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May 11, 2001

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In The Nursery

The Cabinet Of Doctor Caligari (ITN Corporation)

"Ice Cream Man"

Vivian Sisters

Vivian Sisters (Avant)

"La Dispute"

Third Eye Foundation

I Poo Poo On Your Juju (Merge)


Esplendor Geometrico

Mekano Turbo (Esplendor Geometrico)

"Paper Moon"


Pneumonia (Lost Highway)

"The Oblivion Envoy"

The Groceries

Infrasonic Waves (Ochre)

track 13

2/5 B2

Ulonbay (Gozel)

"Drums On Friction"

Ken Ishii

Flatspin (Sony)




"The Dance #2"


Ambient 3: Laraji/Day Of Radience (EG)

"Little Wing"

Gil Evans And His Orchestra

There Comes A Time (RCA)

"Spilling Virgin Blood"

Ros Bobos

Sonambulations (Opus One)


The Ensemble Of Seven

Exotic Fantasies (Ectoplasm)


The Esso Trinidad Steel Band

The Esso Trinidad Steel Band (Warner Bros.)


Safety Scissors

Parts Water (Plug Research)

"Dybbuk Dub"

Steven Bernstein

Diaspora Soul (Tzadik)

"Cancion De Orfeo"

Los Diamantes

Orfeo Negro Y Otros Exitos (RCA)

"La Flor Del Barrio"

John Zorn

The Gift (Tzadik)


Latin Playboys

Latin Playboys (Slash)




"End Of All Things II"


Genetic Engineering (Rune Grammofon)


Esplendor Geometrico

Mekano Turbo (Esplendor Geometrico)

"You're No Good"

Vivian Sisters

Vivian Sisters (Avant)


Charlie Parker

Charlie Parker (Verve)

"Percussion Dance"

The Entourage Music And Theater Ensemble

The Entourage Music And Theater Ensemble (Folkways)

"Tooth Brush"


Chateau Du Ataken (Magaibutsu Limited)

"I Promise Never To Get Paint On My Glasses Again"


10" (Clouddead)




"Lord, Blow The Moon Out Please"


Rabbit Songs (Waveland)

"Remember Remember"

Alexander Illitch Eppler

Barinya (Flying Fish)

"Aspen Leaf"

George Mraz

Morava (Fantasy)

"Untitled III"


Even My Sure Things Fall Through (Quarterstick)

"What Is There To Say?"

Carmen McRae

I Hear Music (Affinity)


Experimental Makeup

Xprmntlmkp (Sounds Okay)

"Eat, Drink And Be Merry (For Tomorrow You'll Cry)"

Tim Rose

Tim Rose/Through Rose Colored Glasses (BGO)


Ace Cannon

The Best Of Ace Cannon/The Hi Records Years (Right Stuff)

"Sotto Le Stelle Del Jazz"

Paolo Conte

The Best Of Paolo Conte (Nonesuch)




"Luka's Theme"


Looking For Leonard (Merge)

"(I Can't Seem) To Make You Mine"

The Clientele feat. Pam Berry

7" (Johnny Kane Records)

"Put My Little Shoes Away"

The Everly Brothers

End Of An Era (Barnaby)

"Love No One But You"

The Excellents

Spotlite On Blast & Cheer Records (Collectables)

"My Lips Could Tell A Lie"

Burd Boys

The Memories Live On (Burd Boys)

"Ordinary World"

Duran Duran

Duran Duran (Capitol)

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