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August 1, 1997: The Foul Breath Of The Heart

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Nica's Dream United Future Organization 3rd Perspective *
Danger Man Edwin Astley The Thriller Memorandum
The Twisters Mel Henke La Dolce Henke
Mr. Lucky Oranj Symphonette Plays Mancini
Man of Mystery James Taylor Quartet Creation
Pineapple Factory Suicide Whore Ass Baboons of Venus Spanking the Species
Tiny Rubberband Butthole Surfers / Moby Spawn Soundtrack
Govinda '97, Hari & St. George Kula Shaker Summer Sun EP
Space The Blackbirds Electric Loosers: The Story of Volkslied into Krautrock
If I Were A Rich man Lord Sitar Lord Sitar
The Opera House Olivia Tremor Control Dusk at Cubist Castle
Dilindam Stereo Total Monokini
Trippin with the Birds Stereolab / Nurse With Wound Simple Headphone Mind 12 inch
Hairball Stock, Hausen & Walkman Hairballs
Count Off / Wisconsin / Tunnel Song / Suffocation Pulsars Pulsars
Young Bruce Springsteens 84 Nash The Kings of Yeah
Germ Keit Keit *
Von Den Letzten Dingen Ammer / Einheit / Haage Apocalypse Live
Why We Love the World Ammer / Einheit / Haage Apocalypse Live
The Most Unwanted Song Komar & Melamid and Dave Soldier The People's Choice Music
Ostracism's Song to Pussycat Kathy Acker & The Mekons Pussy King of the Pirates
Nyenyere Mars (Hurdie Gurdie march) Leskowsky Albert Music For The Instruments Of An Exhibition *
Dueling Bimbos Brooklyn Telephone Theater Vol. 1
What Kind of Fool Am I? Anthony Newley Once In A Lifetime
Lesson 6 - The Lecture Cut Chemist Deep Concentration
The Real BS / Baby BS 2000 BS 2000
Right Hand Ponk OOIOO OOIOO *
Cripples and Kings Optical 8 Bug
Honey Moon Haruomi Hosono Crooning on Venus
Heeia Kalama's Quartet Early Hawaiian Classics
Lambeth Walk Chet Atkins Chet Atkins Workshop
Rattlesnake Round Up Kaiser / Kuriokhin Popular Sicence
Instant Nirvana 101 Strings Astro Sounds from Beyond the year 2000
Cabeza de Mojado Friends of Dean Martinez Retrograde
Talking to The Universe Yoko Ono Rising
A New Dimension Headshock Fat Jazzy Grooves 4

"*" indicates something new I liked a whole lot

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