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November 17, 2000

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In The Nursery

The Cabinet Of Doctor Caligari (ITN Corporation)

"A Palaver With Procrustes"

Martin Gotfrit

Prescence II (PeP)


no information

Music! The Berlin Phonogramm-Archiv (Wergo)


Kid 606

PS I Love You (Mille Plateaux)

"Song From The Youth Iniation"

Masemiken Pedro

World! The Berlin Phonogramm-Archiv (Wergo)


Ana D

Live On Morning Becomes Eclectic (Grimsey)

"Black Acres"

Elysian Field

Queen Of The Meadow (Jetset)


Geert Waegeman

Vegetal Digitables (Lowlands)

"Feeling Good"

Rufus Harley

The Pied Piper Of Jazz (Label M)


Butterfield Blues Band

East-West (Elektra)




"Dance Fucker"


Live At The Complex 2 (Entartetes Kunst)

"Baggage Claim"


Pilottilasit (NB Research)

"Club Selection"


Heavyweighter (WordSound)

"Man From Mars"

Ferrante & Teicher

Brain In A Box: The Science Fiction Collection (Rhino)

"Incident A"


The Hidden Tongue (Ground Fault)

"Metal Machine Music, Part 1"

Lou Reed

Metal Machine Music (Buddha)

"Analog Worms Attack" (Akapella)

Mr. Oizo

Analog Worms Attack (Mute/F Comm)

"Heavy Meta"

Sad Rockets

Transition (Matador)

"Everyone Here Must Party"

Direct Current

12" (TEC)

"Deputy Of Love"

Don Armando's 2nd Avenue Rhumba Band

Don Armando's 2nd Avenue Rhumba Band (Ze)




"Yeah Buddy"

Royal House

12" (Idlers)

1984 WKTU aircheck

The Madame & various artists

cassette (no label)



cdr (no label)

"The Rocketship"


12" (Philly International)

"Haeiouyoeoa Pt. 2"

Jorgen Teller

Prescence II (PeP)

no info

Buddy Rich vs. Max Roach???

Brendan Tesoriero tape (no label)




"Band On The Run"

Lochiel and South Carvolth Schools Choir

cassette (no label)


Paul Revere & The Raiders

Mojo Workout (Sundazed)

"Lady Stardust"

David Bowie

Bowie At The Beeb (Virgin)


Kid 606

PS I Love You (Mille Plateaux)

"Coffee, Cigarettes & Memories"

Jeri Southern

Coffee, Cigarettes & Memories (Roulette)




"Take An L"

Jimmy Durante

Jimmy Durante (In Person) At The Piano (Decca)

"Regen, Volt, Soka Lesz"

Steven R. Smith

The Death Of Last Year's Man EP (Emperor Jones)

"This Magic Moment"

Teddi King

In The Beginning (Baldwin Steet)

"Tis Autumn"

Beverly Kenney

Sings For Johnny Smith (Royal Roost)


Geert Waegeman

Vegetal Digitables (Lowlands)

"How Insensitive"

Morgana King

The Complete Reprise Recordings (Label M)


The Longines Symphonette

The Memory Years 1925-1960 (MGM)

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