Monica's WFMU Playlist
November 19, 1999

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Song Artist Album
"Lady, Lady, Lady" The Boogie Man Orchestra 7" (Boogie Man Records)
"Put the Blame On Mame" Rita Hayworth Rita Hayworh (Hollywood Soundstage)
"Nature Boy" Gandalf Gandalf (See For Miles)
"Bittersweet" Roxy Music The Thrill of it All (Virgin/EG)
"Der Wind hat mir ein Leid erzahit" Zarah Leander Ihre groBen Erfolge (Ariola)
"Blue Moon" The Mavericks Soundtrack/Apollo 13 (MCA)
"Caravan" The Mills Brothers The Mills Brothers 1931-1938 (L'Art Vocal)
Castle Rock" Johnny Hodges On the Charts 1948-1954 (Arc Music)
"Glow Worm" The Mills Brothers Best of the Decca Years (MCA)>
"Yando" Chief Baonoko & his Budu men On the Edge of the Ituri Forest: Northeastern Belgian Congo 1952 (SWP)
"Music Maker" Kalibu Afrodesia (Irma)
"NChiCa" Tan Dun Bitter Love (Sony Classical)
"Samba" Jean Claude Kernic/Mamba Percussion Gluchlich III (Compost)
"Birahaa and Aheer Dance" n/a Trinidad & Tobago/Music from the North Indian Tradition (Unesco)
"Dancing On My Boomerang" Maximum Joy n/a
"Hit With the Snares" Like A Tim I'm Serious (Geist)
"The Gathering" Longineau Parsons Spaced: Collected Works 1980-99 (Luv & Haight)
"Mo' Funky (pt. 1) Zoobombs Let It Bomb (Emperor Norton)
"Mo' Dub" Zoobombs Let It Bomb (Emperor Norton)
"I Love Love You" Gyatees Gyatees II/Gyatess Meet Mani Neumeier (Certain Trip)
"City Collision" Eardrum Last Light (Leaf)
"Diary of a Lost Girl" Christian Zimmerman Future Sounds of Jazz Vol. 6 (Compost)
"Shangri-la of the Europa" (DJ Krush Remix) Sugizo Showa/64 (Disorient)
"Ill-Fitting Tunic" DJ Sasha Crnobrnja Stop Shopping, Start Crafting (Codek)
"A Little Boot" Boot Virvla (Northside)
"All Mine" Tom Jones with the Divine Comedy Reload (Gut)
untitled Keodaeng brothers Bamboo on the Mountain/Kmhmu Highlanders from Southeast Asia and the U.S. (Smithsonian Folkways)
"Beautiful Way" Beck Midnite Vultures (DGC)
"Airbrushing (/Splice)" Moosaka Sound Thoughts (Street Forest)
"Cup of Tea" Major Force West E.M.S. Orchestra Major Force West 93-97 (Mo'Wax)
"Ondulation" Dieter Moebius Blotch (Scratch)
"Guerillero Heroica (El Che Vive!)" Bill Laswell Imaginary Cuba (Wicklow)
"Pep" Tricolor Mirth & Feckless (Atavistic)
"Choro" Mad Cows Sing Mad Cows Sing (Sundance)
"Y Somos La Gente" Eladia Blazquez Women of Tango (Hemisphere)
"Dat's Love" Muriel Smith & Ensemble Carmen Jones (AEI)
"Habanera from Carmen" Big Mess Orchestra A Little Trash Goes a Long Way (Plungerboy Music)
untitled Autopoesies La Vie A Noir (Mille Plateaux)
"Translucent" Polly Styrene Translucence (Receiver)
"Hi Lily, Hi Lo" Tim Buckley Works In Progress (Rhino Handmade)
"Hi Lili, Hi-Lo" Gene Vincent Ain't That Too Much! (Hollowbody)
"Stardust" The Longines Symphonette The Memory Years 1925-1960 (MGM)

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