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March 9, 2001

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In The Nursery

The Cabinet Of Doctor Caligari (ITN Corporation)

"La Cancion De Cuna"

Alejandro And Aeron

Haunted Folklore One: Ruinas Encantadas (Lucky Kitchen)

track 4

Donna Summer

Tone Dialer (Donna Summer)



Soulfly (Roadrunner)

"Amber Vial"


A Heaven Turns To Ash (Southern Lord)

"Green River"

Church Of Misery

Master Of Brutality (Southern Lord)

"Dreamland's Burning"

Dead Hollywood Stars

12" (Mad Monkey)

"When The Sun Goes Down"

Ish Marquez

Balloon Heaven Volume 1 (Instant Party Cake)

"Wedding Of The Devil's Puppet"

Brian Ladd

Unsubmitted Themes For Hellraiser (Auf Aubwegen)

"Shine A Light"


Live Royal Albert Hall Oct. 97 (Deconstruction)




"Sweet Cinnamon Punch"


Uh-Oh (Asphodel)

"Suenos De Vestales"

Lira Boriqua

Lamento Borincano/Puerto Rican Lament 1916-1939 (Arhoolie)

"Oh Susanna"

Jimmy Castor

The Jimmy Castor Story - From The Roots (Paul Winley)


Frank Bretschneider

Curve (Mille Plateaux)

"Garden Of Love"

Don Ray

Disconet 12" - Volume 1, Number 9 (Disconet)

"Electa Disca"

Luigee Tradmarq

Bande Originale (Rectangle)

"Vodoun Dance"

not listed

Drums Of Haiti (Folkways)

"An American Dream" (Medley)

Hot Posse

12" (Moby Dick)




"Magnifique Part II"


12" (Siamese)

"Mind Games Medley" (Heavy Disco House Mix)


12" (J.S. Records)

"Love Rescue"


12" (P.B.I.)

"Sweet Blindness"

Mighty Pope

12" (RFC)




"Self Portrait"

Jin Hi Kin

Komungo (O.O. Discs)


Steve Fisk

Levels Of Undo (Sub Pop)

"Shut Up" (Instrumental)

J-Zone Presents Old Maid Billionaires

12" (Rawkus)



Confluence (Thrill Jockey)

"Stop The Clock"


Vacant World (A Narrow Escape >From Oblvion)

"La Labradora Castanuela"

Alejandra And Aeron

Haunted Folklore Volume 1: Ruinas Encantadas (Lucky Kitchen)

"Tri Be Ca"

Anna Karennia

The Day My Favorite Insect Died (Bingo)



Dar-As-Sulh Volume 1 (Paradigm)




"Oh What I Wouldn't Give"

Jimmy Scott

The Savoy Years And More... (Savoy)

"I Tremble For You"

Johnny Cash

Love/God/Murder (Legacy)

"The Swan"

Evelyn Glennie

Her Greatest Hits (RCA)

"My Hero"


Doo-Wop Graffitti (Rarebird)

"There Will Never Be Another You"

Chris Montez

Let's Dance (DCC)

"Les Flots Du Danube"

Polyphon with glockenspiel

L'Art De La Musique Mecanique Vol. 2 (Arion)

"Moonlight Mile"

The Rolling Stones

Sticky Fingers (Virgin)

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