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August 22, 1997: Compulsory Pony Rides For All

Garage PianoU.N.K.L.E.Headz 2A Comp
Dil Cheez Bally Sagoo Rising From The East
Brake Failure Stock, Hausen & Walkman Hairballs
Aluminum or Glass: the Memo Negativland Dispepsi
OvercomeTricky City of Industry Soundtrack
Live The LifeThe ObliviansPlay 9 Songs with Mr. Quintron
See Willy Fly ByWaco BrothersCowboy In Flames
The Sound of The SinnersThe ClashSandinista
HymnAfrican Head ChargeSongs of Praise
DaisyBuffalo DaughterShaggy Head Dressers
Aguas de MarcoCibo MattoSuper Relax
The Look of LoveDusty SpringfieldCasino Royale
Breathing WarmupsPierre Rrrrrraymonde!Erotic Aerobics
Un Rayo De SolLe Mans7 Inch
Les Vieux DegoutantsLes Soeurs WinchestersLes Soeurs Winchesters
Cubano SaucerIrving Klaw TrioUtek Pahtoo Mogol
PostcardNinos Con BombasDe Tiempo En El Momento De La Explosion
Bambi BooThe PugsBite The Red Knee
You Got So Much SoulJimmy Reatard7 Inch
Spin The BottleJimmy7 Inch
I'm AlwaysJohn FruscianteSmile From the Streets You Hold
Kamera SongInner Space & Rosy RosyElectric Losers Comp
L'EngourdieBrigitte Fontaine / AreskiL'Incendie
Let's Go To The End Of The Party WorldL. Voag (Amos)The Way Out
Give Me Your Doorstep, Donnerstag Kletka Red Hijacking
She Knows Herself Better Than MeRalph CarneyRalph Sounds
Twine and Paper ClipsSanndreymiSelf Titled
Play Meccano PlayPierre BastienBoite no. 3 (Trois Pieces Detachees)
Psyche RockPierre Henry (Slim Malpaso Fatboy Mix)Metamorphose Messe Pour Le Temps Present
Folhas SecasGround ZeroPlays Standards
Next!Scott WalkerIt's Raining Today
Pirate JennyLotte LenyaSeptember Songs
Think Back and LieThe Orchestre MurphySmut
The UnforgivenApocalypticaPlays Metallica By Four Cellos
To Clear The AirEric MatthewsThe Lateness of the Hour
God Only KnowsElvis Costello & the Brodsky QuartetLive at Town Hall
Two VolcanoesPeter VermeerschImmer Das Selbe Gelogen
The Only SongPeter Blegvad / John GreavesThe man of Sorrows Comp.

"*" indicates something new I liked a whole lot

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