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August 15, 1997: Toilet Plunger's Revenge: Accuplaylist 9002

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Les Vieux Degoutants (Mannix Kitchen Club Mix)Les Soeurs WinchestersLes Soeurs Winchesters
Sessomatto Armando Travajoli Easy Tempo Vol. 1
Desculpe Baby Os Mutantes A Divina Comedia Ando Meio Desligado
Pillow Junction Workshop Workshop
Hit 'Em In The Face Improved Sound Ltd.Electrick Loosers: The Story of Volkslied into Krautrock
FreakoutThe Electric Flag & John SimonYou Are What You Eat
Do Wonders For Me Rimarimba On Dry Land
Frankenstein On The BeachThe Listing AtticFly Like An Ego
Queen Of The Rocket WomenRocketship X-MMi Caballito Chulo
What Keeps Mankind Alive?William S. Burroughs September Songs: The Songs of Kurt Weill
Hair Street Lounge Lizards Big Heart: Live in Tokyo
Viva X DreamsRip Rig and PanicAttitude
Stool PigeonIrving JosephMurder Inc.
Evil California (These Blues)Terry Adams / Iggy PopShort Cuts Soundtrack
Svetelny Narez Sum Svistu Czeching In
SandyThe Wellwater ConspiracyDeclaration of Conformity
Cruisers CreekThe Fall This Nation's Saving Grace
Yos To Go The Lynnfield PioneersLamp Comp EP
Vega Rock Vega Pop Here or Alaska
Surf's Up / Europe By CarThe Moles Untune The Sky
Aluminum or Glass: The Memo NegativlandDispepsi *
Contact Pizzicatto Five combinaison SPACIALE ep
Silks, Perfume and Gold Up, Bustle and Out Light 'Em Up, Blow 'Em Out
Young and Beautiful Simon Fischer TurnerShwarma
No One's Little Girl The Raincoats Moving
Nell Ufficio Di ProduzioneClub Foot OrchestraPlays Nino Rota
Rapture of the FlatJane Ira Bloom Modern Drama
Jes' Grew David Murray / Ishmael ReedConjure: Music for the Texts of Ishmael Reed
Meet Da Boys On The BattlefrontThe Wild TchoupitoulasThe Wild Tchoupitoulas
Canto 26FM Einheit / Parliament / John PeelRadio Inferno
Boom Boom Definition of Sound Experience
More Beats and Pieces - John McEntire Tortoise MixColdcutMore Beats and Pieces
Menschen 2La DusseldorfIndividuellos
Moustique Stereo Total Monokini
Rock and Roll StationVince TaylorSeven Inch
EuonymRebeccaCool Beans #7 CD
Live it Down MedicineThe Buried Life
Bird List SongMichael NymanMichael Nyman
Blast Off Moondog Big Band

"*" indicates something new I liked a whole lot

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