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Playlist for 13 February 2008 Favoriting | Musical Tribute to the National Weather Service

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(* = new)
Artist Song Album Comments New Approx. start time
Chris McGregor's Brotherhood of Breath  Nick Tete   Favoriting Eclipse At Dawn    *   0:00:00 (Pop-up)
Oranj Symphonette  Satin Doll   Favoriting The Oranj Album      0:06:48 (Pop-up)
Bohannon  Run It On Down Mister DJ   Favoriting       0:11:16 (Pop-up)
Noonday Underground  Gone Now Blues   Favoriting On The Free    *   0:14:27 (Pop-up)
Messer Chups  Zombie In A Mini Skirt   Favoriting Zombie Shopping    *   0:22:34 (Pop-up)
Mink Lungs  Demon Powers of Hell   Favoriting       0:24:43 (Pop-up)
Dogs Ellie and Reina and trainer Veronica Elsea  Lied in C Minor   Favoriting The Guide Dog Glee Club    *   0:31:35 (Pop-up)
Beatle Barkers  I Feel Fine   Favoriting       0:34:25 (Pop-up)
The Venus Fly Trap One Girl Band  You Loved Me Fast   Favoriting See Dee Too 2008 (VA Compilation)    *   0:36:40 (Pop-up)
tATu  How Soon Is Now (Stretch)   Favoriting       0:40:55 (Pop-up)
Marc Marcovic  Die Reblaus   Favoriting Shitkatapult Strike 88cd    *   0:46:44 (Pop-up)
Love Spit Love  How Soon is Now?   Favoriting Dictionaraoke      0:49:53 (Pop-up)
Box Codax  Missed Her Kiss   Favoriting Munk Presents: Gommagang 4 (V.A. Compilation)    *   0:57:48 (Pop-up)
Music behind DJ:
Der Plan 
        1:00:45 (Pop-up)
The Soundbitten Symphony  Mondo Audio Part 2   Favoriting Mondo Audio    *   1:09:12 (Pop-up)
Meadow House  Knuckleduster   Favoriting Tongue Under a Ton of Nine Volters      1:14:46 (Pop-up)
John Frusciante  Breathe   Favoriting Smile From The Streets You Hold      1:17:47 (Pop-up)
New Palestine High School Girls' Glee Club  Midnight Cowboy   Favoriting Poly High      1:25:07 (Pop-up)
Meat Puppets  Up On The Sun   Favoriting Title Track      1:28:40 (Pop-up)
15.60.75 (The Numbers Band)  Jimmy Bell   Favoriting Jimmy Bell's Still in Town      1:33:09 (Pop-up)
Led Snoopelin  Drop It Like Its A Whole Lotta Love   Favoriting       1:43:14 (Pop-up)
Silver Apples  I Have Known Love   Favoriting Beacon      1:53:30 (Pop-up)
Unidentified Artist  Track 14   Favoriting Cambodian Rocks      1:57:24 (Pop-up)
Dengue Fever  Seeing Hands   Favoriting Venus On Earth    *   2:00:36 (Pop-up)
Slapp Happy  The Drum   Favoriting Acnalbasc Noom      2:04:41 (Pop-up)
The Outlaws  Green Grass and High Tides   Favoriting       2:13:43 (Pop-up)
Yoko Ono  Walking On Thin Ice   Favoriting       2:20:26 (Pop-up)
Sarah Michelle Gellar  Teen Horniness Is Not A Crime   Favoriting Southland Tales OST      2:27:34 (Pop-up)
Pixeltan  That's The Way I Like It   Favoriting DFA Comp Vol 2      2:30:34 (Pop-up)
Kid Koala  Track One Excerpt   Favoriting Your Mom's Favorite DJ      2:35:05 (Pop-up)
Anaphie vs Phlex  Caramba Caracho Ein Whisky   Favoriting Shitkatapult Strike 88cd    *   2:43:05 (Pop-up)
Ellie & Reina  Adogio   Favoriting       2:53:05 (Pop-up)
Lauri Hannu  Mao Tse Tung Blues   Favoriting  
  2:56:25 (Pop-up)

Listener comments!

  9:04am hector:

Hello Ken, again ready to listen you!
Thanks for discovering Chris Mcgregor, I like alot to hear not conventional big band music.
How about some Globe Unity or London Composers orchestra?
  9:05am JJZ:

So, I was listening to the Seven Second Delay podcast from last week this morning, and I have to admit, I quite like the really upbeat Ken.
  9:06am Listener Dave:

Good morning Ken-
Is your vinyl still OK despite all the rain and snow? I remember there was an issue with flooding the last time we had this kind of crapstorm.
  9:06am Ken:

Morning all. I quite like the upbeat Ken as well. Why oh why is he not here this AM? John from Oslo - it's really me!!
  9:08am Cubicle Carl:

Last week's Seven Second Delay was great. I recommend everyone go to the archive's and give a listen.
  9:11am davidleeroth:

Morning Ken - you know what maes the sun come out on a rainy day?

me david lee roth !

go watch Manufactured Landscapes!
  9:11am nEGATOR:

Hey! Abducted by aliens and back with a brand new diet! I recommend everyone check out what Mustafio has to say on youtube:
  9:12am Hector:

Great, More big band, more!
  9:17am meg griffin:

hiya ken-whuts shakin??? i just wanna thank you for playin that national lampoon track a couple of weeks ago,,last nite i heard that whole show from the archive,,i know you played it just for me,,thank you ken,,,I LOVE YOU =)=)=)SEE YOU SOON!!!
  9:24am chris london:

We're listening in london uk ok. Just to let you know.....
  9:25am JJZ:

I always enjoy Messer Chups.
  9:33am jonathan:

  9:34am Listener Dave:

Hurray for the dogs! And cheers to Uno for his big win!
  9:34am davidleeroth:

no seriously! go watch Manufactured Landscapes!
  9:35am leanmeat:

Some syncopated panting for this track would have been funkylicious
  9:36am Cane Nine:

oh man, those dogs sold out too. They sound so mainstream on this new recording. I preferred them when they were still underground
  9:37am Mouth From The South:

Sounds like a Republican Party debate.
  9:37am nEGATOR:

  9:37am JJZ:

I wish it was more different dogs and not just pitch shifting.
  9:38am dei xhrist:

What's next, some Meowy Cats? Who's that guy who took extended cat purrs and looped them a few years ago?
  9:40am Cubicle Carl:

Actually, this does sound a little bit like a cat.
  9:40am seanh:

wow, great track here. sounds like the vocals are traveling through a musical saw.
  9:41am Ken:

I would play the Jingle Cats, but they've only recorded a Christmas record.
  9:42am Fi Line:

Wait til Easter and play it backwards
  9:43am mike:

  9:43am dei x:

I hope the rest of Venus Fly Trap sounds this good. This is what I imagined Amy Winehouse sounded like when I first saw her in Bust magazine. Um, I still haven't heard her.
  9:45am Listener Dave:

This could use a little David Lee and train whistle.
  9:48am Richard:

Ken is this tATu thing "available"? Really great version.....
  9:49am Listener Dave:

Awesome. Thanks.

How many days until the T.a.t.u. movie comes out?
  9:49am Lincoln Lawerence:

Should have played the Meatmen version.
  9:49am Ken:

Yep, you can download that tATu mix off the WFMU blog.
  9:49am dei x:

Oh thanks Dave, now I keep mentally punctuating everything with WOOOOOOOOT. I must hum the chew chew charlie theme now.
  9:51am stucco toast:

i love that slow grainy mp3 glitch sound.
there was a cmdline player in linux that was really good for that, i hacked up scripts to play random snippets .... can't really remember now
  9:51am Chris in Copenhagen:

Just a hello.
Thanks for the tAtU - had completely forgotten that one!
  9:51am stupid:

you're so cool
  9:54am Negator:

Mr. Choo Choo Brain Mustafio!
  9:56am dei x:

this dreary revisit to How Soon Is Now brings to mind the t-shirt I just saw: "I wish my lawn was emo so it would cut itself." Gosh I'm happy to have had a Smiths assholescence, before it was retro.
  10:06am Negator:

Super-Bowl is next week? AWESOME! I love the food!
  10:06am -max-:

How many times does Ken have to tell you people?! HE IS NOT RESPONSIBLE!
  10:07am Jeff M:

Thanks -- somehow I'd managed to completely miss noticing the existence of Dictionaraoke. I *am* the scion and the inheritor of a social phobia.
  10:08am CHUCKY X:

we follow him because he is irresponsible
  10:08am Freddy the Finger:

The Master of Ceremonies' Bday is on Feb 18. I invite you all to bombard the station with happy birthday emails with very very large attachments. No viruses of course, just congratulatory messages that will make him feel wanted, and maybe their server will crash and the Master himself will have to roll out of bed to fix the problem.
  10:10am john from oslo:

Good morning Sven! Nice show!
  10:22am johN:

10 points for Dan Wilson! Thanks K man. Play some "My window cleaning days are over" and I'll come back and post up to 10,000 points.
  10:28am JJZ:

I wouldn't mind an "All covers of Midnight Cowboy" show.
  10:29am Negator:

Ken, will you please post this version of the Midnight Cowboy theme? Must have......
  10:30am north guinea hills:

i second JJZ's request!
  10:30am Negator:

I am obsessed with this song, Midnight Cowboy. I've got a band based around it's feeling. Oh, and the Meat Puppets.
  10:31am fern:

MEAT PUPPETS! YAY!!! Thanks Uncle Ken!
  10:32am Ken:

I'll post that version of Midnight Cowboy, but I'll put the link up here on this comment thread, later today. It's already an MP3 so I can do it quickly.
  10:33am Jeff M:
  10:33am chris mantis waters:

meat puppets ooo!!memories ..thanx!!
  10:34am Ken:

Wow, thanks Jeff! See how fast that was!
  10:35am Jimmy Bell:

Thanks for playing me!!!!!
  10:36am -max-:

Jimmy Bell!! I can name that tune in ONE note!!! Thanks Ken!!!!
  10:37am Negator:

Wow! Now that's service! I'll be pledging on your show again this year for sure. Shows I've pledged on in the past: Kenny G and Charlie. Look forward to it.
  10:38am Jeff M:

You ask Ken for a song, and he goes BACK in time to 2005 and posts it for you. That's service.
  10:40am dei x:

He is the station manager who all other station managers are candles against. And he's fireproof.
  10:41am Negator:

Now if he could just sprinkle some of his ear crystals on my next bong hit, that would be $50
  10:43am JJZ:

Happy Black Love Day, everyone.
  10:47am patrick:

yeah led snoopelin!! we took two great things and made something even better, like chocolate and peanut butter!
  10:47am Listener Dave:

Led Snoopelin. I like it.

Still waiting for the inevitable Amy Winehouse "Rehab"/Devo "Working In A Coal Mine" mashup.
  10:48am NEgator:

SnooP, The remaining members of Zepp, and DLR SHOULD make a record...
  10:49am Jeff M:

Still a few songs back... I've always wondered whether William Gibson got the phrase "meat puppet" from the band's name or vice versa. But now there's this Internet thing available, and the answer pops right up... the band was first.
  10:49am Ghengis Jung:

Is William here?
  10:50am chris mantis waters:

greece listen you ken!!thanx for show..check out something from greece ,is a diamond in my opinion
  10:56am -max-:

William's not here, man. Dave's here, though...
  10:57am Charles:

Thanks again for a Wednesday morning of great radio, Ken! I love Silver Apples.
  11:02am Ghengis Jung:

I love Unidentified Artist!
  11:02am nEGATOR:

This song reminds me I'm going to see Dengue Fever at the Black Cat on March 2 and then my band opens up for Blue Cheer in Raleigh March 3rd! What a weekend eh?
  11:02am crowe:

i hope track 14 is long enuff to allow me to find my strobe light and hash pipe.
  11:04am Ike:

Crowe?! I remember the days of Crowe. Those were awesome times, when giants roamed the, uh, studios.
  11:08am dei x:

nEGATOR, you should come up and play NH with your all Midnight Cowboy set. Almost all the bars up here are cover bars and you'd get a half hour done before anyone realized it was the same song on repeat. Better add some Crowe at that point
  11:09am lonnie:

wow ken, is this the original of the drum? i've always wondered who originally recorded this - i'm a big fan of the bongwater version. thanks a lot for playing this. how's bouts some bongwater/kramer stuff to go with it? a nice late '80s early '90s throwback for jersey
  11:16am Cubicle Carl:

Last week's Seven Second Delay is time capsule material. Summed up the state of our world.
  11:17am johN:

I really enjoyed SSD last week. A real live radio stunt show.
  11:17am john:

oh yeah! Sweet Home FlorEEda
  11:19am lonnie:

my brother and i have often debated the merits of this song - i always complained that it took the outlaws 12 minutes to accomplish what molly hatchet could do in 5
  11:23am Bubba:

Southern Rock was never about efficiency... How many guitars did it take Hatchet/Outlaws/Skynyrd to achieve their results?
  11:25am Ben:

I bet most of the fans of last week's 7SD are also fans of Kenny G...
  11:26am JJZ:

I'm not finished with it, and it's kind of fun at times, but I mostly finding myself zoning out, just like I would had I actually been listening to it. So, it was successful in that regard.
  11:27am Nora:

If only Andy Breckman knew how much he really had in common with Mr G....
  11:27am Sean Padilla:

What an appropriate choice: Yoko really IS walking on this ice with the lawsuit she just filed against Lennon Murphy.
  11:27am Sean Padilla:

  11:29am maria:

Dammit KF!!! yer playin all killer songs today. getting the populace primed for the m'thon hmm? As for Andy, fer the love of g*d I missed last weeks show.
  11:31am vics wife:

is vik there
  11:35am Jeff M:

My favorite Kenny G show was when he decided his concept was to gradually turn down the output level, just a little bit at a time, through the whole show... but what he hadn't counted on was that the station's compressor compensated for it, so he was just playing a straight show of... I forget, probably some sort of mainstream music. Hoist by his own kennytard.
  11:38am Ken:

hah! Jeff, I remember that. It was a Led Zeppelin record. My favorite Kenny G show was the three hours of weather reports and the tax code show. Although I wouldn't want to relive either one. Kenny will be my marathon co-host two weeks from today, Bronwyn will be my co-host three weeks from today.
  11:40am Listener Dave:

Ken and Kenny G? Now I know which show gets my pledge. Excellent.
  11:41am Ben:

I can't talk about my favorite Kenny G show. No one could!

Oh for an mp3 of that show!
  11:45am jonathan:

mine was the pete and repeat thing. i must be insane.
  11:47am Ben:

Please call Stella. Ask her to bring these things with her from the store: Six spoons of fresh snow peas, five thick slabs of blue cheese, and maybe a snack for her brother Bob. We also need a small plastic snake and a big toy frog for the kids. She can scoop these things into three red bags, and we will go meet her Wednesday at the train station.
  11:49am Sean Daily:

Not even close to first comment! Woo hoo!
  11:49am Listener Dave from NH:

Ben, do you mean the show that got him yoinked off the air a couple of years back?
I still have no idea what happened there. That, Diane Kamikaze's suspension-inducing show and the 7SD where people reveal how they'd get away with murder with the tactic so fiendishly airtight that the law enforcement guy agreed that it would probably get by everyone are 3 gems that I'm kicking myself for having missed the first time around (because I can't finds 'em now).
I mean, not literally kicking myself.
  11:52am jojo:

I thought kenny G and Billy Jam were the same person...No?
So where's kenny G?
  11:52am Listener Dave:

The Harry Potter show was cool too.

I think the show that got him tossed was a series of possible alternative titles to "Anal Magic", nearly all of which were FCC-unfriendly if memory serves.
  11:53am Ben:

Yes Dave, when FCC was looming large, Kenny had to change the name of his show, Anal Magic. He solicited suggestions on the air by email. One memorable entry was "Tushy Time." You get the idea...
  11:57am dc pat:

what was great about the weather report shows (2 of them) was that he was typing in the text of the announcements into the accuplay list as they were being played, AND answering emails at the same time. It was amazing
  12:04pm Listener Mike D.:

The Ken/Kenny G. show is going to be total INSANITY. I expect lots of DLR, dogs barking, screaming, opera, Kenny G singing, and God knows what else.
  5:14pm Tim:

Was wondering how long it would be before you'd treat us to some more Tatu!

I'd dare say that cover is even better at that speed.
  10:30am James:

You don't know which football teams are in?

Man Utd. vs Arsenal.
Oh.. what? You mean American Football.... the game that you play mostly with the ball in your hands??
.... :-)
  5:46pm Tobias:

Great Show again!
I specially liked New Palestine High School Girls' Glee Club Midnight Cowboy and
Dogs Ellie and Reina and trainer Veronica Elsea Lied in C Minor
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