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July 20, 2001

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In The Nursery

The Cabinet Of Doctor Caligari (ITN Corporation)


A Quiet Revolution

A Quiet Revolution (Poptones)

"Karelsk Vagguisa"

Ulla Kantajavuori

The Secret Museum Of Mankind Vol. 5-Ethnic Music Classics: 1925-48 (Yazoo)

"End Of The Line"

Roxy Music

Siren (EG)

"To Divers Journey To The Congo"

Selophane Seventy-Four

Selophane Seventy-Four (Poptones)

"Yagga Blues"

Nurse With Wound

Funeral Music For Perez Prado (United Dairies)

track 4


Rebore Vol. 0/Vision Recreation Newsound (Warner Bros. Japan)





Roxy Music

The Thrill Of It All (Virgin)

"Big Dome"

Phil Manzanera

Impossible Guitars 12" (Editions EG)

"Coeur Synthetique"/"Berceuse Pour Un Bebe Robot"

Jean-Jacques Perrey

Moog Sensations (Pulp Flavor)


Uele Kalabubu & Sa Tribu

La Guepe Volume 2 (Pulp Flavor)

"No Smoke"

Koro Koro

Warp 10 + 1 Influences (Matador)




"Wracking The Carcass For Residue"

Irr. App (Ext.)

Dust Pincher Appliances (Irr. App (Ext.))

"Point Rotation"

Arnold Dreyblatt

Animal Magnetism (Tzadik)

"Prairie Rose"

Roxy Music

Country Life (EG)




"Dedicated To Conlon Nancarrow"

Pascal Comelade

Cassette Cultures (no label)

"Rush Hour"

Plus Instruments

Plus Instruments (Kremlin)

"You Drove Me, Nearly Drove Me"

Climax Golden Twins

Climax Golden Twins (Fire Breathing Turtle)

"So Many Ways"

Electric Chairs

Obey The New Wave (no label)

"Fusion Beats Vol. 2"

not listed

12" (Bozo Meko)

"Zouche Drums 3"

David Holland

Nuggets: Luke Vibert's Selections (Lo Recordings)

"Dance Across The Floor"

Jimmy "Bo" Horne

Dance Across The Floor (Sunshine Sound)


Nino Nardini

Nuggets: Luke Vibert's Selections (Lo Recordings)

"The Acid Test"

Leo Muller

A Break From The Norm (Restless)

"Swing Your Daddy Pt. 1"

Jim Gilstrap

Swing Your Daddy/Love Talk (Sequel)




"If There Is Something"

Roxy Music

Roxy Music (Polydor)

"Someone Watches Over Me"

The Five Blind Boys Of Mississippi

Kings Of The Gospel Highway (Shanachie)


Roxy Music

Stranded (Polydor)

"Beauty Queen"

Roxy Music

For Your Pleasure (Polydor)

"Would You Believe"

Roxy Music

Roxy Music (Polydor)




"Just Like You"

Roxy Music

Stranded (Polydor)


Roxy Music

Roxy Music (Polydor)


Transylvania 500

Syrup & Gasoline Vol. 2 (Grenadine)


Roxy Music

Siren (Polydor)


Roxy Music

Roxy Music (Polydor)

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