Monica's WFMU Playlist
March 2, 2001

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In The Nursery

The Cabinet Of Doctor Caligari (ITN Corporation)


Ernesto Lecuono

Soundtrack/Before Night Falls (Blue Thumb)

track 6

Rob Ellis

Music For The Home (Leaf)

"La Fee Didascalie"


Big & Bang (Organic)

"Somneuk's Renat Solo"

Dave Soldier/Richard Lair

Thai Elephant Orchestra (Mulatta)

"Waltz From Southern Karelia"

Karelian Folk Ensemble

From The Land Of Kalevala (Gadfly)

"The Monastery Bells"

music box

Magical Music Box Vol. II (Laserlight)

"Sendo Kawai Ya"

Club Nisei

Japanese Music Of Hawaii (Cord International)

"Carny's Dance"

Mick Turner

The Nature Of Systems (Carbon)

"For The Circulation"

Roy Montgomery

Silver Wheel Of Prayer (VHF)




"Scientology Clown"

Berkowitz Lake & Dahmer

Drain Salmon Forgery (Fflint)

"Kamata Mariyam"


Soundtrack/Before Night Falls (Blue Thumb)

"A Quick Drink"

Unagi Patrol

Intermission (Plug Research)


Anouar Brahem Trio

Astrakan Cafe (ECM)



2000 Black: The Good Good (Planet E)

"This Kitchen Has A Name"


The Day My Favorite Insect Died (Bingo)


Pell Mell

(1982) It Was A Live Cassette (Starlight Furniture)

"Mr. Wandereye's Introduction"

Blacklight Braille

Dietles Tavern To Shadowland (Vetco)

"Pay Talk Talk Die"

UFO Vs. The Mothership

Balloon Heaven Volume 1 (Instant Party Cake)

"Trio For Theremin & Electric Keyboard"

Dave Soldier/Richard Lair

Thai Elephant Orchestra (Mulatta)

"Going Back/Coda/Chant & Ending"

Bobby Callender

The Way (First Book Of Experience) (Akarma)




track 10

Burning Rome

Whistler's Bombardier (Mad Monkey)

"Live At The Lounge"

D.J. 'D

The Workers Union (Massmen)


Claude Vason

Le Jazzbeat! Volume 1 (Jazzman)

tracks 12 & 13


The Live Mix Part 2 (Stone's Throw)

"J'ai Perdu"


Volume 3: Direction (Mucho Gusto)



Autumngirlarchershorsemenbringarrows (March)




"Kneel Before Your God"

Lemon Jelly

Lemon Jelly (XL)

"When The Sun Goes Down"

Ish Marquez

Balloon Heaven Volume 1 (Instant Party Cake)

"The Old Ship Of Zion"

Roberta Martin Singers

Halleluja/Gospel & Prayers 1926-46 (Trikont)

"The King Of Fairies"

Kevin Burke

Sweeney's Dream (Smithsonian Folkways)


Black Box Recorder

The Facts Of Life (Jetset)

"Welcome To The Club"

Charline Arthur

Gals Of The Big "D" Jamboree (Dragon Street)

"Emerald Eye"

Black Sun Ensemble

Black Sun Ensemble (Camera Obscura)

"Just Another High"

Roxy Music

Siren (EG/Reprise)


The Electric Prunes

I Had Too Much To Dream (Last Night) (Collector's Choice)

track 8

Loren Mazzacone Connors

The Little Match Girl (Road Cone)




"That's All I Want From You"

Oscar Toney Jr.

For Your Precious Love (Sundazed)

"Drone Going Back 1st & 2nd Movement"

Bobby Callender

The Way (First Book Of Experience) (Akarma)

"Para Xo"

Moreno Veloso & 2

Music Typewriter (Hannibal)

"Polka Dots And Moonbeams"

Claude Thornhill And His Orchestra

The Transcription Performances 1947 (Hep Records)

"Wedding Of The Devil's Puppet"

Brian Ladd

Unsubmitted Themes For Hellraiser (Auf Aubwegen)

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