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July 21, 2000

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In The Nursery

The Cabinet Of Doctor Caligari (ITN Corporation)

"Memories Of Green"


Soundtrack/Blade Runner (Atlentic)

"Fly Me To The Moon"

Doris Day

Latin For Lovers (CBS)

"Dark Moon"

Bonnie Guitar

Dark Moon (Bear Family)

"Moonlight In Your Eyes"

The Four Buddies

The Four Buddies-Complete On Savoy (Savoy Jazz)

"Blue Moon"

Frankie Trumbauer and his Orchestra

Hits Of '35 (ASV)

"No Moon At All"

Fran Jeffries

Can Really Hang You Up The Most (Warwick)

"Fly Me To The Moon"

Brave Combo

No No No Cha Cha Cha (Rounder)

"Star Eyes"

Anita O'Day

Sings The Winners (Verve)





Ralph Lundsten

Elektronisk Musik (Andromeda)

"Rivers Become Oceans"


Constant Friction/Collaborations 2 (Lo)

"You Will Never Get Me"

Hanon Elias

In Flames (Digital Hardcore Recordings)

"Japanese National Anthem"

Eigentlich Glucklich

Fucky Don't (Flittchen/Fucky Laibel)



Touch T_Zero_O (Touch)

"Le Few Follet"

Overhang Party

7" (Pataphysique)

"Synaptic Poon-Tactic"


12" (Parallel Recordings)




"Main Theme"

Roy Budd and his Orchestra

Soundtrack/Fear Is The Key (Castle)

excerpt from Johnny Guitar

Joan Crawford and cast

Joan Crawford Live (DPA)


Ralph Lundsten

Elektronisk Musik (Andromeda)

"This Cold World"

Lord Tariq

12" (RPM)

"You'll Never Know"


You'll Never Know (Prelude)




"Commonwealth (Cheap Chicks)"


Bahamadia (Good Vibe)

"Covered Heart"

The Ah Club

Kiss The Sky Goodbye (Shrimper)

"Anthea Turner's Tears"

Lolita Storm

G-F-S-U (Digital Hardcore Recordings)

"Uomo Sex Al Apache"

Bow Wow Wow

I Want Candy (EMI)

"The Models And The Mannequins"

World Inferno Friendship Society

East Coast Super Sound Of Today (Gern Blandsten)

"Big Boy Off Da Chain"

Big Boy

Booty Summer Party (Lil' Joe)

"No-No, Heh-Heh"

Naked In Paris

12" (VM)



Fencewalk: The Anthology (Polydor)




"Iona-Cosmic Girl"

Ralph Lundsten

Elektronisk Musik (Andromeda)

"I'm So Afraid"

Bokaj Retsiem

Psychedelic Underground (Gear Fab)

"Pictures Of Matchstick Men"

Status Quo

The British Invasion (Laserlight)




"I've Got New York"

The 6ths featuring Melanie

Hyacinths And Thistles (Merge)

Eugene Stratton's "Lily Of Laguna"

Polyphon music box

Mechanical Music Hall (Saydisc)

"Maria Elena"

Roland Alphonso

Something Special: Ska Hotshots (Heartbeat)

"Troubled Mind"


Bronx Blues: The Columbia Recordings (1962-1965) (Legacy)

"Apartment #9"

Bobby Austin

Swing West Vol. 1/Bakersfield (Razor & Tie)




"Robbie Is Dancing The Waltz"

Ralph Lundsten

Elektronisk Musik (Andromeda)


Los Admiradores

Bongos/Flutes/Guitars (Commmand)


Bokaj Retsiem

Psychedelic Underground (Gear Fab)

"Little Bit Of Rain"

Fred Neil

Little Bit Of Rain (Elektra)

"Only A Fool"

Byron Lee and The Dragonaires

Only A Fool (JMC)

"Bizarre Love Triangle"


Marvin The Album (Mammoth)


Original Wiener Schrammel-Quartett

Wien/Volksmusik-Rare Schellacks 1906-1937 (Trikont)

"Goodbye God Baby Goodbye"

Nigel Bunn

Index (Emperor Jones)


The Longines Symphonette

The Memory Years 1925-1960 (MGM)

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