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August 10, 2001

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In The Nursery

The Cabinet Of Doctor Caligari (ITN Corporation)

"Wind Up"

Amy Denio

Iamaphotographer (Plain Recordings)

track 14

Orloj Snivcu

S/T (Pagoda)

"Rite On"

Psychatrone Rhonedakk

Keep On Psychedelic Mind (Summersteps/Black Plastic Sound)

"Lost In The Amazon"

Love TKO

Space Jazz (Quango)

"Sounds Of The Jungle"

no artist

Sounds Of The Jungle (Special Music)

"You Have Legs And Baksheesh"


12" (BSI)

"Honky Tonk Hits"


7" (Broklyn Beats)


Pink Twins

Aanite (Aanite)




"Underwater Love" (demo mix)

Smoke City

Life's Rich Tapestry-A Rita Records Compilation (Rita Records)

"You're Not Coming Home"

Groove Garden

12" (Tommy Boy)

"Daddy's Little Girl"

Nikki D

12" (Def Jam)

"Deuxieme Partie"


"Freak Out" Total (Gear Fab)

"Money Star Hustle"

Bedroom Productions

DJ Snax/TJ Free (Bedroom Productions)/

"Burrega 1 Theme"

Fat Day

Planetary Natural Love Gas Webbin'(Comma)

"Hot Shot"

Karen Young

12" (West End)





Gustavo Lamas

Celeste (Traum)


KK Null

Discoteca Plasma (Mindfield)


His Name Is Alive

Universal Frequencies (4AD)

"Love Without Sound"

The White Noise

An Electric Storm (Antilles)

"Don't Stop 'Til You Get Enough"

Michael Jackson

Off The Wall (Epic)

"Do I Do"

Stevie Wonder

Song Review-A Greatest Hits Collection (Motown)




"Everybody" (Dub)


12" (Sire)

"The Greatest Hit"


Telle (Wall Of Sound)

"The New York Slide" (MSSB Mix)

not listed

12" (Slide)

"Nut In Your Eye"

DJ Assault

Jefferson Ave. (Intuit-Solar)

"Du Bist Nicht Gut"


Kosmonautentraum (Zick Zack)






Aanite (Aanite)

"One Room Country Shack"

Al Kooper/Shuggie Otis

Kooper Session: Al Kooper Introduces Shuggie Otis (Sony)

"It's Trash"

The Cavemen

Psychedelic States Of Florida Vol. 3 (Gear Fab)

"H Kobosta (The Compote)"

Terror X Crew

Best Of International Hip-Hop (Hip-O)

"Vintage Busy Bee"

Busy Bee

12" (Jazzchild Records)

"Diamond Girl"

Nice & Wild

12" (Atlantic)

"Fierce House Mix"

The Fierce Mixer In The House

12" (House Sounds)




"Ode To The Modern Woman"


Anticon Giga Single (Anticon)



Acoustek (Angel)

"A Taste Of Honey"

Chris Connor

Sings Gentle Bossa Nova (ABC Paramount)


A Quiet Revolution

A Quiet Revolution (Poptones)

"Dear Someone"

Gillian Welch

Time (The Revelator) (Acony)

"Please Don't Go"

KC And The Sunshine Band

Oh Yeah! (ZYX)

"Don't Change Your Love"

The 5 Stairsteps

Greatest Hits (Sequel)

track 5

Sonho 2014

A Pere Japonica Amazonica (not listed)



Lemmings Travel To The Sea (Devil In The Woods)

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