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August 31, 2001

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In The Nursery

The Cabinet Of Doctor Caligari (ITN Corporation)


Sandoz Lab Technicians

Fit For Kings II (Crawlspace)

"High On A Rocky Ledge"


H'Art Songs (Kopf)

"In't Groene Dal"

Jostiband Orkest

10 Jaar Jostiband (RCS)

"Shadow Of A Bee"

The Pleb

Turntables On The Hudson (Rhythm Love)


Primal Scream

Vanishing Point (Reprise)






(The) LKA Sonar Kit 7" (Drone)



Heartcore (Fonal)

"Long Ago"

Gusuwa String Band

Bosavi-Rainforest Music From New Guinea (Smithsonian Folkways)



Uh-Oh (Asphodel)


Noise Ramones

Fuji (A-Musik/Cha-Bashira)

"Funky Instrumental"

Bush Tetras

Boom In The Night (ROIR)

"Alien Jam"


12" (Dog Brothers)

"Hollywood Hot"

The Eleventh Hour

Hollywood Hot (20th Century)




"Toque Oyo"

D. Hernandez/M. Carreras/A. Rolando/D. Hernandez

Matanzas, Cuba, ca. 1957: Afro-Cuban Music From The Countryside (Smithsonian Folkways)

"Maybe You Can Dance"


12" (Mercury)

1984 WKTU aircheck

"Summer Jam"

Diamond Scamrock

Diamond Scamrock (Diamond Scamrock)

"Big Bevelled Button"


Power And Responsibility (EMF)

"Minuetto Per Isabella Rossellini"

Giustino Di Gregorio

Sprut (Tzadik)

"Dancemix 1992"


Fighting Pig Learns Judo Tricks (Irritant)



Tigerbeat 6 Inc. (Tigerbeat6)

"Poison Taps"

Phantom Surfers

One Eye Open: Masked Bands Salute Sammy Davis Jr. (Israphon-West)

"Disco Bonus Track"


Greatest Hits (St. Norbert Arts)






Mute-A Hush Records Instrumental Compilation (Hush)

"Lonesome Town"

Holly Golightly

Singles Round-Up (Damaged Goods)

"Banshee Run"

Monster Under Bed

Tomorrow's Hangover (Pervertidora)

"Indlela Yababi"

Electricity feat. Fire Eater

Extreme Music From Africa (Susan Lawly)

"Samba Quente"

Luciano Perrone

Batucada Capoeira (Soul Jazz)

"Rhythm #5"

Tribal Circus

Shock City Shockers (Shock City/Trattoria)


Brooklyn Express

12" (One Way)




"Cosma Nova"

Ralph Lundsten

Elektronisk Musik (Andromeda)

"Blood Runner"

Jolly Jumpers

B.V.O.D. (Bad Vugum)

"Summer Has Gone"

Doris Day

Latin For Lovers (CBS Special Products)

"Love Theme"

Manfred Mann

Soundtrack/Up The Junction (RPM)

"Do I Still Figure In Your Life"


The Honeybus Story (Repertoire)

"Now That Summer Has Gone"

The Beatmen

The Autumn Almanac (Sequel)

"The Moon Looks Down And Laughs"

Anita O'Day

Trav'lin' Light (Verve)




"Something's Gotta Give"

Joanne Woodward

Ladies Of Burlesque (Sandy Hook)

"I Refuse To Rock And Roll"

Cara Williams

Ladies Of Burlesque (Sandy Hook)

"Lady Fantasy"

Max Him

The Italo Disco Collection (ZYX)

dialog from "Klute"

Jane Fonda/Donald Sutherland

50 Years Of Film (Warner Bros.)

dialog from "Summer Of '42"

Jennifer O'Neill/Ken Clayton

50 Years Of Film (Warner Bros.)

"Where Did We Go Wrong"

Sands Of Time

Look At The Sunshine-Ripples Volume 1 (Sequel)

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