WFMU's Friday Afternoon Timeslot with Ken Freedman
On WFMU 91.1 fm, Fridays 3-6 pm (Eastern Standard Time)

March 6th, 1998: Ankle Weights 2.0

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The New Accuplaylist Format:
"Song Title" Name of Artist -Title of Release- (Record Label)

"Hoglorfen" Hedningarna -Hippjokk- (Northside) *
"In The Mood" New International Trio -self titled- (Atomic Theory)
"Blue Monk" Rebirth Brass Band -Here To Stay- (Arhoolie)
"Rehearsals For Fainting" Late Bronze Age -Outside Looking Out- (Landslide)
"Portrait en Clarinette en Mille Courtes" Robert M Lepage -Les Clarinettes-
"Stinky Stinky Ashtray" Damn! -Bossa Brava- (Instinct Jazz) *
"Let's Sit Right Down / The Passing" Curlew -A Beautiful Western Saddle- (Cuneiform)
"Salvatore" the EC Nudes -Vanishing Point- (ReR)

"New Rock" Buffalo Daughter -self titled- (Grand Royal) *
"Star Fruits Surf Rider" Cornelius -Sell Texas To Mexico- (Matador)
"The Sound Museum" Towa Tei -Sound Museum- (Elektra)
"Faces In The Night" Lord Runningclam -self titled- (moonshine) *
"Hairball" Stock, Hausen & Walkman -Hairballs- (Hot Air)
"We Will Rock You" Evolution Control Committee -Double The Phat...-
"Drive to Yokohama" Holger Hiller -Little Present-
"Tsuguru Jongara Bushi" Takeshi Terauchi & Blue Jeans -Guitar Mood- *
"Remington Ride" Herb Remington -Steel Guitar Holiday- (UA)
"Hava Nagila" Dick Dale -Unknown Territory- (Hightone)

"Song of Unknown Title" King Frog -Silver Gelatin- (Oblique)
"When The Saints Go marching In" Indonesian Bamboo orchestra -Angklung-
"Mau Mau I" Uludag -Mau Mau- (No Mans Land)
"Zui Zui Zukkorobashi" Yo-Yo Ma -Japanese Melodies- (CBS)
"Song of Unknown Title" Vas Deferens Organization -Angels of Life..-
"My Babe" Othar Turner & The Rising Star Fife & Drum band -everybody hollerin goat-
"Cocaine Habit Blues" Memphis Jug Band -Ruckus Juice & Chitlins- (Yazoo)
"Won't Be bad No More" Doo Rag -Chuncked and Muddled- (Bloat)

"Mango und Papaya auf Tobago" Schlampeitziger -Ro 3003- (Bungalow)
"Strep" Bit Part Actor -self titled- (Braille)
"Mr. William" Phillipe Leotard -chante ferre- (Blivi)
"Butter Song" Jon Lagford -Skull Orchard- (Sugar Free)
"What Are You Wearing" Butter -08- (Grand Royal)
"Hey Baby" Jenny Mae -Dont Wait Up For Me- (Anyway)
"Dirt" Lorette Velvette -The Singles- (Loverly)
"Eddie Called Back On The Carphone" Kramer -Songs From The Pink Death- (Shimmy Disk)
"No Name #3" Elliot Smith -Miss Misery EP- (Capitol)

"Tytanik" Reportaz -some LP from Poland-
"La Chute Des Couchons" Un Department -Le Album-
"Woolloomooloo Bay" Pascal Comelade & Friends -Oblique Sessions-
"Rosanna" Armando Travajoli -Seven Golden Men- (CAM)

"*" indicates something new I liked a whole lot

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