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June 5, 1998: The Bob Hope Classic

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The Accuplaylist Format:
"Song Title" NAME OF ARTIST (Title of Release)

"Rubber Room" FRED LANE (From The One That Cut You)
"Blue Pepper (Far East of the Blues) DUKE ELLINGTON (Far East Suite)
"Where is My Man" EARTHA KITT (12 Inch)
"Earth To Doris" WAS (NOT WAS) (What's Up, Dog?)
"Idiot Wind" BOB DYLAN (Blood On The Tracks)
"Facial Exercises"
"Blank Generation" RICHARD HELL & THE VOIDOIDS (Blank Generation)
"Machiboke No Kissaten" MAKUGAMI KOICHI (Koroshi No Blues)

"Gorrlaus" HEDNINGARNA (Tra) *
"Imeland" GROUPA (15 Years)
"Gin & It" MEKONS (Me)
"Painted Into A Corner" INVISIBLE CULTURE (Popaganda)
"The Vacated Pool" EDWIN TORRES (Holy Kid)
"Turning Point" PARLOR JAMES (Old Dreams)
"Die Bob Die" THE FIENDS (We Have Come For Your Beer)

"Scatter & Swing" LIONROCK (City Delirious)
"Mao Tse Tung Said" ALABAMA THREE (12 Inch) *
"Broken Homes" TRICKY / PJ HARVEY (12 Inch)
"Plop Plop Fizz Fizz" SAMMY DAVIS JR. (The Sound of Sammy)
"Bob Hope Takes Risks" RIP RIG & PANIC (Knee Deep In Hits)
"Fired" EVAN LURIE (How I Spent My Vacation)
Excerpt from "Montagues & Capulets" SERGE PROKOFIEV (Romeo & Juliet)
On Whom The Moon Doth Shine THEATER OF TRAGEDY (Velvet Darkness They Fear)

"Retainer" CHAPSTICK (Acid Ranch 2000)

"Jabarsa" SECRET CHIEFS THREE (Second Grand Constitution & By-Laws)
"10 Jahre Lebenslanglich" A.R. & MACHINES (Echoes From The Time of the Green Journey)
"Arschlock" VOGEL (7 Inch)
"Health & Efficiency" THIS HEAT (Repeat)
"Verzahlt" ABWARTS (Amok 1)

"Like A Virus" THE RENDERERS (Live Music From A Dead Campus)
"Voom Voom Vooma" CHIKA CHIKA (Chika Chika)
"Mi Lar Hokis" ARA KEKEDJIAN (Chante es Suces)
"Gorgeous New Age" DANIELSON (Tri-Danielson)
"Raising Tide" HOME (IX)
"Jimmie Coma" THE PERNICE BROTHERS (7 Inch)
"Pictures of Me" ELLIOT SMITH (Either/Or)
"Bury Me At Sea" ILL EASE (Live At The Gate)
"Like A Dream" ROCKETSHIP (Why Popstars Can't Dance)
"Love Is" KG (Selector Dub Narcotics) Yuk!!
"Whispering" NINO & APRIL (Sing The Great Songs)
"Slush Pump" HERB REMINGTON (Steel Guitar Holiday)
"End of the World" JENKS "TEX" CARMEN (Chippeha!)
"The Ride, Pt 2" CALEXICO (The Black Light)

"*" indicates something new I liked a whole lot

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