Monica's WFMU Playlist
May 19, 2000

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Song Artist Album
"Opening" In The Nursery The Cabinet Of Doctor Caligari (ITN Corporation)
"Vidalita" The De Paur Infantry Chorus Choral Caravan (Columbia)
"Don't Explain" Morgana King Wild Is Love! (Reprise)
"Lovely Light" Another Mellow Winter Mellow (Atmospheriques)
track #5 not listed Cambodian Rocks (Parallel World)
"Puerto Rico" Eddie Palmieri Stop And Listen 5 (BBE)
"Descarga Mecano" Los Sampler's Descargas (Rather Interesting)
"Katmandu" Piero Piccioni Il Dio Sotto La Pelle (Easy Tempo)
"Caravan" Piero Umiliani Ode To Duke Ellington (Easy Tempo)
"Tiger Rag" Charlie Parker Live Performances Vol. 1 (Calibre/ESP)
"Spherical Cockpit" Iran Iran (Tumult)
"Marido" Bororo tribe Brazil/Bororo World Of Sound (Unesco)
"The Wolf's Howl" Marumari The Wolves Hollow (Carpark)
"Unipod Particles" Down Sout The Ill Saint Presents Subterranean Hits Vol. 3 (Wordsound)
"Kool Keith's Ass" Princess Superstar Last Of The Great 20th Century Composers (Corrupt Conglomerate)
"Une Etoile Dans Le Coeur" Pierre Tanguay La Musique De Mon Disque (Dame)
"Jungle Swing" B Beat Girls 12" (25 West)
"Mac Umba" Glenmalambo: Glenmore Roots, Reels & Rhythms (Music Club)
"Caledonia" Cromagnon Orgasm (Calibre/ESP)
"Malleeri" Fulani tribe The Fulani (Ocora)
French Navy March Breton Celts Soundtrack/Celtic Legends (REL)
"I Love How You Love Me" Nino Tempo & April Stevens Sweet & Lovely/The Best Of Nino Tempo & April Stevens (Varese Sarabande)
"Cafe Creme" Lester Boulevard Du Swing (Lost)
"Fascinating" Slipper Invisible Movies (Rephlex)
"My Man" Fanny Brice Fifty Years Of Film (Warner Bros.)
"VIEY" Beth Custer Vinculum Symphony Live (BC Records)
"Lament" Tape Beatles Grand Delusion (Staalplaat)
"Defective Boy" Kid 606 The Soccergirl EP (Carpark)
"I Was Stabbed To Death In This Very Doorway" Steward Darla 100/1994-2000 (Darla)
"Utopia-Me Giorgio" Giorgio Moroder From Here To Eternity (Casablanca)
"Diskomo 2000" Residents Diskomo 2000 (ESD)
"Raymond Bien" Wobbly Greetings (Wobbly)
"Stumbled/Extraction" Criteria Root Canal EP (Broklyn Beats)
"El Picador" Calexico Hot Rail (Quarterstick/Our Soil Our Strength)
track 14 not listed Cambodian Rocks (Parallel World)
"We Died Because You Would Not Leave Us In Peace" Survivors Homework #1 1/2 (not listed)
"Cuban Homo Farm" Silver Abuse Homework #1 1/2 (not listed)
"The Grit" The Dynamic Three Best Of Del-Val Records Vol.1 (Philly Archives)
"Thus" Tape Beatles Grand Delusion (Staalplaat)
"Cosmos" Glide Performance (Ochre)
track 1 Thuja The Deer Lay Down Their Bones (Tumult)
"A Spindle, A Darkness, A Fever And A Necklace" Bright Eyes Fevers And Mirrors (Saddle Creek)
"Ventura Whites" Court And Spark Ventura Whites (Tumult)
"I Hold Your Hand In Mine" Tom Lehrer The Remains Of Tom Lehrer (Rhino)
"I Cover The Waterfront" Billie Holiday 1953-56 Radio & TV Broadcasts (Calibre/ESP)
"Blue Skies" Floyd Dixon New Coat Of Paint/Songs Of Tom Waits (Manifesto)
"Blue Skies" Bing Crosby Bing Crosby's Greatest Hits (MCA)
"Love Is The Sweetest Thing" Mary Hopkin Postcard (Apple)
"Now Is The Hour" Perry Como V-Disc (Collector's Choice)
"Stardust" The Longines Symphonette The Memory Years 1925-1960 (MGM)

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