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Playlist for 25 July 2007 Favoriting | Fake Sounds from Hell

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Artist Song Album Comments New Approx. start time
Esther Philips  Home Is Where The Hatred Is   Favoriting Soul Sides Vol 2    *   0:00:00 (Pop-up)
Tonio K  H.A.T.R.E.D.   Favoriting Life In The Foodchain      0:02:51 (Pop-up)
Swamp Dogg (with Esther Philips)  The Love We Got Aint Worth Two Dead Flies   Favoriting I'm Not Selling Out, I'm Buying In       
Fred Lane  Rubber Room   Favoriting From The One That Cut You       
BoBoBob Dydydydydlan  Idididididididiot WiWiwind   Favoriting Blood On The Ttttttttracks       
Music behind DJ:
Johann Georg Albrechtsberger 
Volker Kriegel  Zoom   Favoriting       0:34:11 (Pop-up)
Sohail Rana  Khyber Mail   Favoriting       0:40:59 (Pop-up)
Deejay Om  The Arrival   Favoriting Reheated Naan and Curry    *   0:46:02 (Pop-up)
Selda / Dr. Delay  Zamanai Geldi   Favoriting Rajaz Meter    *   0:48:24 (Pop-up)
Elias Rabbani / Dr. Delay  Dance of Maria   Favoriting Rajaz Meter    *   0:49:51 (Pop-up)
abbbba featuring aggie  dancing kueen   Favoriting Billboard Head Soup      0:51:27 (Pop-up)
Punky and Porky  God Save The Queen   Favoriting A Collection of Hybrid Mutants    *   0:56:33 (Pop-up)
Gudrun Gut  Girlboogie 6   Favoriting I Put A Record On    *   0:59:55 (Pop-up)
Von Sudenfed  Rhinohead   Favoriting Tromatic Reflexions    *   1:02:55 (Pop-up)
Music behind DJ:
Klaus Doldinger 
Sitar Beat   Favoriting       1:06:22 (Pop-up)
Tormented Souls  The Sounds of Hell   Favoriting Kola Siberian Deep Dig      1:13:32 (Pop-up)
Elakelaiset  Numppanirvana   Favoriting       1:13:45 (Pop-up)
David Bowie  Helden   Favoriting Ellen Allen: Time Out Presents The Other Side - Berlin    *   1:15:59 (Pop-up)
Interpol  The Scale   Favoriting Our Love To Admire    *   1:19:28 (Pop-up)
The Mometers  You Are My Destiny   Favoriting Meet The Mometers      1:22:40 (Pop-up)
Wynder K Frog  Green Door   Favoriting       1:26:14 (Pop-up)
Young-Holt Unlimited  Food Stamps   Favoriting       1:28:39 (Pop-up)
Prince  Guitar   Favoriting Planet Earth    *   1:33:01 (Pop-up)
The Real Kids  Reggae Reggae   Favoriting       1:36:05 (Pop-up)
Rammstein  Dalai Lama   Favoriting Reise Reise      1:40:38 (Pop-up)
Maxi Geil and Play Colt  Cold Genius   Favoriting Strange Sensation    *   1:46:54 (Pop-up)
Eyvind Kang  Andegavenses   Favoriting Athlantis    *   1:50:06 (Pop-up)
tATu  Ubizienka Noi   Favoriting Dangerous and Moving      1:55:35 (Pop-up)
Bob Dylan  The Times They Are A Changing   Favoriting (live, over a cellphone)      2:00:10 (Pop-up)
Thurls Ravenscroft  Chevrolet Ad   Favoriting Beware of the Blog      2:08:43 (Pop-up)
Don Bartnick  Gefahrlich   Favoriting       2:08:27 (Pop-up)
Kommissar Hular Und Frau  Track Three   Favoriting Korn (Unretected)    *   2:11:44 (Pop-up)
Asi Mina  Spadniesz!   Favoriting Wszystko Mam! Tylko Gdzie?    *   2:14:22 (Pop-up)
Andy Moor  From E to F   Favoriting Marker    *   2:17:53 (Pop-up)
Buffalo Daughter  Daisy   Favoriting Shaggy Head Dressers      2:21:33 (Pop-up)
Felix Kubin and Coolhaven  There Is A Garden   Favoriting Suppe Fur Die Nacht      2:26:04 (Pop-up)
Patton Oswalt  Dukes of Hazzard   Favoriting Radio Edits From Werewolves And Lollipops    *   2:29:20 (Pop-up)
The Bran Flakes  Countdown to the End   Favoriting Bubbles    *   2:31:25 (Pop-up)
Syndel  Lemmee Hear It   Favoriting PDX Pop Now! 2007 (V/A)    *   2:35:05 (Pop-up)
Electronicat  Steveneves   Favoriting Chez Toi    *   2:38:29 (Pop-up)
Dan Deacon  The Crystal Cat   Favoriting Spiderman of the Rings      2:42:00 (Pop-up)
The Tuss (Aphex Twin)  Last Rushup 10   Favoriting Rushup Edge  Thanks JJZ!  *   2:46:14 (Pop-up)
Messer Chups  Music To Watch Zombie Girls By   Favoriting Hyena Safari    *   2:53:05 (Pop-up)

Listener comments!

  9:03am John from Oslo:

Norway performing a test on the new Live Comments, version 2.0
  9:04am Ken:

Hello Norway!
  9:11am Vicki from London:

England performing a test on the new Live Comments, version 2.0
  9:11am JJZ:

Shouldn't the comments get mixed in with the songs or something?
  9:11am nEGATOR:

Negator performing a test on the new Live Comments, version 2.0
  9:13am Ken:

Vicki - How are those floodwaters doing? Hope you're staying dry.
  9:15am Vicki from London:

Doing fine here, thanks to the Thames Barrier! It's the more rural folk who are getting it right now.
  9:16am Ken:

JJZ - You mean like in a comments box next to the song info? Decent idea... but then the comments kind of have to relate to the songs.. otherwiose it just becomes clutter.
  9:16am Listener Darien:

Panama performing a test on the new Live Comments (capitalized for emphasis), version 2.0
  9:19am JJZ:

I was thinking they'd be below the various songs. Like this would be below Rubber Room. Ultimately, I'm not sure how much value there is to the commentable playlists.
  9:23am nh_dave:

Bring on the humppa!
  9:26am Adam:

Thought it was technical difficulites, then remembered I was listening to WMFU. My feet are also dry.
  9:28am -max- of nyc:

Good start! Thought I was the only one who remembered Tonio K., but then only Ken would think to sandwich him in between an Esther Philips bun.
  9:35am Pamela:

I think I agree with Ken that it's better to have the comments below the song list. Commentors will just have to adapt and reference the song. Welcome back Ken!
  9:36am Trish:

Version 2.0?!

This I gotta try..
  9:37am efd:

Max - Tonio K. is certainly not forgotten, at least not at WFMU; I played him on my show a few weeks ago highlighting artists who are on SoundExchange's unpaid artist list, on which he is included.
(hi Ken!)
  9:37am laurie hb:

hey, I like this live playlist concept! nice run of songs in which the singers seem to have some scary [drug-induced?] stream-of-consciousness thing going on.
p.s. what's with the math question?
  9:38am Ken:

Well, more accurate to call it version 0.02, really, since it's still being tested. But this is the second incarnation of it.. thanks to Kenzo for the coding!
  9:40am Ken:

Hi Evan - Did you have any trouble with Turntable Two last Night? That was the Bob Dylan debacle TT...

The math question is to keep away the robot spammers! It's called a captcha..
  9:42am Pamela:

So, did this start because DJs were getting lonely in their little box? Or was this to make up for the new microphone?
  9:43am JJZ:

Ugh, frames.
  9:44am paj:

America! This is the bishop of Tewkesbury, UK calling, using the only hand-powered computer in the town. We need tinned food (pref. peaches), drinking water and snorkels. The world is watching! Please help.
  9:45am Ken:

The frames are to prevent people's comments from being blown away before they can submit them, since these live playlist pages auto-refresh every 40 seconds. Suggestions for a better method always welcome.
  9:46am efd:

I think I only used Turntable Two once last night, and it did a fine job of delivering the music of Adam and the Ants. Perhaps it's not a Dylan fan.
  9:47am marvelitsky:

this is brooklyn testing the Live comments though it seems to be working fine. had some reception issues earlier this morning. 91.1 coming in stronger now. maybe the coffee is kicking in.
  9:52am jeremy:

Instead of using frames with 40 sec refreshes, a dose of AJAX with dynamic updating would be pretty slick. That or a nice little flash app calling the comment database. worst case, it'd be nice if the newest comments were towards the top of the frame instead of the bottom. My two cents
  9:57am Vicki from London:

Agreed about the comments being in reverse chronological order - the newest comments should be at the top so that no scrolling is required on refresh.

ps: 951+3=954.
  9:58am Listener Dave from NH:

Alternatively, put the comment box in a pop-up window. The playlist can refresh underneath like it was set up to before without affecting the comment posting thingie.
It sounds crazy, but it just might work.
  9:58am Travis from Albuquerque:

Dylan is playing in concert here in New Mexico this week. I was planning to attend, but I interpreted your technical difficulties to be a message from god telling me to 'skip' it.
  9:58am Listener Mark:

The 40 sec update causes a pink screen flash. Ken's main background color is black but the back-background is pink (border?). If the border color were to be the same as the background color, this might be less obvious. Or is it a 'feature'?
  10:00am Ryan from NYC:

Nothing eases one into a Wednesday morning like Chipmunks and an electronic organ. (Morning, Ken!)
  10:01am Ernie:

I prefer Borax to Ajax. It makes my brights brighter! And that's what counts.
  10:02am jeremy:

love this bass on girlboogie.
  10:02am JJZ:

Maybe tiny text in a column off to the side, something like the one liner column at . Or some sort of ajax thing so it can update nicely on the fly without refreshing. I'm not sure it's worth the trouble. I suppose I'm a pessimist.
  10:03am jeremy:

Bleachax really is the ultimate solution. The nuclear option, if you will
  10:07am jeremy:

i'm in a suggestive mood today.

some of us aren't too good at math, especially at 9 AM. it'd be cool if a cookie could be set once cherished listener has proven they are 1) arithmetic enabled and 2)mostly human so that they don't need to continue performing simple math
  10:07am Steev:

teaching summer camp kids lego camp good music helps children build better
  10:08am NEGATOR:

I LOVE THE Von Sudenfed.
  10:13am marvelitsky:

Recommend to digest household dirt in hydrochloric acid. as far as pimping the live comments section hmm. recent adds at the top would def. improve use-ability. I luv the simle math, btw. makes me feel good at math.
  10:13am north guinea hills:

holy smith! i remember that hoax when we picked it up online in 1996!

  10:14am north guinea hills:

and what was the answer to my arithmatic problem? 666!
  10:15am dei xhrist:

Wait, the sounds of hell are Polka?!
  10:15am Chris:

Sounds of Hell? I thought that's what we've been listening to since 9 A.M.
  10:17am Jason:

Actually the sound of hell is a bunch of finnish drunkards doing a Nirvana song
  10:21am dei xhrist:

Reading, writing, and mild epileptic fits of fuscia are much more constructive than work. Maybe the comments should fly/drop down next to the song (like the old organic search map) or a little "click this song if you're commenting on it so this is cohesive." Or not.

Hi dave in NH, I'm in Hampton NH.
  10:25am Erik:

simplest would just be to put the "song playing" as part of the header of each post. Something like:
FROM: Erik, Listening To: "You Are My Destiny" by The Mometers from Meet The Mometers Wed Jul. 25, 2007 10:24am
Keeps the clutter off of the songlist and adds relationship to the comments
  10:25am Vicki from London:

It's nice, it's toilet paper pink. It's comforting, soft and warm.
  10:27am John from Oslo:

Ken, your fascination for German tunes - is it founded on a genuine love for Krautrock that later developed into an audible germanophone masochistic exercise? Every show has some German in it - which in a way is swell - imagine if EVERY show had some Spyro Gyra in it. So keep sending out the Krauts!
  10:27am Jack in Seattle:

Has anybody ever mixed Febreze with diluted Hydrochloric Acid? It cleans AND brightens. And smells nice too.
  10:27am Vicki from London:

Oh sorry, wrong window
  10:32am Listener Dave:

Love ths show, can't believe I got through.

Oh crap, I'm early aren't I?
  10:34am Ken:

John - I think my attraction to German comes from when I was a kid - my parents would speak German and Yiddish in front of me when they didn't want me to know what they were talking about. Which was all the time. So I grew up mystified and fascinated by the sound of the language.
  10:35am Flick Hyzer:

thank you, I often wondered what food stamps might sound like set to music
  10:35am Wm. in MS:

That Mometers track sounds v. Compulsive Gamblers-y -- is that a Greg Cartwright group? (I'm way out of touch.)
  10:40am Ken:

Mometers includes our own Scott Williams (Fridays Noon-3pm) and WFMU live music engineer Chris Stubbs.
  10:43am Pamela:

Re: German headbanging music. Great! Of course, wreaks havoc with me trying to learn spanish since my German comes up after hearing a song (used to be fluent in German)
  10:44am Bram Stein:

Ken you are frightening the kittens with the Rammstein.
  10:45am dei xhrist:

  10:51am Shoolie:

Maxi is cute!
  10:51am Doug:

Seriously, the playlist and the comments should be reverse-chronological; every time it refreshes you have to scroll down again to see either the most recent comment or the most recent tracks... love you Kenzo but this is nicht gut designismus
  10:53am Ken:

So, a lot of people seem to agree that having the most recent comments and the most recent track separated is a big problem... we will have to ponder this. But we may make this feature live this week anyway, and perhaps work that into the next version.
  10:54am JJZ:

But, when this is officially an archive and no longer live, you want it to be in the order it's in now, so that hundreds of years from now it's easier to read.
  10:58am Shoolie:

Rebecca is the cute. My bad.
  10:59am god:

If you live another hundred years you may not be wanting to read this
  11:01am Doug:

What about a 3-frame design? Or an AJAX design even?
  11:09am jeremy:

Song to add to your playlist (being that you have NOTHING to play) has quite a bit of ukulele stuff
  11:12am The Framinator:

perhaps each song and each comment could be placed in its own frame. for posterity.
  11:12am John from Oslo:

Some nice Deep Earth Dome sound clips:
  11:29am bwalker:

one of the best songs to come down the pike in a while... always good to hear it... how is the rest of the CD?

(there is a Garden....)
  11:31am Ken:

The rest of the Felix Kubin/Coolhaven CD is really different from that one song. It's good, but it's completely different - noisier and more experimental.
  11:34am bwalker:

I feel like I have my own personal googleken
  11:34am JJZ:

Hm. Is that a new Bran Flakes CD?
  11:37am JJZ:

Apparently so.
  11:38am jeremy:

Googleken: weather 20121 and need results for next deltron 3030 album release, please. no rush. GoogleKen Search click!
  11:46am negator:

Does this Dan Deacon song remind anyone of the Ramones? I just get a similar feeling..... Is it me?
  11:46am Tacocat:

  11:50am Steev:

Ken can u play Boards of Canada, Roygbiv
  11:50am Kenzo:

JJZ: Yeah, I've already toyed with the idea of comments and songs being somehow mixed.
JJZ: In the context of this particular page, what about the frames is bothering you?
jeremy: AJAX is not a good solution for this, because it would only be functional on those browsers that support it. Same with Flash. That's why I did neither.
Listener Dave from NH: Ken didn't want the inconvenience of having the comment box in a pop-up.
Listener Mark: Pink flash sure sounds like a feature to me.
jeremy: Interesting idea about suppressing the math question after it's been answered once or twice already. Thanks!
Erik: Repeating the "song playing" next to each comment post would create a lot of clutter in the comments list, no?
Doug and others: Yeah, reverse chronological on the comments has some merit...although it would also be confusing too (as JJZ mentioned). Something to think about.
Doug: 3-frame design is possible, although then the frames could become slightly more annoying. See above re AJAX problems.
The Framinator: Careful what you wish for.
  11:50am JJZ:

Amazon suggests that the Aphex Twin song is "Last Rushup 10".
  11:52am gunar:

here is cologne, germany testing the Live comments...
  11:55am chance:

brunswick, me writing SBIRs @ work & surviving thru WFMU
  11:59am JJZ:

The Messer Chups album appears to be Hyena Safari. That being said, I've liked this set, which is why I'm looking things up.
  12:03pm dei xhrist:

sounds like you're having a ...somewhat private moment, there, Ken...
  12:11pm Trish:

Hey Kenzo. How about tossing a single copy of the 'Now playing' at the bottom of the list of comments ?

And oof, this comment just got zapped to a blank with the frame removal here at the end of the show. A line. I had to retype an entire line!
  12:23pm Cathode Ray:

WFMU, the best. My radio was locked on 91.1 from the late '70's thru '95 when I moved to RTP, NC. Listening on the web is great. Still have some of my FMU stuff, I was just wore the Drew Friedman T shirt the other day. One of the local TV stations lets you sort which way the comments go, in forward or reverse order. Don't know how that would work with the real time updates you are doing though.
  12:36pm Steev:

is this the sounds of cartoon hell?
  6:03pm fatty jubbo:

you would not believe how many times Art Bell would play that goddamn sounds of hell recording and preface it with a comment on how damn spooky it is. It reminds me of a piece Tony Conrad recorded for a Jack Smith film...except the Conrad recording is actually haunting whereas what lurks way beneath Siberia just sounds like a paticularly busy day at Burger King recorded on a boom box, played in a bathroom and rerecorded on a handheld tape recorder.
  11:05pm Lance:

Your backwards way of announcing that Dylan isn't dead gave me chills. Thanks, I guess, for showing me that I care a lot more than I thought.
  11:59am Ed lizard:

Sounds like Hell?
  12:20pm webnerd:

the comments toy/tool seems to be going wild. It is fascinating to see and read other KEN/FMU listeners thoughts and ideas here. I actually had forgotten about BITTER and Tonio K until I heard it again. Sometimes though, I am prone to chant "Fut fut fut -- I am stoopid" thanks to Tonio K and I think the same LP. Long live the KEN!
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