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Playlist for 01 March 2008 Favoriting | State of the Station

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Station Manager Ken  Mid-Marathon State of the Station   Favoriting

Listener comments!

  9:07am Daniel:

How does this new antenna thing work?
How will this help reception?
  9:11am DJ ALF:

Good morning Ken?! I remember you mentioning a while ago about some fees or something that the RIAA is trying to charge to web radio. Can you explain to the listeners what that is about and how and if the money raised from the marathon can help pay for that? Thanks! LaterZzzzz!
  9:12am Denny:


Why is there no GIRLS OF WFMU calendar? You could give it away as a premium!

  9:14am Thom:

Someone spoke about the idea of multiple concurrent WFMU streams on the internets and maybe also on digital radio. This doesn't appeal to this listener: I'd be afraid to miss out on what's on the other streams. What's the WFMU policy on multiple streams?
  9:20am Snortley:

The new Bank of America building currently under construction will have an antenna mast with better line-of-sight than anything currently available. Any possibility of using that?
  9:20am Derek:

In the past, when I was a hot-shot ad guy, I've done double Y3K size pledges. Now I'm back in school, I've started a small business and I have less than no money. Is there anything folks like me (not in the New York area) can do to help the station?
  9:28am Denny:


On a serious note, what's the deal with JM in the AM? I notice a web only show replaces it, leading me to believe not many people are thrilled with this show. I've never listened to it? What is the theme?
  9:29am GW:

What is the status of the record fair? Because it seems to help the FMU community come together and introduce the station to new people but I heard that it isn't that profitable and therefore in jeopardy.
  9:30am Evan:

How is WFMU reliant on automated programming?
  9:33am dm:

I've already donated. Why don't you mention how many people listen on the internet, how much it costs, and the percentage that are deadbeats.
Also, have you considered having your archives in mp3's?
  9:35am Dale:

Any idea how many people access the station stream through the Itunes "radio" function?
  9:36am Snortley:

Itunes is a virus.
  9:41am Karen in Sleepy Hollow:

Is the pledge we made before the marathon in the current total?
  9:41am paul:

hi Ken. I live in Denmark & I am super broke this month, but I really want to help there some way to pledge and pay it off in installments (starting next month) if you don't live in the US? thanks
  9:44am chris (london):

checking in....have used the iphone stream - great. listening as always in the UK
  9:47am joerg:

i'm switching form internet to fm right now
  9:52am Jack:

Ken, you mentioned on 7SD that you recently were forced to lay off 3 staff memebers? But I thought you had hired some new staff only last year? Are things that bad financially?
  9:56am steffen:

how about your building financing?
  9:57am Parq:

Ken, didn't Nachem have a bad first week last year, too? Don't count him out; the guy is "clutch player" personified.
  9:59am Ike:

I haven't gotten this question in on time for on-air response, but maybe you can answer it here in the comments: Any idea what you will use for old archives instead of the hateful RealAudio? Can you use AAC+ for archives? I'm extremely impressed with its streaming quality at only 24k, but would using that for archives would cost you more money, since it's proprietary? Of course, a problem is the AAC+ doesn't work with the evil evil iTunes, but it DOES now work w/Windows Media Player (with a free plug-in).
  11:19am Kenzo of the KenzoDB:

Hey, Ike: One impediment to using AAC+ is that I haven't come up with a way to do the timestamp jumping thing I do with Real and MP3 files. (P.S. I hate Realaudio!)
  6:03pm trent:

Well now I want to know all about skywatch.
  1:29pm marathon monk.:

ah wish to pledge 365 way. if hilary win texas no pledge she has shaky finger near button atomic.if good guy win pledge you bashful grin no waste time with skywatch crick in neck.apoligies for abscence carer lock me in orgone box.thanx for growing fan base.well deserved we first primates in space! viva south america!trent please connect with Black Elk he has wisdom.
  10:39pm JM listener:

JM in the AM is enormously popular, at least by the only measure the station has available, which is donations. It's fair to assume that there is little or no overlap between JM's audience and that of all the other programs. That's why it would appear to you that his show is not that popular. I don't know what Nachum considers a "slow week," but as of today, he's raised nearly 30% of the total for the whole marathon, and given that he's got only 11% of the air time, the numbers his audience puts up speak for themselves. The station is highly dependent upon JM, much more so than any other element of its programming.

As far as the substitute webcast, JM is now fed to the radio broadcast from a webcast hosted on Segal's own website, so anyone who wants to hear JM on the web can do so at that site, which frees up the WFMU simulcast for alternate programming. And to that I say "Baruch Hashem," and you can ask Nachum Segal or any of his listeners what that means.
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