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Playlist for 30 January 2008 Favoriting | Runnin' With The Train Whistle

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(* = new)
Artist Song Album New Approx. start time
David Fenech w Klimperei  Theme For Alix   Favoriting Polochon Battle  *   0:00:00 (Pop-up)
Olivier Bernet  La Bonne Lecon   Favoriting Persepolis  *   0:02:42 (Pop-up)
David Fenech w Felix Kubin  Ponguins   Favoriting Polochon Battle  *   0:03:58 (Pop-up)
Shuta Hasunuma  OK Bamboo   Favoriting Title Track  *   0:07:23 (Pop-up)
Runaways UK  Reflections   Favoriting Classic Tales    0:11:18 (Pop-up)
Uri Caine  The Scratch Variations   Favoriting The Classical Variations    0:16:44 (Pop-up)
Klaus Nomi  Perne-A-Gyre   Favoriting Za Bakdaz  *   0:17:35 (Pop-up)
Opera Babes  O Fortuna (from Carmina Burana)   Favoriting Beyond Imagination    0:21:15 (Pop-up)
WIng  Ave Maria   Favoriting Wing Sings For Yo Mama    0:24:44 (Pop-up)
Anaphie vs Phlex  Caramba Caracho Ein Whisky   Favoriting Shitkatapult Strike 88cd  *   0:33:22 (Pop-up)
Motelli Skronkle  Polvi   Favoriting Collection    0:37:38 (Pop-up)
Mouse on Mars  Wipe That Sound   Favoriting Radical Connector    0:40:32 (Pop-up)
Liaisons Dangereuses  Los Ninos Del Parque (12" Mix)   Favoriting Disco Not Disco 3: Post Punk, Electro & Leftfield Disco Classics 1974-1986    0:45:36 (Pop-up)
Lio  Mona Lisa   Favoriting 25 Years in Pop    0:49:54 (Pop-up)
RIAA (Robotic Intergalactic Astro-Artists)  Wake Me Up When September Ends   Favoriting     0:53:00 (Pop-up)
Music behind DJ:
Olivia Tremor Control 
      0:56:45 (Pop-up)
Goebbel Reeves  The Cowboy's Dizzy Sweetheart   Favoriting Victrola Favorites  *   1:01:37 (Pop-up)
Clothesline Revival  The Color Song   Favoriting Long Gone    1:04:12 (Pop-up)
Elliott Sharp's Terraplane  Haditha   Favoriting +Forgery  *   1:07:47 (Pop-up)
Charles Mingus / George Adams  Devil Blues   Favoriting Changes One    1:13:24 (Pop-up)
Little Axe  Crossroads   Favoriting The Wolf That House Built    1:22:02 (Pop-up)
The Mometers  I Gotta Walk   Favoriting Meet The Mometers    1:29:46 (Pop-up)
Mink Lungs  I Sell Love   Favoriting The Better Button    1:32:29 (Pop-up)
Gimmicks  Cigarette   Favoriting     1:36:16 (Pop-up)
The Ridiculous Trio  TV Eye   Favoriting   *   1:39:59 (Pop-up)
Rapped Youth  Jaska (feat Missy Tee-Bagit)   Favoriting Jaska and Ma  *   1:46:22 (Pop-up)
Cypress Hill  Insane in the Brain   Favoriting Black Sunday    2:05:41 (Pop-up)
Control Machete  Asi Son Mis Dias   Favoriting Solo Para Fanaticos    1:55:40 (Pop-up)
OOIOO  Umo   Favoriting Taiga    2:04:50 (Pop-up)
George Coleman  I WIsh I Knew How To Sing   Favoriting Bongo Joe    2:08:52 (Pop-up)
Steven Schultz  Fuckin' Ancient Sumer   Favoriting Stalin Claus Superstar    2:11:13 (Pop-up)
Thurl Ravenscroft  Cool Cool Bottle   Favoriting     2:15:51 (Pop-up)
Felix Kubin and Coolhaven  There is a Garden   Favoriting Suppe Fur Die Nicht    2:16:01 (Pop-up)
Ruckus Roboticus  Here We Go   Favoriting Playing with Scratches  *   2:20:04 (Pop-up)
DJ Polymorphic  Song of Songs (Mix #1)   Favoriting     2:22:59 (Pop-up)
Lynyrd Skynyrd  That Smell   Favoriting     2:28:58 (Pop-up)
Tom Waits  What's He Building?   Favoriting     2:44:40 (Pop-up)
Die Radierer  Drogen Todt   Favoriting     2:46:52 (Pop-up)
Flipper  Ha Ha Ha   Favoriting American Hardcore    2:53:02 (Pop-up)
Damp Banger (Sexton Ming)  The Snake   Favoriting A Lifetime of Nervous Gutaches #1: Rare Recordings 1979-2002    2:55:15 (Pop-up)

Listener comments!

  9:01am Doug:

Good morning Acapulco!
  9:04am JJZ:

A fine sedate start this morning.
  9:08am Ken:

Morning everybody!
  9:09am Doug:

How's your ear?
  9:10am John from Oslo:

Ach, ze ist ze beautiful smooth and rinkle free botox beats in ze morning. Top of the morning to ya Ken!
  9:10am Stephanie Monseu:

a fine drizzly morning it is, in my corner of the world anyway.
I am curious as to whether my Secret Santa pal ever received his gift. Ever hear back from the bicycle guy about his rain-proof socks? (waaaay cooler than they sound)
  9:11am Ken:

The ear crystal diagnosis is out the window. The cuirrent theory is something called LPR Reflux. Quite a Cath-22 I'm in now, coffee makes it much much worse. Time to take up a good oxycontin habit..
  9:14am JJZ:

"The symptoms of laryngopharyngeal reflux can consist of a dry cough, chronic throat clearing and a sensation of something being stuck in the throat." I think the guy that sits in my area at work may have something like that, he's constantly making that phlegmy horky noise.
  9:23am Doug:

"Opera Babes?"

That sounds googleworthy.
  9:25am Vivian:

Sounds like multiple Wings
  9:26am ha ha:

Wing Sings For Yo Mama

I wish
  9:26am fighttheJCityWay:

Morning Ken - can you take a request? need some Flipper this am with the HA HA HA HO HO HO HE HE HE song - this song actually cures LPR Reflux and makes us smile like its a snow day (even if it's 88 degress outside in January)

drink decaf green tea with sugar - gets you over you caffeinated needs
  9:26am Parq:

Oh, thank the Lord, for a moment, I thought you were playing a straight version of "Fortuna". I used to love that piece, but the movie trailers have totally killed it for me. Ken, you sound like you're striking out in a new direction today. Not until Wing did I detect the classic Freedman touch.
  9:26am Doug:

OK, I disapprove of Opera Babes but strongly approve of Wing.
  9:27am lastweeksnews:

whats the deal with sweden - other than it rocks?
  9:29am Dickdong (UK):

This is the sort of stuff dogs like to sing along to.
  9:29am Negator:

Ahhh, WIng! Praise Jeebus. Glory be to Jeebus! I'm flying.......floating......swirling down....
  9:30am Negator:

WIng is the wind of Jeebus
  9:31am Parq:

Dick, for the record, my two dogs are completely unruffled.
  9:31am Doug:

Can we someday hear the whole timestretched tAtU song please?
  9:39am Ken:

Doug - You can download the streched version of tATu's How Soon is Now off the WFMU Blog: and do a search for tatu or how soon is now.
  9:41am Doug:

  9:50am Negator:

Hit us with more of that train whistle, Ken. Workin with wierd disco.
  9:55am Gregory:

Ken, I know you're disappointed by Giuliani's results, but keep in mind, as he said in his speech last night, "We were always upbeat" AND "We ran a campaign of ideas" (or, as I think he meant to say, "idea"). We can all take solace in that.
  9:55am Randy in NC:

Maybe September has ended?
  9:57am Listener Dave from NH:

"9" and "11" are two discrete numbers, so unless you're saying all integers (prime or otherwise) are a single idea, he really did run a campaign of ideas.
  10:03am jonathan:

hell yes! goebbel reeves!
  10:05am Ken:

Wow, that Goebbel Reeves track revealks where Curly Joe from The Three Stooges came up with his shtick!
  10:05am Negator:

I think I know the girl goebbel reeves was talking about.
  10:06am Steve:

  10:07am Parq:

Fave quote of his campaign, from early Jan after getting creamed in Iowa (Get it? Iowa, corn, "creamed" -- I fracture myself), veering into outright self parody: "None of this worries me; September 11, there were times when I was worried."
  10:07am ?:

What about Alec Templeton? Never heard him on WFMU. Are you familiar with him Ken?
  10:07am Ken:

Just keep it in your pants Negator. That's all I ask.
  10:08am helpful:

If you like the Goebbel you should definitely checkout the "American Yodeling" CD on Trikont. Check fmu archives, bound to be some.
  10:11am cissy davis:

wuzzzzzzup ken?? i hope you had a grooooooovy week,,you know i did,,,,i'm gonna have an EVEN GROOOOOVIER weekend cause i'm gonna party like i never partied b4,,,,,,,and i bet your gonna have a few parties too rite ken??? WHOOOOOOOOOHOOOOOOOO =) =) =)
  10:14am Ken:

Put a lid on it, "Cheri." You're guilty of crimes against punctuation.
  10:15am Negator:

Yeah, I'll keep it in pants...Hot Pants...Just like James Brown said! Was he talking to me?
  10:17am fishmonkeystew:

Mingus, Mingus, Mingus, Mingus, Mingus!!!!!
  10:20am billyjam:

ken - greetings from dublin ireland where am digging your show
  10:20am davidleeroth:

need more running with devil in sweden
  10:22am John from Oslo:

need more running with devil in Norway too
  10:26am nEGATOR:

NOW, THE WHISTLE! HIT IT! (Didn't mean to yell.)
  10:27am jonathan:

isolated diamond dave
  10:28am John from Oslo:

Yeah listen to nEGATOR - Dixi whistley would be mighty swell about now!
  10:28am Listener Dave:

Just got here. What'd I miss?
  10:30am Doug:

The whistle go "WOO WOO!"

It's just for decoration.
  10:30am Listener Dave from NH:

That proves it - train whistle is the new cowbell.
  10:30am nh_dave:

The running with the devil vocal mix makes me realize that dave was a great mixture of horrible and beautiful (at least vocally). Love it!
  10:30am John from Oslo:

You whistleblower you
  10:34am Ken:

So who sent me the train whistle?! All hail to you, whoever you are!
  10:38am Richard:

Just arrived - Ken, are you doing state of the union mash-ups today? I love those - a lot of work I know!
  10:39am John from Oslo:

whistle while you work
  10:40am Ken:

No, I cant stomach Dubya at all no mo.. turned on the State of the Union and couldn't take it for more than five seconds. Mitt Romney, now THAT'S comedy! Who Let The Dogs Out?!
  10:41am richard:

woof woof - understand
  10:42am punkymunky:

HA -I never thought I'd enjoy a stooges cover nearly as much as the original!
  10:48am Cheery Jerry:

I'm certain I left it somewhere
  10:54am Ghengis J.:

  10:59am nEGATOR:

How bout some Mexican Institute of Sound?
  11:01am Listener Dave:

  11:02am nobody's munkey:

more jules bashing please, i can't get enough! Although I lovethe idea of a walking add for birth control running for president from the GOP, it''s as close as those pigs get to poetic!
  11:02am giselle:

I love that Rapped youth song.. who is Zatumba? What is going on? I must have missed the introduction of Zatumba.
  11:05am -max-:

Zatumba rules!
  11:07am Negator:

Great video for the OOIO song "UMO". Check YouTube..
  11:08am Doug:

Zatumba seems to be some sort of deity that watches over Ken's show.
  11:09am Ken:

That's an excellent question, Giselle. Nobody knows who Zatumba is. But I have five tracks by him, making Saranic noises and drumming on a table. I think he may really be Fabio, but I have no definitive proof yet. But the two of them have never been seen together in the same room.
  11:09am Dickdong (UK):

Bongo Joe! Thanks Ken.
  11:10am giselle:

re: Zatumba he like some African tribal god?
  11:11am Doug:

That's my impression anyway. Sort of like Jon Frum maybe.
  11:11am me zatumba:

Zatumba is a WFMU DJ
  11:13am Doug:

So if we can figure out which FMU DJ is ALSO an African tribal god we'll know the answer!
  11:15am me zatumba:

a google search will reveal all - don't forget the " " though or you'll get an African tribal god.
  11:17am Ghengis J.:

is "Zatumba"more or less famous than "Andy Breckman"?
  11:17am Ken:

I'm afraid you're being misled by an ersatz Zatumba.
  11:17am Negator:

Was that Thurl Ravenscroft? Thurl must have has big testicles. You know? Sort of implied...
  11:17am giselle:

Zatumba: Are These The Sounds Of Possession? ($4) Deep within the darkest ... Listen to the drum driven sounds of Zatumba as he chants, wails, and screams. ...
  11:19am jaspar:

is that bottle song on the download page? i need that song!
  11:19am Ken:

That's it, Giselle. Worth every penny.
  11:19am me zatumba:

Ersatz Zatumba is actually Zatumba's aunt.
  11:20am Ken:

Yes, Thurl Ravenscroft is on the FMU blog:
  11:23am jaspar:

thanks for a great show
  11:25am me zatumba:

seriously though, zatumba... don't look beyond the wfmu dj list...
  11:27am Negator:

Amazing mix, Ken. Bravo!
  11:29am joe nathan:

  11:30am Bad Ronald:

Hell yeah!
  11:32am hector:

Hey, Lynyrd Skynyrd on scratch!
  11:33am Negator:

Ha! Ha! Ha! Laughing...
  11:34am davidleeroth:

ooooooooo that roth that david lee roth
  11:35am Sean Daily:

  11:37am Guerin:

That was an awful experience, that there Skynyrd was
  11:38am Doug:

That was fri'n great. More backwards, timestretched, and loopinated music please!
  11:40am dc pat:

Hey, so you got the train engine whistle, eh Ken?
  11:42am P. Polly-O:

lets get crackin,

  11:42am Doug:

Play some backwards Aerosmith!
  11:42am ?:

play some flipper
  11:43am P. Polly-O:

play some patticker
  11:44am Bad Ronald:

Tom Waits
  11:44am P. Polly-O:

i have a nice train whistle made out of wood...sounds real nice
  11:45am dc pat:

Nope, can't take credit for mailing you the whistle. Some other highly intelligent soul. I need to get one of those...
  11:45am max a millie:

no backwards or slow or mashy anything!
PLay it right, play it proud!
  11:47am Sean Daily:

Tom Waits is God. Either that, or he has the Big Guy on speed dial.
  11:47am davidleeroth:

find the flipper - play the flipper because the simple life aint so simple
  11:48am fishmonkeystew:

Actually, he's just covering for god, cuz, ya know, god's away on business.
  11:49am Vivian:

What no Alan Vega?
  11:49am crib:

Does SSD have this live chat?
  11:50am The voice of Cheese:

Dream Baby Dream
  11:50am John Chaillot:

Neue-Deutsche-Welle ist nicht tot zu kriegen.
  11:51am Ken:

Yes, Seven Second Delay has entered the Kulture of Kommentary. It drives Andy crazy.
  11:52am davidleeroth:

actually Tom Waits is god and I'm running with a shovel
  11:53am davidleeroth:

ned beatty is the devil
  11:53am god is dead:

GOd is dead
  11:53am JJZ:

I'm an SSD podcast listener, forever behind.
  11:54am davidleeroth:

  11:54am The voice of Cheese:

Yay Flipper!!
  11:54am Joh-no:

I propose a remix contest featuring this Diamond Dave a capella!
  11:54am Bad Ronald:

God is not dead he just smells bad!
  11:55am davidleeroth:

god is not dead - he's with ken spinning some flipper
  11:55am Sean Daily:

Tom Waits doesn't smell bad. He just LOOKS like he smells bad.
  11:56am Tom:

Someone remix Dave w/ Linda McCartney's keyboard parts.
  11:56am millie maz:

You Rawk David Lee!
  11:56am Bad Ronald:

can we get some "My Old Man's a Fatso"?
  11:56am dc pat:

TW is married with 3 kids--he's not permitted to smell bad.
  11:57am dei xhrist:

one of the many things I think of when I think of Tom Waits is Cloris Leachman in Young Frankenstein, screaming HE VASS MY BOYFREND! I should be so lucky.
  11:57am The voice of Cheese:

Angry Samoans?

can Ken find that one in time?
  11:58am Bad Ronald:

Tom Waits has got to lay off the Kurt Weill
  11:58am vox:

Monkey Ken spinning the platters!
  11:59am Bad Ronald:

TVoC - I certainly hope so!!!
  11:59am Bab Ronald:

guess not
  12:00pm jaspar:

ken has so much fun. he's my hero.
  12:00pm JJZ:

I love the alert tone.
  12:00pm Dab Ronald:

Thanks Ken!!!!
  2:22pm Ike H:

This show kept me sane when the power went out here in north Newark for more than an hour. I listened on my old radio Walkman. Hooray!
  4:44pm Brian:

Someday I will actually be able to listen to the show live and comment in real time. Another awesome set!
  8:33pm Enkibumbu:

Dude. Drink tea. It's even better, and still gives the buzz!
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