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February 9, 2001

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In The Nursery

The Cabinet Of Doctor Caligari (ITN Corporation)

track 4


Bullbs (Agriculture)


Depiano with Orch Beguen Band

The Sound Of Kinshasa (Original Music)

"Sakura Sakura"

unidentified koto players

Japan-Its Sounds And People (Capitol)

"When I Grow Too Old To Dream"

Ruth Welcome

Zither In 3/4 Time (Capitol)

"La Derniere Rose De La Fete"

Orgue De Salon, Davraimville

L'Art De La Musique Mecanique Vol. 2 (Arion)

"End Of The Line"

Roxy Music

Siren (EG)


Minnie Riperton/Rotary Connection

Petals (Right Stuff)

tracks 1 & 2


Bulbbs (Agriculture)




"Details At Play"

Robert Scott

The Creeping Unknown (Thirsty Ear)

"A New Day"


Richie Hawtin-Selections 1990-2000 (Hardcore)

"The Talking Drum Looks Ahead"

The Guy Warren Sounds

Themes For African Drums (RCA)


Bolliger & Gloor

2 (Friedmatt)



Substancia 3 (Quatermass)

track 14

not listed

Yeti Magazine CD #1 (Yeti)

"Big Bevelled Button" (Quick Time Movie)


Power And Responsibility (EMF)

"Dance Mix 1992"


Fighting Pig Learns Judo Tricks (Irritant)

"Fierce House Mix"

The Fierce Mixer

12" (House Sounds Mixer)



Tanz Mit Dem Herzen (EMI Electrolo)

"Bok Choy"


G2 Geology-A Subjective Study Of Planet E (Planet E)

"Disco Bonus Track"


Greatest Hits (St. Norbert Arts)




"Strawberry Cheer"

Bran Flakes

I Don't Have A Friend (Lomo)

"Play At Your Own Risk" (Remix)

Planet Patrol

Planet Patrol (Tommy Boy)

"Boriqua House Party"

Boriqua All Stars

7" (Howlin')

"Love Me Happy"

The Bran Flakes

I Don't Have A Friend (Lomo)

"Stranger On The Shore"

The Promenaders

Birth Of The Y (Y Records)

"Who In The World"

The Squiremen

Psychedelic States/Florida Vol. 1 (Gear Fab)

"Tear Drop"

Santo & Johnny

The Best Of Santo & Johnny (Stardust)

"La Fille De Madame Angot"

Boite Bremond

L'Art De La Musique Mecanique Vol. 2 (Arion)




"Slow Dance"

Bill Frisell

Blues Dream (Nonesuch)

"Believe In Me"

Zion Travellers

Ebb Records Story Vol. 1 (Specialty)

"Go Ahead And Make Me Cry"

Connie Smith

Connie Smith/Miss Smith Goes To Nashville (Westside)


Simon Finn

Pass The Distance (Mushroom)

"Dream Of Heaven"

R. Crumb And The Cheap Suit Serenaders

Number Three (Blue Goose)

"The Little Sparrow"

The Country Gentlemen

Country Songs, Old And New (Smithsonian/Folkways)

"Second Gamelan: Allegro Moderato"

Lou Harrison

Suite For Violin And Small Orchestra (CRI)

"Repeat After Me"

The Delvets

R&B Heroines-Goldner's Golden Girls (Sequel)


Annie Hayden

The Rub (Merge)

"A Garden In The Rain"

Gene Austin

A Time To Relax (Take Two)




"Streets Of Laredo"

Duane Eddy

Rebel Rouser (Sony)

"Te Quiero Dijiste"

Connie Francis

Sings Spanish And Latin Favorites (MGM)




"At Last I Am Free"

Robert Wyatt

Wanna Buy A Bridge? (Rough Trade)

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