballito Chulo
The Honey Trap Henry Kaiser Marrying for Money
Beatnik The Royal Jokers Bison Bop
The Vienna Waltz Rube Waddell Hobo Train *
Simply What I Want To Do Workshop Welcome Back The Workshop
Schon Von Hinten Stereo Total Monokini *
Leave This Lesbian World Improved Sound Ltd. Electrick Losers: The Story of Volkslied into Krautrock
K.O.T.B. Kurtis Mantronik Music for the Dusted
I Will Survive Andreas Ammer / FM Einheit Ulrike Haage: Apocalypse Live
Hot Stuff Donna Summer Single
Body Form Stock, Hausen & Walkman Hairballs
Loop 3 Papaumi Mi Caballito Chulo
Femmes d'Affaires Les Rita Mitsouko Systeme D
Freedom of '76 Ween Chocolate & Cheese
Houghton Parents Kalahari Surfers Sleep Armed
Bared Bard Peter Blegvad Downtime
Lying Again Peter Blegvad Downtime
The End of the Rainbow Barbara Manning 1212
For Shame of Doing Wrong Richard and Linda Thompson Pour Down Like Silver
Athens By Night JC Hopkins Athens By Night
The Swimming Pool Dion Mcgregor The Dream World of Dion Macgregor
Simple Headphone Mind Stereolab / Nurse with Wound Simple Headphone Mind 12 Inch
Sun John Lydon Psycho's Path
Bonakele S. Tshabalala Soweto
Sewpent Megwe Jean Derome Je Me Souviens - Hommage a Georges Perec *
Red Beans and Rice Rahsaan Roland Kirk Bright Moments
All That Meat Mel Henke La Dolce Henke
Hot Cakes & Sausage Ernie Kovacs The Ernie Kovacs Record Collection
Barbecue Buddy Scott Trio You Win
Ein Symphonie Des Grauens Lida Husik Fly Stereophonic
Un Monde Parfait Les Innocents Un Monde Parfait
L'Accord Parfait Autour De Lucie Autour de Lucie
Supergirl Stereo Total Monokini
The Circle Wild Man Fisher An Evening With Wild Man Fisher
Agilok & Blubbo Inner Space Electrick Losers: The Story of Volkslied into Krautrock
Frustration Mirrors Those Were Different Times
Slingshot Out of This Muck The Yips The Blue Flannel Bathrobe Butterfly
No Longer You Moviola Glen Echo Autoharp

"*" indicates something new I liked a whole lot

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