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July 7, 2000

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In The Nursery

The Cabinet Of Doctor Caligari (ITN Corporation)

"Moroccan Girl"


Hamam (Virgin)

"You Can't See Them-They Can't See You"


Soundtrack/Read Only Memory (Siren)

untitled (track 2)

Ana Busto & Sandra Seymour

Night Fights (Zanfonia)


Curd Duca

Elevator 2 (Mille Plateaux)


Curd Duca

Elevator 2 (Mille Plateaux)


Chris & Cosey

Techno-Primitiv (Rough Trade)

"Space Oddity"

Lochiel and South Carvolth Schools Choir

CDR (no label)


Harry Nillson

All Time Greatest Hits (RCA)




"Scales" (tracks 16, 17, 18)

Kaffe Matthews and Hayley Newman

Pointy Stunt (Audioview)

"Skies Of America"

Ornette Coleman

Skies Of America (Legacy)


Funkstorung feat. Carin

Appetite For Destruction (Studio K7)


Sonny Simmons

Manhattan Egos (Arhoolie)

"Smallfish Recordshop, London"

Alejandro and Underwood

Notebook On Cities And Clothes (Audioview)

"Seven Dances Of Salome"

Sonny Simmons

Manhattan Egos (Arhoolie)

"Keep On Pushin'"

The Fool

The Fool...Plus (See For Miles)

"Sly Mongoose"

Louis Armstrong

Satchmo The Great (Legacy)

"Floppy Pockets"

Live Human

Elefish Jellephant (Matador)

"Sure Thing"

St. Germain

Tourist (Blue Note)


Ursula 1000

All Systems Are Go Go (Eighteenth Street Lounge Music)




"The Majestic"


Return Of Evil Bill (Domino)

"The Owl Service"


CD single (Domino)

"We Spin"

Pinkie Maclure

From Memorial Crossing (Liquid Records)

"Toda Tu Vida"

Dias De Blues

Dias De Blues (Akarma)

"Go Back To France"

Harvey Milk

Courtesy And Good Will Toward Men (Tumult)

"Get Off Of My Cloud"

Alexei Korner

Let's Go Get Stoned-The Songs Of Jagger/Richard (Sequel)

"Action Painting"


Maximum Freakbeat (Reverberation)

"The Wild One"

Leith Stevens' All Stars

Soundtrack/The Wild One (Decca)




"Wooden Ships/Dharma For One"

Ides Of March

Vehicle (Warner Bros.)

"The Killer"

Dub Diablo

Black Diamond (Three Sixty Records)

"Back Into Time"

Defenders Of The Faith

Black Diamond (Three Sixty Records)




"Blue Eyes Crying In The Rain"

Sally Timms and Jon Langford

Songs Of False Hopes And High Values (Bloodshot)

"For When Yr Just Happy To Be Alive"

Kid 606

Down With Scene (Ipecac)

"Bloody Rainbow"

Daniel Johnston

Why Me? (Trikont)

"A Stranger On Earth"

Della Reese

The Della Reese Collection (Varese-Sarabande)

"Whistle O'er The Lave O' It"/"The Brass Of Tulliemet"/Scudding Through The Whins"

John Rea

Irish Traditional Music (Temple)


Vic Chesnutt & Mr. & Mrs Kniepp

Merriment (Backburner)

"Where Are You"

Betty Everett

The Shoop Song-25 Greatest Hits (Vee-Jay/Collectables)


Ringo Starr

Blast From Your Past (Apple)




"Li'l Darlin'"

Eddie Layton

Ya Gotta Have Heart (Silva)

"Let Me Be Your Angel"

Stacy Lattisaw

Smooth Grooves Vol. 2 (Rhino)


not listed

The Circus Is Coming-Old Fashioned Calliope Music (Klavier)

"Johnny's Theme" (The Tonight Show theme)

not listed

Television's Greatest Hits (TVT)


The Longines Symphonette

The Memory Years 1925-1960 (MGM)

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