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January 30th, 1998: Dragging In The Carcass

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Free Your Mind And Your Ass Will Follow Funkadelic Free Your Mind... (Westbound)
Pillow JunctionWorkshopWorkshop (Captain Trip)
BreatheJohn FruscianteSmile From The Streets You Hold (Birdman)
Last Trip To TulsaNeil YoungNeil Young (Reprise)
Spin The BottleJimmy7 Inch (Fatima)
Umberto D. Kramer Let Me Explain Something to You About Art (Tzadik)
Parago (along with a Albanian Funeral Chant) Drums of Death Drums of Death (Avant)
Follow Me Bahia Black Ritual Beating System (Axiom)
I'm Happy Ivor Cutler Trio Ludo
A Whole Batch of EAS and Number Station Nonsense
Strange Wire Pink Flag
Hey Mr. Holy ManKiss Inc. Electrick Loosers #3
And When He Falleth Theatre of Tragedy Velvet Darkness They Fear (Massacre)
Lolitapop DollhouseMomus Ping Pong (Le Grand Magistery)
The Hits Hurt The Pastels Illumination (Up)
Saturday Night Worldwide Fieber Mouse on Mars Ro 3003 (Bungalow)
Uncertain Smile (Vanilla Fudge Remix2)The The 12 Inch (Bizarre)
Yes We Can Can The Orchids Major Force (The Original Art Form) (MoWax)
To Trap A Spy Pimp Daddy NashElected Material - Sound in the Eight Dimension (World Domination)
Search For Vulcan Leroy Holmes The Crime Scene (Capital)
Greenwich Village Rumble Elmer Bernstein Staccato (Capital)
Viagem Ao Fundo Mim Rita Lee Build Up (Polygram Brazil)
Everdream Dave Soldier The Kropotkins (Koch)
Heaps of Sheep Robert Wyatt Shleep (Thirsty Ear)
The Sun Beats Down High Llamas Cold & Bouncy (Alpaca) *
Square World Pernice Brothers 7 Inch (Summershine)
Industry 2000 Home 13: Netherregions (Jetset)
Ladies Day Gus Van Sant 18 Songs About Golf (Pop Secret)
I Love You So i Want You Magical Power Mako Lo Pop Diamonds (Atavistic)
Evolution Fred FrithStep Across The Border (ESD)
Own Goal Stock, Hausen & Walkman Hairballs
Bones Spaceheads Spaceheads (Dark Beloved Cloud)
Creakiness Nurse With WoundSugar Fish Drink (United Dairies)
Athina Neblung Price The Savage Songs of Neblung Price
Maman MentArchie Shepp & Catherine Ringer Sinon Oui
Leave Your Spittle In The Pot Rip Rig & Panic 12 Inch (Virgin)
Jesus Will Fix It For You Sonny Treadway jesus Will Fix it (Arhoolie)

"*" indicates something new I liked a whole lot

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