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May 8th, 1998: The Phantom Limb Of The Opera

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The Accuplaylist Format:
"Song Title" NAME OF ARTIST (Title of Release)

"a wutherence of e" EDWIN TORRES (Holy Kid) *
"From Imola to: Monaco" LE HAMMOND INFERNO (Suite 98)
"To The Clitoris and Step On It!" STOCK, HAUSEN & WALKMAN (Hairballs)
"Quelle Sensation Bizarre" YELLOW 357 (Cocktail Shaker)
"Pedro" KAHIL EL'ZABAR'S THE RITUAL (Another Kind of Groove)

"The Work Song" CANNONBALL ADDERLY (The C.A. Collection Vol. 7)
"Dud Wam" FOUR YANKS (Township Jazz 'n' Jive)
"Alchemy In This Cemetary" RIP RIG AND PANIC (Knee Deep In Hits)
"Hot Cha" RAHSAAN ROLAND KIRK (Left and Right)
"A Coisa Mais Linda Que Existe" GAL COSTA (Gal Costa)
"Playin' The Game (The Toreador Song)" WILLIAM WALKER (The Naked Carmen)
"Kaette Kita Yopparai" MAKUGAMI KOICHI (Koroshi No Blues)
"Wonder Who" AGATURBIA (Volume 2)
"Hey Mr. Holy Man" KISS INC. (Electrick Loosers Vol 3)
"Family of God" FAMILY OF GOD (Family of God)

"Jolly Green Giant" NEGATIVLAND (Happy Heroes)
"Good Posture" JFK PSA (Unknown)
"To Mega Therion" THERION (Traces of Death)
"Goat Dance" SZEKI KURVA (The Sound of Dead Goats) "Eat To Live backed with Chris Knox"
"My Wife Died in 1970" JOHN SHUTTLEWORTH (Cassette)
"Mary Mary" JOHN SHUTTLEWORTH (Cassette)
"Lost World" GUS VAN SANT (7" Single)
"Re" DIF JUZ (Cassette)
"Virenque" ISAR 12 (Virenque 7" EP)
"Omnibuzz" MOUSE ON MARS (Iaori Tahiti)
"Good Morning" IVOR CUTLER & VOGEL (7 Inch)
"The Switch" FM EINHEIT (Sen'seifn deO)
"The Race" FM EINHEIT (Sen'seifn deO)

"Solar System Blues" JAMALADEEN TACUMA (Jukebox)
"Teenie's Blues" OLIVER NELSON (Blues and the Abstract Truth)

"Suite from Destroy All Monsters" TOHO MUSIC CORPORATION ORCHESTRA (The Best of Godzilla)
"Boys Boys Boys" SABRINA (The Rebirth of Fool Vol 1)
"Let It All Hang Out" A.D.O.R. (Pete Rock remix 12")

"Tin Poco" OLIVIA NEW*TON*JON (Jose O*N*T*J)
"Office Lady from Adult Oriented" OLIVIA NEW*TON*JON (Jose O*N*T*J)
"The Happy Prole" QUASI (Featuring "Birds")
"There Goes My Everything" EILERT PILARM (Greatest Hits)

"*" indicates something new I liked a whole lot

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