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April 10th, 1998: Error of Pesach

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Previous sets:

"Whispering" Baby Lawrence (Dancemaster)
"De Makebam" Jazz Dazzlers (Township Jazz 'n' Jive)
"Saulsville" The Bamalangabis (Soweto)
"Sweet Tater Pie" Mongo Santamaria & His Orchestra (Sabroso! The Afro-Latin Groove)
"Balada de chusy" Los Amigos Invisibles (The New Sound of the Venezualan Gozadero)
"Lost in the Paradise" Caetano Veloso (Caetano Veloso)
"The Micro Disneycal World Tour" Cornelius (Fantasma)
"Take Sex" Peter Thomas Sound Orchester (Raumpatrouille)

"An Eye Upon His Desert?" Soixante Etages (Heatproof Cauldrons)
"Public Image" Scrawl (Nature Film)
"48 Crash" Suzi Quatro (Suzi Quatro)
"Cherry Bomb" Olivia New*Ton*Jon (Cheezy Pin-Up CD)
"Bad Miss M" Danielle Dax (Bad Miss M EP)
"Dans La Cuisine" Brigitte Fontaine (Genre Humain)
"Fellini's Hat" When (Black White and Grey)
"Devil In Sports Casual" Midfield General (Monster Breaks)
"Baba Aga" Jablkon (cassette)

"Vietcong Women" The Girls (The Girls)
"The Circle" Wildman Fisher (An Evening With Wild Man Fischer)
"Space" The Blackbirds (Electric Loosers)
"Boys Boys Boys" Sabrina (The Rebirth of Fool Vol. 1)
"Rythmofeeling" Jack Hendrix (Orchestral Party Act 2)
"March of the Beggars" Ennio Morricone (Fistful of Film Music)
"The Switch" FM Einheit (sen'seifn de0)
"Twine and Paper Clips" Sanndreymi (Nano 06)
"Re" Dif Juz (Cassette)
"Interloper" Pell Mell (Star City)
"Crossing Things" Pest 5000 (Live Music From A Dead Campus)

"Goat Dance" Szeki Kurva (The Sound of Dead Goats)
"Reggae Reggae" The Real Kids (The Real Kids)
"Track 4" Deconstructing Beck (Unknown Artist)
"Funky Terrorist" RU Serious (The Rebirth of Fool Vol. 1)
"I Shot My Manager" Gruppo Sportivo (Mistakes)
"Ultra Funk" Los Amigos Invisibles" (The New Sound of Venezualan Gozadero)
"Upside Down" The Daktaris (100% Pure Funk Volume 2)
"Further On Up The Road" James Brown (Messing With The Blues)
"Lancet Bossa Nova" Peter Thomas Orchester (Rampatrouille)

"Yusef's Mood" Yusef Lateef (Ten Year's Hence)

"*" indicates something new I liked a whole lot

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