Monica's WFMU Playlist
December 17, 1999

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Song Artist Album
"Lady, Lady, Lady" The Boogie Man Orchestra 7" (Boogie Man Records)
Introduction Duke Ellington The Afro-Eurasian Eclipse (Fantasy)
"Swallow" Slave Pianos A Sampler(Polka)
"Secret" Luno Collision 12" (Are We Ready)
"Afrique" Duke Ellinton The Afro-Eurasian Eclipse (Fantasy)
"The Big Blow Out" Henry Mancini Soundtrack/Breakfast at Tiffany's (RCA)
"Harlem Congo" Chick Webb Spinnin' the Webb (Decca)
"Seed" Doppler 20:20/FONT> Art Electrique (December Dawn)
"Wild Thang" 2 Much Fat Beats & Bra Straps Classics (Rhino)
"Love To Love You Baby" Donna Summer Love To Love You Baby (Casablanca)
"Iwona's Strip" Oleg Kostrow The Great Flashing Tracks from Iwona (Storage Secret Sounds)
"Fluid" Twink Think Pink (Akarma)
"Instinct" !!! 12" (Zum)
"Cheap Thrills" Spectrum/Imajinary Friends Come Out to Play (Space Age Recordings)
untitled Mark the 45 King 12" (45 King)
"Groovin'" Soul Center 12" (W.v.B.)
"Ode To The Lizard" (Cinematic Orchestra Chameleon Mix) Tom Tyler 12" (DC)
"How Do I Love You" Queen Latifah Nature of a Sistah (Tommy Boy)
"B & S" Bobby Hughes Experience Fusa Riot (Ultimate Dilemma)
untitled Primitive Urges 10" (Primitive)
"Cosmic Shout" Osunlade 12" (Yoruba)
"Tsunami (Inside My Soul)" Sven Van Hees Gemini (LEA)
"Waddi Haj" Rapoon What Do You Suppose? (The Alien Question) (Yokomono)
"How Much Is That Doggy In The Window?" Alan Jenkins Rearcar/Rear Projection 2 (Leiterwagen)
"Aspoket" Kit Clayton Nek Samalet (Scape)
"Drone, Drone, deeper and Drone" Sheila Ganges and the Ganges Orchestra EEP2 (Indipop)
"It's Caper Time' Quincy Jones Soundtrack/The Italian Job (IJ)
"Caos (parte seconda)" Area Maledetti (Akarma)
Opak rwot" The Holy Rosary Church Choir Music from Uganda 2. Modern Traditional (Caprice)
"Indian Song" Chuck Pendrak and his Music Makers Chuck Pendrak and his Music Makers (T.P.)
"Peace Pipe" B.T. Express Best of B.T. Express (Rhino)
"Ah, Sunflower Weary of Time" The Fugs First Album (Akarma)
"Warrior of the Northern Crown" Blacklight Braille The Castle of the Northern Crown (Razzled)
"Do It" Q-Tip Amplified (Arista)
"Ett glas ol" Freddie Wadling En Skiva Till Kaffet (MNW)
"In A Mellotone" Duke Ellington and his Orchestra Duke Ellington and his Orchestra 1940 Vol. 2 (Classics)
"Tulsa Sunday" Lee Hazlewood 13 (Smells Like)
"E Dopo" La Stelle di Mario Schifano Dedicato A...(Akarma)
"To the Fenwater Sea" TMA2 Diskatopia's Intimate Gathering Vol.1 (Diskatopia)
"Easy Listening" Jack Nitzsche Soundtrack/Blue Collar (Edsel)
"Yesterdays" Billie Holiday Soundtrack/Fritz the Cat (Akarma)
Ninety and Nine" Andrew King Variations 3 - A London Compilation (Paradigm)
"Stardust" Bing Crosby Hits of '31 (ASV)
"Stardust" The Longines Symphonette The Memory Years 1925-1960 (MGM)

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