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June 15, 2001

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In The Nursery

The Cabinet Of Doctor Caligari (ITN Corporation)

"Green Heaven"

Mark Growden's Electric Pinata

Inside Beneath Behind (Wiggle Bisquit)

"Memory Of Friends"

Ardavan Kamkar

Over The Wind (Traditional Crossroads)

"Astral Plane Crash"

Kitchen Cynics

My Gothic Novel (Pink Lemon)

"Drawers Of Water"


Nine Types Of Ambiguity (Sonig)

"Disco Circus Medley"

Martin Circus

12" (Black Sun)

"Sweet Blindness"

Mighty Pope

12" (RFC)




"Black Cherry"

William Parker & Hamid Drake

Volume 1: Piercing The Veil (AUM Fidelity)

"Hey Hey Logan"

Children Of The Mt. Pile School

Traditional Musics Of Alabama (Alabama Center For Traditional Culture)

"A Fossa Nova Do Astronauta"


Repholo (Grenal)

"Night Samba"

Alberto Baldan Bembo

Soundtrack/The Smart Set (Easy Tempo)


Hokis Pokis

7" (Shield)

"Dreaming A Dream"

Crown Heights Affair

Dreaming A Dream (DeLite)

"Sans Titre No. 3"

Frederic Galliano Electronic Sextet

Live Infinis (F Communications)



1990-1997: Plus 8 Classics (Nova Mute)




track B/1


12" (Japan Overseas)

"Thighs High (Grip Your Hips And Move)"

Tom Browne

12" (GRP)



Pantychrist (Seeland)

"Fungi Mama/Bebopafunkadiscolypso"

Tom Browne

12" (GRP)

"Makes You Blind"

The Glitter Band

Super Rare Disco Volume 1 (Robbins)





The Esso Trinidad Steel Band

The Esso Trinidad Steel Band (Warner Bros.)

"Ese Hombre"


Dicen Que Soy (Sony)

"(Do You Wanna) Dance Dance Dance"


7" (Warner-Spector)

"#1 - Pam Grier"

Members Of The Bar

Marbles Volume One (Distance)

"To Whoever It May Concern"

DJ Hollywood

12" (Spring)

"Fall From The Sky"

Beautiful Skin

Revolve (GSL)


Samuel L. Session

12" (Beat Cycle)

"Jungle Jazz"

Nino Nardini

Betty Page Jungle Girl (QDK Media)




"I'm A Thug"

Trick Daddy

Cornerstone Mixtape/June 2001 (Cornerstone Productions)



Balmy Under The Stormy (F Communications)

"Big Boy Off Da Chain"

Big Boy

Booty Summer Party (Lil' Joe)



The Official Secrets Act (Sire)

"Jack You Fly Girls"

Responsible Space Playboys

12" (Tension)

Disco Mixer Medley

not listed

12" (white label)

"Bonus Lesson #1"

Doug E Fresh

Best Of Old Skool (Strictly Bizness)




"Meeny Meeny Chi Chi"

Tutto Matto

Funkulo (Tummy Touch)

"Dazzey Duks"


Dazzey Duks (Bellmark)

"When The Saints Go Twistin' In"

Heartsville Benjamin's Virgin Island Steel Band

Heartsville Benjamin's Virgin Island Steel Band (Philips)


Brooklyn People

7" (Cheri)

"Do Or Die"

The Human League Unlimited Orchestra

Love And Dancing (A&M)

"Here We Go Again"

People's Choice

Larry Levan Live At The Paradise Garage (Strut)

"No-No, Heh-Heh"

Naked In Paris

12" (VM Records)

"Star Trek"

not listed

Country Fried TV Tunes (CMH)

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