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June 8, 2001

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In The Nursery

The Cabinet Of Doctor Caligari (ITN Corporation)

track 16

Akira Rabelais

Eisotrophobia (Ritornell)

"Will I Ever"

Pat Conte

2 X Drop (Varieties Of Musical Experience)


The DePaur Infantry Chorus

10" (Columbia)

"Cancion De Orfeo"

Los Tres Diamantes

Orfeo Negro Y Otros Exitos (RCA)

"I Won't Hurt You"

West Coast Pop Art Experimental Band

Part One (Sundazed)

"Say Hello"

Khan feat. Lenni Schipp

No Comprendo (Matador)

"Say Goodbye"

Khan feat. Julee Cruise

No Comprendo (Matador)

"Strawberry Letter 23"

Shuggie Otis

Inspiration Information (Luaka Bop)




"Aoh Dhe M S"

Vote Robot

In Meorm NA (Scratch)

"Kung Fu"

The Dirtbombs

Ultraglide In Black (In The Red)

"Heavy, Heavy...Heavy"

JD & The Evil's Dynamite Band

JD & The Evil's Dynamite Band (Soul Fire)(

"The Bubble Burst"

Bobby Boucher

7" (Puma Strut)

"Alien Jam"


12" (Dog Brothers)

"I L-O-V-E-U"

Brass Construction

Get Up To Get Down-Brass Construction's Funky Feeling (EMI)

"Puerto Rico"

Frankie Cutlass

12" (white label)




"La Flor Del Barrio"

John Zorn

The Gift (Tzadik)

"A Gozar El Tumbao"

Orlando Cachaito Lopez

Orlando Cachaito Lopez (Nonesuch)>

"The Chase"

not listed

Bollywood Breaks (Outcaste)

"Kongas Fun"


Anikano-A (Salsoul)

"Jolly Throats"

Grind Orchestra

Land Of The Rising Noise Vol. 3 (Charnel)

"Moments (Part II)"

DJ Quest

Questside (Untold Tales) (Hip Hop Slam)




"Spilling Virgin Blood"

Ros Bobos

Sonambulations (Opus One)

"Vodoun Dance"

recorded in Haiti by Harold Courlander

Drums Of Haiti (Folkways)

"Vitamin Deficiency"

The Saboten

Soundtrack/I.K.U. (Uplink)

"Mouth Full Of Fire"

Chris Brown

Talking Drum (Sonore)

"Move Over And Let Me Dance"

The Isley Brothers

It's Your Thing-The Story Of The Isley Brothers (Legacy)

"Hum Along And Dance"

Jackson 5

Anthology (Motown)




"Boriqua House Party"

Boriqua All Stars

7" (Howlin')

"Since I Left You"


Since I Left You (Modular)

"My Baby"

Lil' Romeo

CD single (Soulja Music)

"Watch Out Now"

The Beatnuts

12" (Relativity)

"Let's Do The Latin Hustle"

Eddie Drennon & B.B.S. Unlimited

7" (Friends)





Esplendor Geometrico

Mekano Turbo (Esplendor Geometrico)

"Theme From Dr. Zhivago"

Byron Lee & The Dragonaires

Only A Fool (Jamaican Gold)

"To The Beat Y'All"

Lady B

The Sugarhill Story Old School Rap-To The Beat Y'All (Sequel)

"First Time Around"


12" Gold Master Series Volume Three (Salsoul)

"Borinquen Outro"

Tony Touch

The Piece Maker (Tommy Boy)

"Bhajan Me"


On The Roof Of Kedar Lodge (Japan Overseas)

"Dance With Me"

Adam Green

Adam Green (Adam Green)

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