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June 19th, 1998: My Brain Hurts

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The Accuplaylist Format:
"Song Title" NAME OF ARTIST (Title of Release)

"Instrumental #5" ROBERT CAGE (Can See What You're Doing" *
"Give Me Back My Wig" HOUND DOG TAYLOR (Recorded Live!)
"If You Like Fat Women" CEDELL DAVIS (The Horror Of It All)
"The Circle" WILDMAN FISCHER (An Evening With Wild Man Fischer)
"Wonder Who" AGUATURBIA (Volumen 3)
"Jazz" DOUBLE DEE & STEINSKI (CD Single) *
"Split T" RAY BRYANT (The Madison Time With A Hollywood Jazz Beat"

"Glory of Man" MINUTEMEN (Double Nickels On the Dime)
"It's Hard To Turn Me On" QUASI (Featuring Birds)
"Happy Days" BRIAN WILSON (Imagination)
"Gilberto Misterioso" CAETANO VELOSO (Araca Azul)
"AM Rag" BEAVER HARRIS (From Ragtime to No Time)
"From Shanghai To Bangkok" ANDREW WHITE (Fonk Update)
"Headpop" TOT TAYLOR (Piano Music)
"Wurlitzer Jukebox" YOUN MARBLE GIANTS (Colossal Youth)
"Three Wild Georges" PRAM (Sargasso Sea)
"God Be With You Till We Meet Again" YEN ARTISTS (Yen Memorial Album)

"Binario" KOMEDA (What Makes It Go) *
"Vertical Expression of a Horizontal Desire" DJ SOUP (Cocktail Shaker)
"Fuck Dub Part 1 & 2" TOSCA (Opera) *
"Tracks 5, 6 & 7" PHNONPENH MODEL (Patchworks) *
"Lesson 6 - The Lecture" CUT CHEMIST (Deep Concentration)
"Emerald" EMIL RICHARDS (Stones)

"Clones War" JEAN-JACQUES PERREY (Eclecktronics)
"Sidewinder" PUCHO & HIS LATIN SOUL BROTHERS (Jungle Strut)

"Better Git It In Your Soul" CHARLES MINGUS (Mingus Ah Um)
"Deadly Game" ELMER BERNSTEIN (Staccato)"Deadly Game"
"Pozzi Winning" PHILIP JOHNSTON (Music for Film)
"Money" PHILIP JOHNSTON (Music for Film)
"Pornopolka" HEDNINGARNA (Tra)
"Kuzelina" UZ JSME DOMA (Live Music From A Dead Campus)
"Pillows" THE CANNANES (Tiny Frown)
"Romeo Goes" SPORTSGUITAR (Happy Already)

"All I Do Is Dream of You" ROY SMECK (Melodies with Memories) 8
"Nectarine" DIM DIM (Nectarine)
"Ron English" DANIEL JOHNSTON (Popaganda)
"The Outer World" WOODEN (Popaganda)

"*" indicates something new I liked a whole lot

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