Monica's WFMU Playlist
October 1, 1999

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Song Artist Album
"Lady, Lady, Lady" The Boogie Man Orchestra 7" (Boogie Man Records)
"Out Of Step '88" Tej Leo Pharmacists (Gern Blandsten)
"Keep on Playing" Basement Jaxx 12" (white label)
"Snakeskin Bib" Fila Brazilia A Touch Of Cloth (Tritone)
"Make My Body Rock" (Basic Mix) Jomanda House Music All Night Long Best of House Music Volume 3 (Profile)
"Rootie Tootie" Paul Motian Monk and Powell (Winter & Winter)
"Minuetto per Isabella Rossellini" Giustino di Gregorio Sprut (Tzadik)
"Nocturnal Interludes" Nick Holder From Within (NRK)
"Prefeelings" Arto Lindsay Prize (Righteous Babe)
"(El Campion Del) Ping Pong" Digi Onze Free Funk The Compilation 4 (R & S)
"Dancing In Wide Circles" Holger Czukay Good Morning Story (Time Casualties)
"Etude Ralentie" Bernard Fort Compositions or Mithologiques (Les 38 Rugissants)
"Hessel, Raymond K." The Dust Brothers Soundtrack/Fight Club (Restless)
"Black Smoker" Omnivore Black Smoker (Hydrogen Jukebox)
"Speed" Vorfeld/Hispeedo/Tammen Rubbed and Blown (Nur/Nicht/Nur)
"Oriental Mood" Sun Ra Arkestra Meets Salah Ragab in Egypt (Leo)
"Glamour Hammer" Emperor Penguin Extreme Gaming (My Pal God)
"Akiwowo" Olatunji Drums of Passion (Columbia)
"My Love For You" ESG Come Away With ESG (99)
"Shake It, Baby" Jessie Mae Hemphill Feelin' Good (High Water)
"Brilliant Adventure" David Bowie Hours (Virgin)
"Otao E Eu" Nicos Jaritz Gluchlich II (Compost)
"More Music for Mallets Voices and Organ (and Other Stuff)" Mice Parade Ramda (Bubble Core)
"Asi Son Bongo" Beny More Beny More (MCPS)
"The Tonight Show (Johnny's Theme)" not credited Television's Greatest Hits (TVT)
"Like Clockwork" Tram Heavy Black Frame (Jetset)
"Amnesia" Big Lazy Big Lazy (Tasankee)
"Trail of Time" The Handsome Family Poor Little Knitter In The Road (Bloodshot)
"The Spirit Moves" Lilac Times Looking For A Day In The Night (Spinart)
"Worry 'Bout It Later" Clifford Coulter ????????
"Don't Let The Sun Catch You Crying" Louis Jourdan Best of Louis Jourdan (MCA)
"Twentieth Century Blues" Noel Coward The Noel Coward Album (Sony Masterworks)
"My Happiness Day" Eternity's Children Eternity's Children (Rev-Ola)
"Daddy" Infant Mortality Rate Puer Aeternis (Mayday)
"The Cloning Of Fudadeg Ulag" Salako Musicality (Jeepster)
"Moon Song" Doris Day Day By Night (Columbia)
"Amathongo (The Forefathers)" Ntshuks Bonga's Tokolosho Abo Bhayi (Nota Bene)
"Party Effect" Zeena Parkins Pan - Acousticon (Tzadik)
"Estudio Con Palmas Y Voz" Lagos/Venosta/Mariani Electronic Adventures In Flamenco (ReR)
"Paradise Hill" The Embers Memories Of Times Square Record Shop Vol. 3 (Collectables)
"Stardust" The Longines Symphonette The Memory Years 1925-1960 (MGM)

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