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September 29, 2000

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In The Nursery

The Cabinet Of Doctor Caligari (ITN Corporation)



Storage Kompilation (Stora)

track 11

Art Of Flying

An Eye Full Of Lamp (Discobolus)

"Elvorian Spirit"

Patrick Mata

Hydrocarbons From A Meteorite (Transparency)


Thomas Brinkman

12" (Ernst)

"Church Of Anthrax"

John Cale & Terry Riley

Church Of Anthrax (Columbia)

"Into The Amazon"

The Alloy Orchestra

Silents (Accurate)



Arpeggio (Bad Vugum)




"From Before...What?"


Courtesy Of Choice (XL)


Joan Crawford

Joan Crawford Live (DPA)

track 1


Coincidental Oppositorum (Hymen)

"Elegy: America"

John Schott

Shuffle Play: Elegies For The Recording Angel (New World)

"Billion Dollar Express"

V Majestic

Dynastic Alloy (Mysterioso)

"Me And My Rhythm Box"

Paula E. Sheppard

Soundtrack/Liquid Sky (Varese Sarabande)

"Vibra Loop"

Psychatrone Rhonedakk

Best Of Black Plastic Sound (Black Plastic Sound)

"La Femme"

Alain Goraguer

Soundtrack/La Planete Sauvage (DC Recordings)

"The Secret Mausoleum Of Mankind"

NT Fan

Bad Times Ahead For Me (Tedium House)

track 7

Daniel Givens

Age (AST)





Gerard Wenzel

Prairie Program (Phthalo)

"In Which Our Hero Was Taken By Surprise"


Something Always Goes Wrong (Phthalo)

"Drums On Fire"


Extended Play 2 (Tommy Boy)

Frith Street, London, September 1927

Phonovision video recording on 78 RPM shellac

About A Hundred Years (Symposium)


Leif Elgren

Hiss (Ash International)

"Klockan Ar Mycket No"

International Harvester

Soj Gott Rose Marie (Love)

"Why Can't You Be Nicer To Me"

White Stripes

De Stijl (Sympathy For The Record Industry)

"Lorne Blues"

Sun Dial

Other Way Out (GaAs)

"Midnight Limbo"


Radio Cramps/Purple Knif Show (Munster)

"New Interns Watusi"

Earl Haban

Radio Cramps/Purple Knif Show (Munsters)

"Solen Gar Upp-Solen Garner"

Trad Gras Och Stenar

Rock For Kropp Och Sjal (Silence)

"Livin' In A Dreamworld"

University Punx

Cultural Politics (Krank)


Sugar Adam, Daniel Aikens and Caddy Lazarus John

Saraca: Funerary Music Of Carriacou (Rounder)




"Southern Butterfly"

Marianne Faithfull

True (Music Club)

"Bird On The Wire"

Tim Hardin

Suite For Susan Moore/Bird On A Wire (BGO)

"Love Too Soon"

Pascal Comelade

Swing Slang Song (Les Disques Du Soleil)

"Indian Summer"

The Doors

Morrison Hotel (Elektra)

track 4

Art Of Flying

An Eye Full Of Lamp (Discobolus)


Sidney Torch

The Cream Of Sidney Torch (Flapper)

"Sweet Slumber"

Al Hibbler

Unchained Melody-The Best Of Al Hibbler (Varese Sarabande)


Cobra Kings

Select-O-Hits-The Early Years (Select-O-Hits)




"Elegy: Nearer, My God, To Thee"

John Schott

Shuffle Play: Elegies For The Recording Angel (New World)

"Ain't Nothing Wrong With That, Baby"

The Treniers

Cool It, Baby (Bear Family)

"Tender, Sentimental Love"

Abraham Lass

Play Me A Movie (Asch)


Mississippi Mud Mashers

Black Secular Vocal Groups Vol. 2: The Thirties (1931-1939)(Document)

"Shine On Harvest Moon"

Seger Ellis

Art Deco-The Crooners (Legacy)

"When She Walks In The Room"

Bryan Ferry

The Bride Stripped Bare (Reprise)

"Pickup Truck"

Jack Nitzsche

Soundtrack/Starman (Varese Sarabande)

"Where Are You"

Chris Connor

Chris Connor/He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not (Collectables)


Badly Drawn Boy

The Hour Of Bewilderbeast (XL)

"September In The Rain"

Arthur Tracy

Hits Of '37 (ASV)


The Longines Symphonette

The Memory Years 1925-1960 (MGM)

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