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Artist Title Album Label Approx. start time
Mickey and the Salty Sea Dogs  The Man With the Gun-Barrel Eyes   Favoriting Salt Water and Whisky  Sympathy  0:00:00 Pop-up)  
Masonics  You'd Better Start Lookin'   Favoriting Royal & Ancient  Circle  0:02:52 Pop-up)  
Wild Billy Childish and the Musicians of the British Empire  Snack Crack   Favoriting Punk Rock at the British Legion Hall  Damaged Goods  0:05:15 Pop-up)  
Graham Day & the Gaolers  Living In Fear   Favoriting Soundtrack to the Daily Grind  Damaged Goods  0:07:51 Pop-up)  
Len Price 3  Julia Jones   Favoriting Rentacrowd  Wicked Cool  0:12:44 Pop-up)  
Saints  L.I.E.S.   Favoriting bonus track on Eternally Yours  Captain Oi  0:14:42 Pop-up)  
Hives  Return the Favour   Favoriting The Black and White Album  Octone  0:15:57 Pop-up)  
Mike Smith of the DC5 RIP  
Dave Clark Five  Anyway You Want It   Favoriting     0:28:21 Pop-up)  
Dave Clark Five  Can't You See That She's Mine   Favoriting     0:30:23 Pop-up)  
Dave Clark Five  Concentration Baby   Favoriting     0:32:40 Pop-up)  
Dave Clark Five  Maze of Love   Favoriting     0:35:02 Pop-up)  
Dave Clark Five  Doctor Rhythm   Favoriting     0:38:30 Pop-up)  
Dave Clark Five  Everybody Get Together   Favoriting     0:40:48 Pop-up)  
Dave Clark Five  All Night Long   Favoriting     0:45:41 Pop-up)  
Dave Clark Five  Having a Wild Weekend   Favoriting     0:46:52 Pop-up)  
Dave Clark Five  Little Bittle Pretty One   Favoriting     0:48:19 Pop-up)  
Dave Clark Five  At the Scene   Favoriting     0:49:44 Pop-up)  
Dave Clark Five  Do You Love Me   Favoriting     0:52:41 Pop-up)  
Dave Clark Five  Any Way You Want It (again!)   Favoriting     0:54:25 Pop-up)  
The Victims live on WFMU  
Engineer: Diane Farris  
See The Victims Friday night at Ace of Clubs with the Waldos, Bamboo Kids, Electric Shadows, and Jukebox Zeros  
  Victims Theme       1:03:02 Pop-up)  
  Lost & Found        
  Nothing of My Own        
  What I Want        
  Stop the World        
  Behind the Times        
RIP Norman "Hurricane" Smith  
Pretty Things  S.F. Sorrow is Born   Favoriting S.F. Sorrow  Snapper  1:39:09 Pop-up)  
Pink Floyd  See Emily Play   Favoriting     1:41:45 Pop-up)  
Beatles  If You've Got Troubles   Favoriting Anthology 2  Apple  1:44:33 Pop-up)  
Hurricane Smith  Oh Babe What Would You Say   Favoriting     1:47:23 Pop-up)  
Ty Wagner  I'm a No-Count   Favoriting various - Teenage Shutdown Vol. 4: I'm a No-Count  Teenage Shutdown  1:55:30 Pop-up)  
A-Bones  Monkey Man   Favoriting Daddy Wants a Cold Beer  Norton  1:57:13 Pop-up)  
The Tempos  Two-Timer   Favoriting Speaking of ... the Tempos  Norton  1:59:44 Pop-up)  
Hi-Risers  Here With You   Favoriting Once We Get Started  Spinout  2:02:33 Pop-up)  
Squires of the Subterrain  My Baby Wants To Know   Favoriting Sugar Kick  Rocket Racket  2:04:34 Pop-up)  
Romantics  Friday at the Hideout   Favoriting National Breakout  American Beat  2:05:59 Pop-up)  
Fleshtones  Back To School   Favoriting Take a Good Look  Yep Roc  2:11:56 Pop-up)  
The Above  Walked Out On Me   Favoriting Act Your Age EP    2:21:03 Pop-up)  
Friggs  Mama Look at Me Now   Favoriting Today Is Tomorrow's Yesterday  Apex East  2:23:12 Pop-up)  
Pat Todd & the Rank Outsiders  Billion Dollars Cash   Favoriting Holdin' Onto Trouble's Hand  Rank Outsider  2:25:31 Pop-up)  
Joan Jett  You Don't Know What You've Got   Favoriting Bad Reputation  Blackheart  2:30:18 Pop-up)  
Nick & the Jaguars  Cool and Classy   Favoriting various - The Complete Motown Singles Vol. 1: 1959-1961  Hip-o Select  2:34:28 Pop-up)  
Roky Erickson and the Explosives  The Interpreter   Favoriting Halloween: Live 1979-81  Steady Boy  2:38:01 Pop-up)  
Recruders  You're Gonna Miss Me   Favoriting Best You Ever Fragranced    2:39:26 Pop-up)  
Ded Skakels  Me and Mike   Favoriting Join the Club    2:42:38 Pop-up)  
Tripwires  Johnny Get Gone   Favoriting Makes You Look Around  Paisley Pop  2:44:21 Pop-up)  
Micragirls  Lazy Hop   Favoriting Feeling Dizzy Honey?  Bone Voyage  2:47:11 Pop-up)  
Kelley Stoltz  Reflecting   Favoriting Circular Sounds  Sub Pop  2:49:54 Pop-up)  
Dirtbombs  Fire in the western world   Favoriting     2:54:47 Pop-up)  

Listener comments!

  12:09pm pat:

Milkshakes alumni!! One of my all time favorite bunch of blokes
  12:16pm Cecile:

C'mon, gi' us some Del Monas!
  12:18pm Cecile:

Oh, saints will do...;D
  12:32pm pat:

DC5 rule! Screw the "Rock and Roll" Hall of Fame...completely meaningless..although I heard Modonna had the Stooges perform instead of her. Weird...
  12:33pm Cecile:

Kiss did a hell of a version of "Anyway You Want It"

As a Grandmaster Flash and a DC5 fan, I resent that both had to wait so long to get in the hall. But, yeah, anything connected with Jann Wenner kind of sucks on principle.
  12:36pm pat:

didn't mean to type "Modonna" but it's kind of funny somehow...
  12:37pm Carmichael:

Her "performance" would not involve music, anyway.

If you know what I mean ...
  12:39pm DC5rules:

At least Smith knew they got in.
It's funny about the HoF. We all acknowledge that it is more or less just a more and more ridiculous sham as opposed to the institution it professes to be- but we still comment and speculate about who gets in every year or who gets snubbed. It's hard to just ignore it though.
  12:41pm Cecile:

Yeah, it's like the Oscars or Grammys - you know most of the time they don't represent what's truly good in film or music, but you want your faves to get them anyway.
  12:41pm Fun Green:

I don't really know what you mean. Iggy's would? It's still her music ( though yeah I'd rather hear the stooges perform it!)
  12:43pm Cecile:

Green, all the performers don't necessarily get to play. Madonna gave up her spot for Iggy.

Madonna and Iggy are both from Detroit. She would be flayed alive if she didn't let him play. Or maybe, I'm just speaking for myself here.
  12:45pm ?:

So how would Iggy performing it make it " involve music" as opposed to Madonna doing it herself? It's her music he is performing is my point., and what I meant to ask carmichael!
  12:47pm Joe B:

If Madonna didn't let Iggy play? She invited him to play, no one forced her.
  12:48pm Cecile:

Oh, I got confused. Never mind me.

So the Stooges performed Madonna music? Got it.

Good call on her part. ;)
  12:50pm Fun Green:

Oops, ? was me, Fun Geen!
  12:51pm Cecile:

Oh, man that was just last night!
  12:52pm Parq:

I's guessing that Charm's point is that what made Madonna a rock star and a HoF nominee is not music, but the ability to provoke sexual desire. The idea would be that she's not really about music, and that her appeal is more akin to that of a movie star. If I'm right, I understand it but am not necessarily endorsing it.

Loving this DC5 set, btw.
  12:56pm Andrew:

  1:00pm pat:

My problem with Madonna's induction is that she's not really about rock and roll--she definitely has something to do w/ music, just not R&R.

Man, you never get to hear DC5 anymore...
  1:00pm Trish:

I've got to start buying some DC5!
  1:00pm Carmichael:

I was making a snide anti-HOF remark about (a) the quality of her recorded output, and (b) her reputation for advancing herself professionally by using her "other" skills.

BTW, I could listen to Mike Smith and Manfred Mann's Paul Jones all day long! Keep it up, Joe!
  1:04pm F Green:

right parq , and that's got truth to it sure! But I think it applies (to a lesser degree, in a parallel universe of sorts and of course within a completley different genre) to Iggy too. Raw sexuality, charisma, star quality. Limited vocal ability. He oddly enough embodies a lot of the same things she does, as a performer anyway.
  1:08pm Trish:

Stooges doing Madonna tunes could be really interesting. I'm betting that it would help to prove that there are no bad songs, just bad versions.
  1:10pm Cecile:

Very astute, green. If you go look back at the mainstream music mags of the day, the Stooges got trashed a lot by critics for their purported shock tactics and lack of talent. They were completely wrong, of course...
  1:11pm pat:

Trish: I wonder if the Stooges would ever cover Obla Di Obla Da..
  1:13pm Parq:

Yeh Green, exactly. That's why I held back on agreeing with the point I was stating. Elvis is a perfect example. Musically, he was neither innovative nor original. What made him a "rock star" is that he was a *star*. Making the audience members want to copulate with you is an inseparable part of being a rock & roll performer, and Iggy proved that as much as anyone.
  1:14pm Joe B:

If anyone is digging the Victims, they are playing Friday at Ace of Clubs (Under Acme) with the Waldos (Walter Lure).
  1:14pm Trish:

If not them, I'm willing to bet that someone could do a great version...
  1:15pm Trish:

And yes, the Victims are great, but I'm in the flyover so no chance of getting to the club...
  1:15pm (mta) Tony:

Hey Joe, how 'bout another set of DC5 comprised of their OTHER hits, namely: "Because," "Bits and Pieces," "Catch Us If You Can," "Everybody Knows (I Still Love You)", "Glad All Over," "I Like It Like That," "Nineteen Days," "Over and Over," "Try Too Hard," and, "You Got What It Takes," just to complete your fine tribute.
  1:18pm Bad Ronald:

TX Joe that sounds like a good gig!
  1:18pm Joe B:

Unfortunately, there will be another death tribute coming up soon after the live set.
  1:25pm (mta) Tony:

Oh, my. I'm literally on the edge of my seat.
  1:39pm Bad Ronald:

  1:40pm Laurie:

Did one of the Victims call you "Jim"? Jim.
  1:42pm (mta) Tony:

Joe, is this the same guy who did, "OH, BABE, WHAT WOULD YOU SAY?"
  1:50pm (mta) Tony:

Well, that answers THAT! Thanx, Joe.
  1:51pm ross:

i used to love this tune when i was a kid, and i still do it seems...
  1:53pm (mta) Tony:

For sticklers of detail, the anal-retentive, obsessive-compulsive, whatever, the Beatles song is, "If You've Got Trouble."
  1:57pm Joe B:

Thanks Tony! Old bootleg habits die hard!
  2:04pm Rubble:

I'm still trying to think of a joke in reference to the MODonna typo but I can't think o' nuttin! If I did would would it make me a mocker???
  2:08pm Cubicle Carl:

Nice set, Joe. I'm shakin' all over in my cubicle.
  2:11pm Cubicle Carl:

You know, that mocker joke was on of the early examples of post-mod humor.
  2:13pm Laurie:

I thought the Tempos were singing a song about Lou Diamond for a second. I could go for a song about Lou Diamond Phillips, star of Wolf Lake. Oy vey.
  2:36pm Shouter Power:

I've got classids in my acids!!!
Old man, let me be. The shame you cause is nothing compared to the rain you shooked off in my bathtub.
  2:39pm Steve Victim:

Thanks Joe...The Victims had a blast! I was crusing up Route 23 in Jersey with my radio cranked...oblivious to everything but the cops of course! By the way, Any Way You Want it is also one of my favorite tunes of all time...mmmmm...it might make for a great encore song for us to do...what do you think? We actually DID start to work on Bits & Pieces at a rehearsal some months back... That DC5 set was just awesome!
  2:45pm Bad Ronald:

TX Joe!
  2:52pm Laurie:

Joe, where can I get that Ded Skakels... LP? EP? Single? Cassingle? I don't know. My brother's birthday is coming up, and I want to give this to him. Yay.
  2:52pm Laurie:

Uh, and he's named Mike. Obviously.
  2:52pm Joe B:

Hi Laurie ... ask Bad Ronald!
  2:55pm Bad Ronald:

Hi Laurie - Please send me an email at:

  3:37pm Bad Ronald:

Laurie - Please resend - I caught a glimpse of your email as I deleted it in my inbox cleanup frenzy. Sorry for being so lame!
  10:04pm tom g:

thanks for the dc5 set-you led off with my favorite dc5 song-it was his final encore when i saw mike smith in concert a few years ago
  10:18pm Joe B:

For the record, the Three Chord Monte show officially disagrees with the above statement that Elvis was neither innovative nor original. Just my opinion is all.
  9:27am Paul:

I've got the Victims coming on March 22nd to The Blue Room in Secaucus with Cheap Perfume and Bobby Steele from the Misfits.
  3:24am AMiserable:

Bad Ronald as in "Quit The World" Bad Ronald? That band rules and I wanna F*** Annette!!!!
  3:26am AMiserable:

Forgot to mention, check out our cover of the Victims "Behind The Times" www.themiserables.net
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