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Playlist for 07 November 2007 Favoriting | A Great Day For Idiots

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Artist Song Album New Approx. start time
Supermayer  Us and Them   Favoriting Save The World  *   0:00:00 (Pop-up)
Einsturzende Neubauten  Let's Do it A Dada   Favoriting Alles Wiederoffen  *   0:05:31 (Pop-up)
j.o.y.  sunplus (DFA remix)   Favoriting compilation #2    0:11:10 (Pop-up)
Joy Division  Disorder   Favoriting     0:16:09 (Pop-up)
We Are Wolves  Total Solide   Favoriting Total Magique  *   0:20:10 (Pop-up)
Shooting Spires  right   Favoriting Self Titled  *   0:24:00 (Pop-up)
Eno  Needles In The Camel's Eye   Favoriting Here Come Ther Warm Jets    0:27:47 (Pop-up)
Music behind DJ:
      0:30:28 (Pop-up)
EFJ Siegle  Letter To The President   Favoriting     0:35:17 (Pop-up)
The Late Bronze Age  Rehearsals For Fainting   Favoriting Outside Looking Out    0:41:52 (Pop-up)
Melvin Van Peebles  So Many Bars   Favoriting Rated X By An All White Jury    0:41:58 (Pop-up)
Mary Lou Williams  Praise The Lord   Favoriting Black Christ of the Andes    0:46:16 (Pop-up)
Nina Simone  Funkier Than a Mosquito's Tweeter   Favoriting Flying Funk    0:52:14 (Pop-up)
Black Blood  A.I.E.Mwana   Favoriting African Disco    0:57:18 (Pop-up)
Music behind DJ:
FM Einheit 
The Switch   Favoriting     1:01:00 (Pop-up)
386 DX  Mash   Favoriting Legends of Russian Rock    1:08:08 (Pop-up)
Julia Vorontsova  Horseshoe   Favoriting From St Peterburg With Love    1:12:10 (Pop-up)
Sonic Youth  Superstar   Favoriting If I Were A Carpenter    1:14:14 (Pop-up)
Big Blood  A Friendly Noose   Favoriting Strange Maine 11/04/06    1:18:07 (Pop-up)
Porter Wagoner  Committed to Parkview   Favoriting Wagonmaster    1:21:36 (Pop-up)
Porter Wagoner  Wino   Favoriting The Rubber Room    1:24:52 (Pop-up)
Tim Wilson  Help Me Find Jimmy Hoffa   Favoriting     1:27:39 (Pop-up)
Stephen Malkmus & The Million Dollar Bashers  Ballad of a Thin Man   Favoriting I'm Not There  *   1:30:25 (Pop-up)
Neil Young  Spirit Road   Favoriting Chrome Dreams II  *   1:36:43 (Pop-up)
Psychedelic Horseshit  Can't Get Enough   Favoriting Magic Flowers Droned  *   1:43:07 (Pop-up)
Japanther  Fuk Tha Prince A Pull Iz Dum (sic)   Favoriting Skuffed Up My Huffy  *   1:45:06 (Pop-up)
Starlite Desperation  Born To Be Dizzy   Favoriting Don't Do Time  *   1:47:36 (Pop-up)
X  Nausea   Favoriting Los Angeles    1:50:47 (Pop-up)
Martin Tetreault & Kid Koala  Godzilla a les Blues   Favoriting Phon-O-Victo  *   2:00:05 (Pop-up)
DJ Yoda  Ebonics Ad   Favoriting Cut and Paste Vol 1    2:05:48 (Pop-up)
When  Fellini's Hat   Favoriting Black, White and Grey    2:06:48 (Pop-up)
Dokaka  Ramblin' Man   Favoriting     2:08:57 (Pop-up)
Messer Chups  Tchaikovsky Beat   Favoriting     2:13:54 (Pop-up)
Unknown  Queen Medley   Favoriting     2:17:28 (Pop-up)
Witchcraft  Leva   Favoriting The Alchemist  *   2:24:11 (Pop-up)
The Ark  Echo Chamber   Favoriting     2:29:28 (Pop-up)
Electric Six  riding on the white train   Favoriting I Shall Exterminate Everything Around Me That Restricts Me From Being the Master  *   2:32:40 (Pop-up)
Electro Group  Periphery   Favoriting Good Technology  *   2:35:30 (Pop-up)
Argent  God Gave Rock and Roll To You   Favoriting     2:37:43 (Pop-up)
Elakelaiset  Pidan Humpasta   Favoriting     2:43:52 (Pop-up)
Owada  1-100   Favoriting     2:45:14 (Pop-up)
Psychedelic Horseshit  New Wave Hippies   Favoriting Magic Flowers Droned  *   2:46:22 (Pop-up)
ediT  Track 6 and Now 7   Favoriting Certified Air Raid Material    2:54:45 (Pop-up)

Listener comments!

  9:01am listener jeremy:

  9:04am james:

I forgot how long until the TATu movie is out, please update us with the countdown!!
  9:07am Ken:

I dont think there's a release date for the tATu movie yet, but I propose that a bunch of us all go to see it in New York opening night.
  9:15am Ken:

But it supposedly gets released in January sometime.
  9:20am cheri:

hey ken,,which tv series you think is funnier the simpson or family guy?
  9:20am Karen in Sleepy Hollow:

WooHoo, FMU fieldtrip!
  9:21am james:

thanks. something to look forward to over the insane winter break...
  9:22am Ken:

I like The Simpsons better. I stopped watching Family Guy due to the excessive cartoon violence.
  9:26am Halcyon:

Although Futurama beats both hands down :)
  9:27am pat:

I agree w/ Ken on Simpsons--Family Guy got old kind of fast but the Simpsons is still, even these days, hilarious.
  9:27am NEGATOR:

Great show with all the sweet new muze and shit! You may be one of the best DJ's in the place.
  9:28am Ken:

Matt Groening is an FMU listener - her recently sent an e-mail to one of our DJs.
  9:29am Halcyon:

Holy smokes! Figures though, he's got impeccable taste & sensibility.
  9:30am pat:

He's a big Beafheart fan..
  9:31am John from Oslo:

Ken are you playing all your all-time favourites now? Neil Young coming up soon then ; )
  9:35am (mta) Tony:

While The Simpsons has a more universal appeal i.e. a larger audience, for more "adult" humor, turn to "King of the Hill" for laugh-out-loud jokes. Does anyone out there agree with me?
  9:39am Ken:

And just think, all these shows are on the way out now, what with a long writer's strike in the works. Andy Breckman is picketing outside 30 Rock right now, chanting "No Downloads, No Peace!" Someone, please go take a picture of him.
  9:41am pat:

Yeah, I'm with you on King of the Hill. It's still good too. Andy writes for 30 Rock?
  9:42am jonathan:

kill tv!!
  9:42am Listener James from Westwood:

I thought I saw Tom Scharpling in a picket line during a CNBC segment on the strike early Tues. a.m. Probably wouldn't have spotted him had I not just seen him @ the RecFair.

I voted to preserve the original "idiot or insane person" language here in NJ. This way, politicians will by definition be banned from voting.
  9:43am Ken:

No, Andy doesn't write for 30 Rock. The Writers are picketing outside 30 Rockefeller Plaza.
  9:45am Ken:

James - Did that referendum pass? Are idiots and insane people once again allowed to vote in New Jersey?
  9:47am (mta) Tony:

Hi Pat, thanx for agreeing with me about King of the Hill. That show has me in stitches! I love how everyone knows Mrs. Gribble is having an affair with John Redcorn and their kid looks just like him. That's so funny!
  9:49am cheri:

  9:49am Vivian:

Once taken, that shot of Andy Breckman picketing must appear on the WFMU's front page. Still amazed that Matt Groening is a Beefhart fan.
  9:50am JJZ:

The writers need to come up with better chants.
  9:51am John from Oslo:

Didnt Groening write the entry for some mid 90s Zappa biography?
  9:52am Ken:

I wish Brian and Stewie had their own show. I dont like any of the other characters. But the show does have good writing.
  9:55am JJZ:

The character of Stewie stopped being funny during the commercials before the first episode aired.
  9:57am cheri:

ohh ken,,you must have a fave simpsons character do you?? for some weird reason i like moe,hes a stitch,,btw have you seen the movie this past summer?
  9:59am Mouse:

I do like that recurirng effeminate male character on Family Guy.
  10:02am north guinea hills:

family guy is funny due to unexpectant surprises and shock value. the simpsons (today) have many subtle cultural references. the result is that one is that family guy has less rewatchability then the simpsons (today), but family guy is 'more funny' the first time it is watched.
  10:04am jonathan:

i've seen some of that nina simone footage.
amazing. it should be released.
  10:06am pat:

A friend of mine runs some Beafheart nerd-chat site and apparently Groening is a regular visitor.
  10:07am idontthinkmeidiotvoter:

they voted for bush and the gang - and who knows maybe they'll vote for guliani

you the writing today is really good -way to wing it Ken!

  10:10am (mta) Tony:

Hey Cheri, have you seen my favorite Simpsons episode that had Moe concocting, "The Flaming Moe," a secret formula drink that's lit before drinking? THAT particular episode was the absolute best for me. The music was great, too. If you haven't seen THAT episode, you gotta find it.
  10:13am john:

who here watches DRAWN TOGETHER nobody right? that show is one of the most god awfull unfunny tasteless show since the gong show.
  10:15am north guinea hills:

my favorite carpenter cover!
  10:15am Bad Ronald:

Homer invented the drink and Moe stole it!
  10:15am Listener Dave from NH:

Why was "The Venture Brothers" not one of the options for funniest cartoon on TV? Granted, you probably don't want to put your kids on to it because it's overtly disturbing and do you want to have to go through the trouble of explaining who Klaus Nomi is on top of everything else.
  10:16am Ken:

I'm not really watching the Simpsons anymore, but I am raising my kids on it by forcing them to watch an hour of it every night. The show I watch religiously these days is The Office and my favorite character is Creed, who was in the band The Grassroots, and he's playing himself on the show.l
  10:18am Bad Ronald:

Anyone ever see "TV Funhouse"
- Funniest Show Ever!
  10:18am Listener Dave:

Drawn Together was funny in its first season but after that it seems the writers decided to be as gross and outrageous as possible without the humor. Too bad because that first season was a good parody of reality television.
  10:18am John from Oslo:

NY Times:
The crude wording of Article II, Section I, Paragraph 6: (No idiot or insane person shall enjoy the right of suffrage) is a vestige of the 19th-century definition of the mentally disabled. Yet it has remained the law since 1844, putting New Jersey far behind most of the rest of the nation in how it recognizes cognitive disabilities.
  10:19am marcy:

Family guy makes jokes about Julia Roberts. The Simpsons makes jokes about Thomas Pynchon. Therein lies the difference.

This Russian stuff is rulin' (so was the African disco...) and yes, my fave Carpenters cover too.
  10:20am Vivian:

Question from an infrequent TV watcher-Ken, are you referring to the British or American version of The Office?
  10:20am cheri:

hi tony,,yes i have seen "the flamong moe" ep i liked it ,,they make fun of CHEERS,,my all time fave simpsons ep is "SUMMER OF 4 "2" i really love the ep,,tony,,,
  10:21am Ken:

I was referring to the American version of The Office. Sorry 'bout that.
  10:23am north guinea hills:

sad i didn't start appreciating porter until after he died
  10:25am cheri:

heey tony meet me at krustyburger for lunch and we'll talk more about the simpsons,,ok??
  10:27am Ken:

John - As usual, the NY Times has it completely wrong. New Jersey has had the most progressive law in the world by disallowing idiots from the voting booth. If only we had enforced that simple law. Alas, it has now probably been repealed instead of adopted nationally.
  10:28am pat:

Dang! Didn't know that about the Grass Roots guy. Will have to pay MUCH more attention to that.
  10:29am (mta) Tony:

Sure Cheri, I'd love to meet for a Krustyburger, but only if you bring a copy of "Summer of 4 (2)" for me to watch. If it's YOUR favorite, it MUST be GOOD! You've whetted my appetite!
  10:30am negator:

This Hoffa song is "uber" funny!
  10:31am rodney:

Where can we get "Help Me Find Jimmy Hoffa?" MP3 please!
  10:33am Ken:

I got it at the WFMU Record Fair! Where else? I will rip it for the blog.
  10:36am cheri:

ken you want to go to krustyburger with tony & i ?
  10:36am (mta) Tony:

Hey Bad Ronald, you're right, I was mistaken. Moe stole it from Homer. I'm gonna have to find out what season that's from so I can buy it. Maybe someone would like to make a trade for it? I just LOVE that episode! Thanks for the correction, BR. Have you ever seen the unedited version of Bad Ronald? It's rated "R" and nobody seems to have even heard of it, but the PG version is rampantly available.
  10:41am Bad Ronald:

Tony: No I haven't but now I gotta go find it. Do you know any of the differences?
  10:42am Bad Ronald:

Flaming Moe - Episode Number: 45 Season Num: 3
  10:45am nh_dave:

You know once again I am having a 'I hate FMU day' and not in a bad way mind you. But once again you are playing stuff that is basically impossible to actually procure.

Big blood has become a really interesting band that has gotten quite a bit of airplay recently on FMU and for the life of me I can't find anything that I can actually buy. All their small little pressings are sold out and the like.

This always happens, I hear some absolutely obscure band. Do hunting on the net and find some stuff, but can't find a legit (or even a non-legit) way of getting more stuff.

So yeah that is my rant of the day :) I remember going to my local music shop (good indie place) with a list of FMU found musicians and just getting blank stares other than 'yeah we can order that for ya'....
  10:47am (mta) Tony:

Hi BR, yes, I know all the differences because I saw the original version when it was first televised, BEFORE the censors cut it to shit. You WON'T be able to find it because I already tried, spending many many days searching and asking. The differences might be too graphic sexually to speak of on this Listener's Comments page, so I don't think this would be the proper place to post the differences unless Ken says it's okay. Otherwise, I would be happy to tell you all about it if you write to me directly at
  10:49am cheri:

ken,,tony,,SPIDER PIG RULES!!!!!
  10:49am Wes:

nh_dave: two words for you.....ebay and patience.

That big blood track was haunting, I absolutely enjoyed it.
  10:52am north guinea hills:

wow, i haven't heard starlite desperation since '98
  10:52am Bad Ronald:

Thanks Tony! I'll drop you a line.
  10:56am Pamela:

But vomiting makes you feel better!
  10:57am (mta) Tony:

Hi NH_Dave, you're not going to believe this, but I am the person who bought the LAST COPY of Sew Your Wild Days Tour 1. Big Blood had to SEARCH for it for me, and they found their last copy at one of their distributors that had it mislabeled! So it's not available anymore, except on eBay or the like as pointed out by listener Wes. Since they don't sell 'em anymore, perhaps I can supply you with a copy for trade? Is that okay with fmu? I don't know, but I love sharing/trading music. You can write to me at and arrange for that.
  10:58am bela:

You haven't puked since you were 9? Wow.
  10:58am As Dog As It Gets:

Oh, Ken, you're pregnant! Take some time off, man.
  11:00am Ben:

Hi Ken, Ha ha, Burt had a similar aversion to vomiting and had avoided barfing since he was something like nine--he wore it like a badge of honor, and when he finally gave in, it was like a major life-changing breakthrough...

It's nice to be able to listen to your show in real time for once.
  11:01am bela:

You can fight it all you want, but sometimes you just have to give in and it is rewarding. Dry heaving is worse.
  11:02am pat:

Guess you're not a big drinker, huh Ken? I think I've thrown up about, oh, 80 times since I was 9--and I have to feel REALLY terrible to puke.
  11:02am Ken:

Hah, Ben! I knew there was a deeper reason why Burt and I were friends. We were bonded in our aversion to vomiting.
  11:02am (mta) Tony:

Hi Cheri, I guess Ken doesn't want to go to Krustyburger with us. Sure would have been a fun threesome! WHAT is a SPIDER PIG and why does it "rule"?
  11:03am Ken:

Pat - I dont drink much anymore but even in my college days when I would drink till I puked,. I wouldn't puke.
  11:04am Parq:

Do cartoons actually made for kids count? In my house, we were totally devoted to "Angry Beavers", an incredibly fresh and non-derivative comedy show. Oh, for a DVD!
  11:04am dave in vermont:

i saw kid koala do some tracks from this album when he ws in vermont in the spring-the guy is amazing-what a cute little nerd
  11:05am Ken:

Cheri and Tony - I will happily go our for a Krusty Burger after the tATu movie in January.
  11:05am Wes:

What are you kidding? After a long night of drinking and painful morning hugging porcelain the best thing you could do for yourself is eat 2 or 3 deep fried battered cheeseburgers. Or, start drinking again with some ice cold jager shots.
  11:05am dave in vermont:

that high pitched stuff is supposed to be a mosquito playing clarinet
  11:06am (mta) Tony:

With all the beauty and music around us, don't you think that it's about time everyone STOPS talking about regurgitation and gets back to talking about MUSIC!
  11:07am cheri:

tony,,i take it you havn't seen THE SIMPSONS MOVIE this past summer,,i'll buy you a copy this xmas,,
  11:07am Ben:

PS, nice props for Burt in the LCD book. The LCD book is monuMENTAL!
  11:09am Wes:

I 2nd the vote for Kid Koala and his work. Very talented on the turntables. I really like "Basin Street Blues" and the video is available on youtube. Awesome video, but I do love New Orleans.
  11:10am Ken:

mta Tony, that is my point exactly! It is loathesome. Let us all take a collective vow together to not do it and to not speak of it ever again.
  11:12am Reg Urgatation:

(mta) Tony and Ken:
No. I will dwell on the subject. Puking is purging of the bad, and renewal of life itself.

Ramblin' Man is great, BTW.
  11:13am cheri:

ken,,tony,this my last post of today,,,ty for your time,,take it easy,,,thanks again,,,cya
  11:13am rick armstrong:

That Ebonics Ad was one of the funniest things that I've heard in a long time. The cutting irony between the bland commercial announcer and black street language was positively hilarious. I will Google DJ Yoda.
  11:15am Ken:

Reg - Thanks for blowing the collective vow in less than 90 seconds. Next thing, you'll probably be saying that eating yourself from the inside out is a BAD thing. You should hear yourself sometimes.
  11:16am pat:

Hey Ken, you brought up the subject of puking, gagging, yakking, wolfing cookies, booting, boking, vomiting, calling earl on the big phone, and throwing up...
  11:17am Karen in Sleepy Hollow:

My cat doesn't like this song, that high squeak sets him to looking for another cat.
  11:19am (mta) Tony:

Oh Cheri, you're TOO KIND! Are you serious? What a wonderful gift that would be! That'd be awesome, girl! And Ken said he'll be happy to join us for a Krustyburger AFTER the tATu movie! That's really something to look forward to, for me at least. We can all keep in touch via eMail and co-ordinate. We know Ken's email, and mine has been listed several times already. Lookin' forward to hearin' from you, Cheri.
  11:19am Listener Dave from NH:

Holy wow where did you get this Queen Medley?
  11:19am adler:

I would have killed for this song on Saturday. Mike Meyers was at the end of the bar and we search for Queen on the jukebox. No such luck.
  11:19am jeremiah:

YES! YES! YES! Japanese Queen is my favorite!!!
  11:20am Pamela:

Great Queen Medley!!!
  11:20am Reg Urgatation:

I took no vow! You can't make me! And yes, I am cursed with having to listen to myself. That's why your show is so excellent, to drown out my own horrible thoughts.

Please notice that I am no longer talking about p*king. I'm done.
  11:20am Mark:

(mta) Tony don't get too excited, the Simpsons movie was pretty bad
  11:22am Ken:

I edited this Queen medley together from a batch of videos I found on the internets. All by one unidentified Japanese band. It ends suddenly... I posted it on the FMU blog.
  11:23am Thant:

I was about to write that I have to have this! Thanks!
  11:28am Listener Dave from NH:

Thanks, Ken! I've gots to have this. is the link (Google told me so).
  11:29am danomatika:

man that queen was awesome
... an indian friend of mine gave me some great Indian music video links such as an Indian version of MJ's Thriller :

Everytime I hear these awesome random mp3s I keep thinking of this video
  11:33am Vicki:

Echo Chamber is such a great song, especially when Ken does it
  11:33am (mta) Tony:

Hi Mark, thanx for the heads-up on the The Simpson's Movie quality. I was wondering if it was any good. It was still a pretty nice gesture to give such a gift to a complete stranger, don't ya think? But I'll take your advice and not get too excited.
  11:34am north guinea hills:

i actually liked the simpson's movie, but i went in w/ low expectations....
  11:35am Mark:

(mta) Tony, yes the idea of the gift from a stranger is very nice. The movie though I might describe as godawful
  11:37am danomatika:

the simpsons movie is bad? I had heard more of the "ehhh its an extended season 17 episode at best"
  11:38am Listener Dave:

North Guinea Hills - agreed on the SImpsons movie. Went in with low expectations and enjoyed it immensely. I guess the writers put all their efforts into the film which explains the relative quality of the TV series over the past few seasons.
  11:38am (mta) Tony:

Ken, can you reduce the frequency of the Listener Comments refresh? To me, it seems to refresh itself too frequently and makes it difficult to read some of the entries.
  11:39am Mark:

Which is faint praise indeed danomatika
  11:39am cheri:

tony dont listen to mark,,he likes pauly shore and chris farley movies
  11:40am Pamela:

I second and third and fourth ad infinitum Tony's comment. Some of us can't keep the page open constantly and read the comments immediately when each one comes in.
  11:41am Mark:

Pauly Shore was allowed tp make movies??
  11:42am Bad Ronald:

Encino Man
  11:43am Ken:

I cant adjust the timing on the refresh. Sorry. I can ask Kenzo about it.
  11:43am Parq:

Add my vote on this point. Often, I have just finally found my place when it refreshes again and I'm back to the bottom of the list. It can take three or four go-rounds before I actually get to read a post.
  11:43am (mta) Tony:

Hey everyone, Cheri's back! Thought you were gone for the day. People started talking about you behind your back as soon as you left (just kidding!!!) But the Simpson's movie did get some awful reviews I'm sorry to say. Doesn't anyone watch King of the Hill? That's MY favorite these days!
  11:44am Mark:

Kinh of the Hill is one of my favorites
  11:46am Mark:

Make that King, the math problems are short circuiting my spelling ability
  11:46am -max-:

Ah, thanks for the Elakelaiset, Ken. A day without Humpa is like a day without sunshine!
  11:47am (mta) Tony:

Hi Pamela, thanx for the support. Maybe Kenzo will do something about it as per Ken's request.
  11:47am jeremiah:

the simpsons movie was quite adequate. it's just everyone went all comic book guy on it like matt groening owes them something. i mean it's not like it was the athf movie. that was harrible.
  11:49am Bad Ronald:

Diggin' "New Wave Hippies"!
  11:49am cre:

or better still, can the comments be rejiggered so that my viewing frame doesn't change with the refresh? that would make my day.
  11:49am (mta) Tony:

Hi Parq, with you and others saying something, maybe Kenzo will do something. In numbers, there is strength.
  11:49am rodney:

Psychedelic Horseshit sounds like Giuseppe Andrews' solo stuff.
  11:50am Listener Dave:

Yes, more Humppaa, less comment refresh. Hmmm...that's funny if you imagine it said in that Nihilist Spasm Band guy's voice. Or maybe it's just me.
  11:52am (mta) Tony:

Okay, Mark, but let's watch the spelling next time. Everyone's counting! Glad to hear you enjoy Hank Hill and the gang from the alley. Just thinkin' about 'em all makes me laugh. Can go for a beer about now, too. Anyone care to join me?
  11:53am Parq:

I'm working with something -- I won't bore you with the details -- involving the acronym HIMP. Just as I first came to that term, the Humpa track kicked in. Oh, a sign from God if ever I've had one!
  11:53am Bad Ronald:

Mmmmm Beer. Not just for breakfast anymore!!!
  11:54am Nick the Bard:

For what it was, the Simpsons movie would've felt more satisfying if it was a direct to DVD release as opposed to a theatrical one. Mostly because the plot just didn't seem BIG enough, oh boy, Homer messed up, again, the town hates him, again, Marge hates him, again, etc, etc, etc.

Seriously, why not have made it the return of Hank Scorpio and have him team up with Kang and Kodos to take over the world. Just something all rediculously out there, manicial and big screen summer moiveish.

Maybe it's just too much Futurama watching too...
  11:54am Vivian:

Are they gonna go naked? XOXO Baloney lady!!
  11:54am (mta) Tony:

Good point, CRE. That WOULD be better.
  11:55am north guinea hills:

thanks bad ronald, now i need a beer w/ my lunch
  11:55am Mark:

I'm already on my 4th beer
  11:58am Wes:

Ken you're a maniac. (a cold beer would be nice)
  11:58am Vivian:

Oh yes! Oh no! I thought it was We're really nice guys..
  11:58am (mta) Tony:

Parq, that's amazing! Now go and play Lotto. We'll share the winnings, correct?
  12:00pm Vivan:

And why were you in Allison Byers' basement???
  12:00pm Listener Dave:

Wasn't God Gave Rock & Roll the millionth song played on the old WNEW-FM or something? I remember it being a big deal when it happened.
  12:00pm Mark:

Nick the bard you should have worked on the Simpsons movie, your idea sounds much better
  12:43pm Listener James from Westwood:

Sorry for the late reply: The change in the NJ statute was approved 59.7% to 40.2%. This is a great day for idiots and the insane.
  5:30pm ozzy skateboard:

Hi, I loved the ENO, especailly the samples ;)
  5:52pm ozzy skateboard:

I also Loved "Black Christ of the Andes"
Praise Him!

Ya know what???
It's all good kiddies!!!
  11:49pm Fan:

Listening late after a long difficult day. Ken is the savior !
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