WFMU's Friday Afternoon Timeslot with Ken Freedman
On WFMU 91.1 fm, Fridays 3-6 pm (Eastern Standard Time)

March 13th, 1998: Colonic Irrigation 2.01

The new and improved Accuplaylist displays the song currently playing on WFMU, on Friday from 3-6 PM, E.S.T.

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The New, Record-Label-less Accuplaylist Format:
"Song Title" Name of Artist (Title of Release)

"Holland, 1945" Neutral Milk Hotel (In The Aeroplane Over The Sea)
"Metal Circus" Rube Waddel (Hobo Train)
"Insane Instrumental" Elmo Williams & Hezekiah Early (Takes One To Know One)
"Them Old Stanky Blues" Foom (7 Inch)
"Cherry Bomb" Oliva New*Ton*Jon (Unknown Title)
"Southern Pacific on Speed" Neil Young (Reactor)
"BeerMonsters Are Go!" Szeki Kurva (The Sound of Dead Goats)
"El Son Del Dolor" Cuca & Youth Brigade (Red Hot & Latin)

"Fleet" Sukpatch (Honky Tonk Operation EP)
"Teen Tonic" Pierre Henry (Messe Pour Le Temps Present)
"Rally" Gino Marinacci (Suono Libero)
"Track 2" Peter-Thomas-Sound-Orchester (Space Patrol)
"Lost In The Paradise" Caetano Veloso (Caetano Veloso)
"Chapter 8 - Seashore & Horizon" Cornelius (Fantasma)
"Glass Onion" Beatles (White Album)
"Sentimental Guitar" Takeshi Terauchi & Blue jeans (Guitar Mood)
"Boot Hell Drag" Herbie Remington (Steel Guitar Holiday)

"Great Five Lakes" Buffalo Daughter (New Rock)
"*&%# de Bon" Olivia New*Ton*Jon (CD of unknown title)
"Signal" Phew (Phew)
"Hoglorfen" Hedningarna (Hippjokk)
"Goat Dance" Szeki Kurva (The Sound of Dead Goats)
"Svetelny Narez" Sum Svistu (Czeching In)
"Baby Now That I Found You" The Foundations (7 Inch)

"Floor Polish Tango" Kahondo Style (Alternate Cake)
"Oo Ny Diya" Anna Homler (Do Ya Sa Di Do)
"Der Saubere Ton" 8 Oder 9 (Steinerne Hunde)
"And When He Falleth" Theater of Tragedy (Velvet Darkness They Fear)
"The Nile Song" Pink Floyd (More)

"Skater's Waltz Yodel" Mary Schneider (Yodeling The Classics)
"Creakiness" Nurse With Wound (Sugar Fish Drink)
"Birthing Chair Blues" Amy Denio (Birthing Chair Blues)
"One Louder Solex" Solex (Solex Vs. The Hitmeister)
"Thank You For The Music" Cornelius (Fantasma)
"Danger Man" The Melody Four (TV? Mai Oui!)
"Marineiro So" Caetano Veloso (Caetano Veloso)
"Sweet Tater Pie" Mongo Santamaria (The Afro-Latin Groove - Sabroso!)
"Blue Pepper" Duke Ellington (Far East Suite)
"Daddy Gonna Tell You No Lie" The Cosmic Rays (Sun Ra - The Singles)

"Transfiguration" Screaming Trees (Even If and Especially When)

"*" indicates something new I liked a whole lot

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