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May 4, 2001

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In The Nursery

The Cabinet Of Doctor Caligari (ITN Corporation)

"The Anemone"


(The) LKA Sonar Kit 7" (Drone)



Pelican (Instinct)

"Grupo Mixto Riojano"

Alejandro And Aeron>

Folklore Volume One: La Rioja (Lucky Kitchen)

"Bitaine Hamdane"

Abdelkrim Rais Ensemble

Morocco: Crossroads Of Time (Ellipsis Arts)

"Mona Ngi Xica"


Afropea 3: Telling Stories To The Sea (Luaka Bop)

"Yo M'enamori D'un Aire"

Oren Bloedow and Jennifer Charles

La Mer Enfortuna (Tzadik)




"Polygon Window"

not listed

Warp: Routine (Warp)


Laurent Pernice

Bip-Hop Generation (Bip-Hop)

"Arabian Sea Passage"

Icebreaker International

Trein Maersk: A Report To The NATO Arts Board Of Directors (It)


JD & Evil's Dynamite Band

JD & Evil's Dynamite Band (Soul Fire)

"Alien Jam"


12" (Dog Brothers)

"Come Into My Life"

Joyce Sims

12" (Sleeping Bag)

"Malkocoglu/Battalgazi Ve Oglu"

2/5 BZ

Ulonbay (Gozel)

"The Key Party Dilemma Pt. 1"

Vivian Girls

Vivian Girls (Radio One/Patsy)


Vic Chesnutt

Left To His Own Devices (Spinart Records)

"Steam Shuffle"


The Undiscovered Tapes (Robomaster)

track 3


Help Aphex Twin 1.0 (V/VM)



Re:mnant (Constellation)

"You Ain't Really Down"

Status IV

Starfunk Volume 31 (Unidisc)




"Banshee Run"

Monster Under Bed

Tomorrow's Hangover (Pervertidora)


Celluloid Mata

Sable (Ant-Zen)


Lion Dub Station

Renegade Vigilantes (Lionhead)


Bedroom Productions

Hotel Lotte 7" (Hotel Lotte)

"De Zeester"


(The) LKA Sonar Kit (Drone)

"Honey-Gathering Song"

Mbuti Pygmies

Echoes Of The Forest: Music Of The Central African Pygmies (Ellipsis Arts)


Black Merda

Black Merda (Funky Delicacies)

"Sheep Near Logrono"

Alejandro And Aeron

Folklore Volume One: La Rioja (Lucky Kitchen)>

"El Payande"


La Llorona (Atlantic)

"The Key Party Dilemma Pt. 2"

Vivian Girls

Vivian Girls (Radio One/Patsy)





To Rococo Rot & I-Sound

Music Is A Hungry Ghost (Mute)

"Just For You"

The Hollywood Flames

Buzz Buzz Buzz (Specialty)

"Precious Lord Take My Hand"

Bryan "Josh" Taylor

Train Don't Leave Me/Sacred Steel Convention (Arhoolie)

"Were We To Dance"


K. Low (Tigerstyle)


Shelby Bryant

Cloud-Wow Music (Smells Like Records)

"Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep"

Al Hibbler

After The Lights Go Down Low (Atlantic)


Nina Nastasia

Dogs (Socialist)


Dug Dugs

Dug Dugs (La Ciruela Electrica)

"Love Is The Thing"

The Hollies

Clarke, Hicks, Sylvester, Calvert, Elliott (Epic)



La Machine A Triboulor (Organic)




track 7


(Neurot Recordings)

"Hearts On Fire"

Gram Parsons

Anthology (Rhino)

"All Of My Life"

Herman Chittison feat. Thelma Carpenter

1944-1945 (Classics)

"The Bells"

James Brown

Messing With The Blues (Polydor)

"My Sweet Love Ain't Around"

Red Allen

Folkways Years 1964-83 (Smithsonian Folkways)

"Steppin' Out"

Electric Light Orchestra

Out Of The Blue (Jet/United Artists)

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