Monica's WFMU Playlist
May 5, 2000

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Song Artist Album
"Opening" In The Nursery The Cabinet Of Doctor Caligari (ITN Corporation)
"55" Echoboy Volume 1 (Mute)
"Dahomey" A.K. Klosowski/Pyrolator Home Taping Is Killing Music (Captain Trip)
"Outlaw Mutation Boogie" The Spacious Mind The Mind Of A Brother (Delirium)
"Heimweh" Bolliger & Gloor Summloch (Bolliger & Gloor)
"Percutindo" Djama Correa Xingu (Tropical Music)
"Let Me Know You" Billy Childish & Holly Golightly Genre Non-Specific Spring/Summer 2000 Sampler (Surefire)
"Image Change" Elastica The Menace (Bluff/Deceptive)
"Africanesia, Part 1" Claude Delcloo/Arthur Jones Jazzactuel (Charly)
"Battle Cry" Evelyn Glennie Shadow Behind The Iron Sun (RCA)
"Deeper Water" PMT 12" (Big Fish)
"The Life Of The Spherics" Vagtago Halottkemek Dancing With The Sun (Neurot)
"Xenia" Ernst 12" (Ernst)
"Deluxe" Stock, Hausen & Walkman Organ Transplants Vol. 2 (Hot Air)
"Slot Machine Baby" Michel Legrand Soundtrack/Atlantic City (DRG)
"Water/Yoga Yawn" DJ Cor Blimey and his Pigeon DJ Cor Blimey And His Pigeon (Bvhaast)
"La Plouie Et La Seine" Conjoint Earprints (Source)
"Telstar" (rough demo) Joe Meek Songs In The Key Of Z (Which)
"Nonpartisan" Optiganally Yours Presents: Exclusively Talentmaker (Absolutely Kosher Records)
"Dance With Me" Adam Green Adam Green (Adam Green)
"We Want Fun" Andrew W.K. Girls Own Juice (Bulb)
"Millennium" DJ Cam Loa Project Vol. 1 (Sony)
"Hopper (Shut Up Tree)" The Fur Ones Odd Numbers (Monorail)
"I Got To Move" James Brown In The Jungle Groove (Polydor)
"Alphatier Brian" The Modernist Explosion (Matador)
"Central Do Brasil" Joao Parahyba Caipirissima (Caipirinha)
".D/Kompilla" Vladislav Delay Staedtizism (~scape)
"Resonance" Demarnia Lloyd Trace (Arc)
"Baby" Gal Costa & Caetana Velosa Tropicalia Essentials (Hip-O)
"Smile" Jayhawks Smile (American)
"Beautiful Car" Matt Ward Duet For Guitars #2 (Ow Om)
Mi Fracaso" Rosita Fernandez Tejano Roots-The Women (Ideal/Arhoolie)
"Son XXI (Para Pia)" Chucho Valdes Live At The Village Vanguard (Blue Note)
"Leaves" Johnny Society Clairvoyance (Messenger)
"October" The Long Decline Wisdomism (Wabana)
track 13 Moonlighters Dreamland (Moonlighters)
"You Can't Imagine" Lee Hazlewood/Anne-Margret The Cowboy & The Lady (Smells Like Records)
"Baby Come Get Your Cat" Chandler Travis Philharmonic Let's Eat Pancakes (Sonic Trout)
"Float" The Green Ray The Green Ray (Soft Cloud/Father Yod)
"Baby Baby" The Wild Cherries Aliens Psychos & Wild Things (Arcania International)
"Ocean" Akaten Japanese New Music Festival/Tour 1999 (Magaibutsu Limited)
"I'll Never Smile Again" Frank Sinatra/Tommy Dorsey Soundtrack/Sinatra (Reprise)
"Cripple And The Starfish" Antony and the Johnsons CD single (Durta)
"Stardust" The Longines Symphonette The Memory Years 1925-1960 (MGM)

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