Monica's WFMU Playlist
June 22, 2001

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In The Nursery

The Cabinet Of Doctor Caligari (ITN Corporation)

"Sleepy Eye"

Susumu Yokota

Grinning Cat (Leaf)


The Langley Schools Project

Innocence & Despair (Basta)

"We've Been Had"

The Walkmen

The Walkmen (Star Time International)

"Down & To The Left"

Amon Tobin

Xen Cuts (Ninja Tune)

"Fish Dances (You Dance In Me)"

The Irresistable Force

Fish Dances (Ninja Tune)


Jaroslav Koran & Friends

An Indian Summer (Pagoda)





Orange Twin Field Works

Volume 1 (Orange Twin)

"Invisible Nature"/"Generator X"

Spaceheads And Max Eastley

The Time Of The Ancient Astronaut (Bip Hop)

tracks 2 & 3

Simon Wickham-Smith/Richard Youngs


"Iona - Cosmic Girl"

Ralph Lundsten

Elektronik Musik (Andromeda)




"A Delicate Road (Part III)"

John Morton

New Music For Music Boxes (Innova)

"Death Zone Reflection"

Skull Valley

Various Artists/Freeway (Dublab/Emperor Norton)



Fencewalk: The Anthology (Polydor)

"Upper Mansion Suite"

Bobby Hughes Experience

Fusa Riot (Ultimate Dilemma)

"Concept Of Motion"

Sasha Crnobrnja & Zeb

Organic Grooves 3 (Codek)

"Close Your Eyes"

Hank Garland

The Guitar Artistry Of Hank Garland (Euphoria)




"Jimmy's Got A Little Bit Of Bitch In Him"


7" (Westbound)

"Another Man (Rap)"

Barbara Mason

12" (West End)

"Scream A.K.A. Itchin'"

Missy Elliott

So Addictive (Elektra)

"Broken Dreams"

Bassment Jaxx

Rooty (Astralwerks)

"The Life"


Cornerstone Mixtape No. 28 (Cornerstone Productions)




"The Casio Fight Song"

David Spouse & The Bloodthirsty Lovers

Little Darla Has A Treat For You Vol. 17 (Darla)

"Hava Nagila Carnival"

Peter Popper's Soundkapelle

7" (Mainstream)

"Arcane Presents Lulu"

Hugh LeCaine

Compositions/Demonstrations 1946-74 (EMF)

"Purple Hills"


Cornerstone Mixtape No. 29 (Cornerstone Productions)

"Super 16"


2 (Astralwerks)

"Waikiki Beach"

Alien Porno Midgets

The High Altitude Parro Waikiki (V/VM)



7" (ABC)

"Blue Jeans"


7" (Sheep)



7" (Y)

"Runnin' The Roundball"

Avey Tare/Panda Bear/Geologist

Danse Manatee (Catsup Plate)


Marianne Nowottny

Manmade Girl (Abaton Book Co.)




"Tick Tack"

Alarm Clock

7" (Celebration)


Alphabet Fanatics

7" (Ideal)

"The Wild One"

Leith Stevens' All Stars

Soundtrack/The Wild One (Decca)

"I Won't Hurt You"

Neo Maya

The Autumn Almanac (Sequel)

"When The Sun Goes Down"

Ish Marquez

Balloon Heaven Volume 1 (Instant Party Cake)

"Moon River"

Ben E. King

Stand By Me - The Best Of Ben E. King (Atlantic)

"Harlem Nocturne"

Ray Papai's Nirvananova

7" (RAM)

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