Monica's WFMU Playlist
September 7, 2001

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In The Nursery

The Cabinet Of Doctor Caligari (ITN Corporation)

"Lagoe Taboehgari"

Ni Lemon

The Secret Museum Of Mankind Vol. 4 Ethnic Music Classics: 1925-48 (Yazoo)

"Chanson Tristes"

Bonunca Dreams

Musique Actuelle In New York (Productions Super Meme)

"Indian Summer"

The Doors

Morrison Hotel (Elektra)

"Ruler Of My Heart"

Irma Thomas

Saturday Night Fish Fry: New Orleans Funk And Soul (Soul Jazz)

"Who's Loving You"

Jackson 5

Anthology (Motown)

"Borrowed Love"

S.O.S. Band

Sands Of Time (Tabu)




"La Descarga Del Bobo"

Willie Bobo

Saoco! Masters Of Afro-Cuban Jazz (Rhino)

"Asozan" (Eye Remix)


Shock City Shockers Vol. 2 (Shock City/Trattoria)

"Yellow Bird"

The Air Canada Steel Orchestra

Sea, Sun & Steel (WIRL)


Zigarettenauchen & Rosa

Raumschiff Monika (Monika Enterprise)

"Side B"

Deborah & The Puerto Ricans

no info

"Caught Without A Race"

Money Mark

Change Is Coming (Emperor Norton)

"Waltz For Lumumba"

Spencer Davis

I'm A Man (Sundazed)


Edwin Starr

12" (Disconet)




"17. Channel Assign"


Mush Filmstrip (Frame 1)


Ana Busto/Sandra Seymour

Night Fights (Zanfonia)

Donna Karan runway commentary

Andre Leon Talley and Judy Licht

no label

"One Two"

Biz Markie

Biz's Baddest Beats (Cold Chillin')

"Written On The Wall"

The Invitations

7" (Dynovoice)

"On The Lookout" (Instrumental)

Kan Kick

12" (Mean Street)




"J'ai Perdu"


Volume 3: Direction (Mucho Gusto)

"Out Of Step '88!"

Tej Leo

RX/Pharmacists (Gern Blandstein)

"High On Mad Mountain"

The Mike Theodore Orchestra

High On Mad Mountain (Westbound)


Suzi Lane

7" (Elektra)

"Sentimentally It's You"

Theo Vaness

Prelude's Greatest Hits (Prelude)




"Afro-Puffs" (Remix)

Lady Of Rage

12" (Death Row)

"Doctors, Drums & Danger" (Instrumental)

2 Max

12" (Meanstreet)


Danielle Lemaire

Naked And Alone On Celebrity Circuit (Diskono)

"Systole 006"

Terre Thaemlitz

I NT ERST I CES (Mille Plateaux)

Mary J. Blige on in-stores

Hot 97 aircheck

"Guidance From Vernon, Fl."


Life Less Lost (Feather One's Nest)

"Voodoo Wop"


Internal Wrangler (Domino)


Mark Weinstein & His Cosa Nueva Orchestra

Saoco! Masters Of Afro-Cuban Jazz (Rhino)




"Blues Championship"


Genre Non-Specific Sampler (Surefire)

"Can You Feel It?"

The Jacksons

Triumph (Epic)

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