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February 20, 1998: The Program In The Plastic Bubble

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The Warmth of The Sun Friends of Dean Martinez Retrograde (SubPop)
Sentimental Guitar Takeshi Terauchi & His Blue jeans Guitar Mood
Track B-3 Who The hell Knows? Cambodian Rocks
Bella Negrita Bodeco Bone, Hair & Hide (Homestead)
RetainerChapstickAcid Ranch 2000 (Uncle Buzz)
C-30:C-60:C-90 GoBow Wow Wow Original Recordings (Harvest)
The Box Bosho Chop Socky (Dossier)
Iikko's Courtship MarchTroka Troka (Northside)
Eerie Conclusion Eeries Material Folks Angels of Life...(EM)
Dustbuster The Shining PathValis II - Everything Must Go (Ion) *
It's Howdy Doody Time Lester Bowie The Great Pretender
Peace (For Dakota & Jason) nicholas and gallivan with Larry Young love cry want (nicom)
African MarketplaceDollar Brand African Marketplace (Elektra)
Etlon Tu District Six To Be Free (Editions EG)
Jelly RollPosition AlphaThe Great Sound of Sound (Dragon)
They Took You Away I'm Glad I'm Glad teddy & Darrell Queer Core
Like Commercial Louis Nye Celebrities At Their Worst
Sticking Needles Through Paper Doll Eyes Paul Vanase The World of Baby Bones
I've Got A Lot of Living To Do Nancy Wilson Wild, Cool & Swinging Too
Beyond The Sea Bobby Darin That's All
He Likes MeTom Wilson All American Boy (Aboveground)
And Then I Kissed Your Lips Gary Wilson You Think You Really Know Me
I'd Rather Fight Than SwishBubbaQueer Core!
Ein Abend In Wein Arling & Cameron all-in (Basta) *
Un World MysteriouseDimitri from Paris Sacrebleu (Atlantic)
In ThereScornValis II: Everything Must Go (Ion)
Los Gatos Exodus QuartetBossa Brava (Instinct)
Gallo-RoosterboyJayuya Jayuya (Cosmic)
Chinese SurprizeLatin PlayboysLatin Playbys (Slash)
DirtLorette VelvetteThe Singles (Loverly)
Metal CircusRube WaddellHobo Train
Germ-Free AdolescentsX Ray SpexGerm-Free Adolescents (Slash)
Holland, 1945Neutral Milk HotelIn The Aeroplane...
Negresco #4 MotherhoodKraut! Demons! Kraut!
Nathar the Dave Pike Set Untouchable Outcast Beats
Ceyladd BeytaThe Ceyleib People Tanyet (Vault)
Star Trek Outtakes William Shatner Celebrities At Their Worst
Firefly Travis Wammack S-S-Scratchy
Tsuguru Jongara BushiTakeshi Terauchi & Blue Jeans Guitar Mood
Peter Gunn Theme Los Locos Del Ritmo Rare Mexican Cuts From The Sixties (EVA)
Rising GuitarTakeshi Terauchi & Blue Jeans!!! Takeshi is the MAN! Guitar Mood (?)
Katanga Country Kid Beri Beri Soweto (Rough Trade)
Limosna de AmoresLos Relampagos Guitar Mood
Dance In the Ave. Athe'sPinheel Stomp (Time Bomb) *
Happy To Go ShoppingHolger HillerLittle Present *
Budub Puzzle Punks Budub
Fraud Stock, Hausen & Walkman Angels of Life In A Psychic Wasteland (Eerie Materials)
A Child No One Wanted Brenda & The Tabulations Brenda & The Tabulations (Top Bottom)
Adultery London Rock Symphony Orchestra Moses & The Impossible Ten
Skaters Waltz Mary Schneider Yodeling The Classics (Ichiban)

"*" indicates something new I liked a whole lot

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