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August 8, 1997: Accuplaylist 9000 Debuts!

Morning SongDavid Murray OctetNew Life
Honey RockBarney KessellSwing For A Crime
Metal CircusRube WaddellHobo Train
Can't Be SatisfiedDoo RagChuncked and Muddled
Another Kind of GrooveKahl El'zabar's The RitualS/T
Cold Wet Steel Dave SoldierThe Kropotkins
Shake 'Em On Down Dave Soldier The Kropotkins
Jimmy ComaThe Pernice Brothers Single
AlamedaElliot Smith Either/Or
Trouble is my Beeswax The Listing Attic Fly Like An Ego
Kanarek Pulnoc City of Hysteria
March of the PsychlosL. Ron Hubbard Space Jazz
Materialize Pest 5000 single
God Be With You Till We Meet AgainYen Artists Yen Memorial Album
Psyche Rock (Fatboy Slim Malpaso Mix) Fatboy Slim Metamorphose - remixes of Pierre Henry's "Mass of the Present Day" *
All She Called About Negativland Dispepsi
Tiny Rubberband Moby and The Butthole SurfersSpawn Soundtrack
Demonstration of the Technique "Doohi" Burkina Faso Singers La Voix Des Peuls
Little Burkina Faso Kids employing that "Doohi" technique same as above same as above
Machiboke no Kissaten Makugami Koichi Korishi No Blues
The PlanRichard Hell and the VoidoidsBlank Generation
Aua Stereo Total Monokini
Junca De Sol Andromeda Soul Junk 1953
El Son Del Dolor Cuca and Youth Brigade Silencio=Muerte (Red, Hot & Latin)
Barstool BluesNeil Young Zuma
With Bells On Superchunk Watery Hands EP
The Most Unwanted Song (second half)Dave Soldier, Komar & Melamid The People's Choice Music
theme from "Gas My Monkey" Stock, Hausen and Walkman Hairball
Screwy Squirrel David Shea The Man of Sorrows: A Sub Rosa Lexicon
Duck Ska Urban Dance Squad Life 'n Perspectives of a Genuine Crossover
Shock BS 2000 BS 2000
Dinner in Five BS 2000 BS 2000
HallL. Voag The Way Out
Sex is for Children The Roches Keep on Doing
Les ProblemesLes Soeurs WinchesterLes Soeurs Winchester *
Dilindam Stereo TotalMonokini
Oh! Qu'il Est Vilain! Kazuko HohkiChante Brigitte Bardot
Kissy Ling Jerry Byrd Admirable Byrd

"*" indicates something new I liked a whole lot

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