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August 24, 2000

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In The Nursery

The Cabinet Of Doctor Caligari (ITN Corporation)

"Hooray For Dane"

The Lothars

Oscillate My Metallic Sonatas (Wobbly Music)

"Tales Of The Future"


Soundtrack/Blade Runner (Atlantic)

"Sequence 3"

Mario Bertolazzi

Terza Ipotesi (Beat Records)

"Last Tango In Paris-Ballad"

Gato Barbieri

Soundtrack/Last Tango In Paris (Ryko)

"Roof Garden-Revel Attack"

Cochin Moon

Cochin Moon (King)

track 2

Thomas Brinkman

Rosa (Thomas Brinkman)

"Theme Amour Universal"

Art Ensemble Of Chicago

Soundtrack/Les Stances A Sophie (Universal Sound)

"Train Spotting"

Primal Scream

Vanishing Point (Reprise)




"Take Sick An Die"

Electronic Mud

The Winner Is The Loser (Time Stereo)

"Summer Jam"

Diamond Scamrock

Diamond Scamrock (Diamond Scamrock)

"Percussion 2"

Pierre Berthet

Une Cadre De Piano Prolonge (Sonoris)

"Vivaldi With Cannons"

Curved Air

Air Conditioning (Collector's Choice)

unidentified tune

Paillard Vaucher Fils cylinder

Victorian Musical Boxes (Saydisc)


Georges Delerue

Music From The Films Of Francois Truffaut (Nonesuch)



Ralf And Florian (Germanofon)





unidentified high school marching band

Schoolhouse Funk (Cali-Tex)


Shelly Manne

Soundtrack/The Man With The Golden Arm (Decca)



We Stayed In The Water (K)



More Drums Of Passion (Columbia)

"Takuta Kalaba"/"Turn On Your Love Lights"

Genya Ravan

Genya Ravan (Columbia)


The Bodhies

Send Me To Space (Bodhisattva)

"Don't Think"

Lali Puna

Putting The Morr Back In Morrissey (Morr Music)

"Spoke Of A Wheel Whirled"


Bali (Varese Sarabande)

"Ballad I"


Stardrive (CBS)

"Chasing A Rabbit"

Vibracathedral Orchestra

Lino Hi (Giardia)





Duke Ellington

Soundtrack/Anatomy Of A Murder (Columbia)



Trainer (Warp)

"In The Centre Of Paradise"

Oliver Ho

Listening To The Voice Inside (Meta)




"Jenny Lind Polka"

Federal Music Society

Come And Trip It-Instrumental Dance Music 1780's-1920's (New Worl Records)


Electric Company

Exitos (Tigerbeat6)

"Me And The Bees"


Holiday In Rhode Island (K)

"Lone Star Wars"

Diamond Scamrock

Diamond Scamrock (Diamond Scamrock)

"No Letter Today"

The Dinning Sisters

Sweethearts Of Sunbonnet Swing (Cattle Records)




"Beyond The Clouds"

Friendly Science Orchestra

The Winner Is The Loser (Time Stereo)

"He Vinido A Decirte"

Los Zafiros

Story (Ahi-Nama)

"Waltzing Me All The Way Home"

The 6ths feat. Odetta

Hyacinths And Thistles (Merge)

"Stars Are In Your Eyes"

The Guild Of Temporal Adventurers

Kendra Smith Presents The Guild Of Temporal Adventurers (Fiasco)

"A Fork In The Road"

Silent Poets

To Come...(Toy's Factory)

"Glinda's Theme"

Quincy Jones

Soundtrack/The Wiz (Motown)

"I'll Be Home"

Lorraine Ellison

Stay With Me-The Best Of Lorraine Ellison (Ichiban)


The Longines Symphonette

The Memory Years 1925-1960 (MGM)

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